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Midnight Magic

Shrinking Violet

Adam, Son of Gurrewa

Louisiana Tapestry

Lady Luck

The Terrible Truths

Double M

Tales From The Treasure Trove 4

The Finer Things in Life

Just Like You

Starting Over

Christmas Wishes

Wydecombe Manor

Perfect Timing

Days Of The Dead

Wind Dancer's Desire

The Secret Hunter

Phillipa's Fiddler

Heart Of A Traitor

The Gypsy Witch

Rachel's Rescue

The Offering

Dark Legacy


Wild Honey

Veveka's War

Point Blank

The Grant

Matters Of Faith

My Priest, My Husband

Rock Creek

The Locket

Soul of a Hunter

Cissy Cain and Abel

Black Snow Rising

Annies Heart


Fishy Food

The Little Bare Bear

Spells That Bind

Russett And Gold

Osage Dawn

L.D. From The Inside Out

Her Purple Panties

Substitute Bride

Lyla's Song


Full Moon Lullaby

Fires Of Belenus

Bubba's Ghost