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You, the Booklister, agree to fully comply with all packaging and shipping instructions:

You will:

1. Register with BOOKSXYZ, INC. When directed by us, mail a copy of your book(s). By registering with BOOKSXYZ, INC, you agree to by bound by the terms and conditions of the Booklister User Agreement, the Return Policy, Privacy Policy, Shipping Procedure, and any other provisions referenced therein.

2. Obtain shipping materials, either locally or through the mail.

3. Download your label graphics to print on your printer.

4. For each book title you plan to list for sale on booksXYZ.com, package a book for shipping and weigh it on a postal scale to ascertain the correct shipping weight and proper postage, use this information to calculate your shipping costs, and enter your shipping costs on booksXYZ.com. Note this information in your records.

5. Send a signed paper copy of the Booklister User Agreement and a voided check which includes your bank number and bank account number to: BOOKSXYZ, INC, 412 Travis St #220, Lafayette LA 70503.

6. When we submit a "dummy" order(s) to you, ship a sample copy of each of your books and/or materials you are selling through booksXYZ.com to us, at no charge, so that we may examine your book(s) and/or material(s) for accurate representation and/or so that we may ascertain whether you fully understand our shipping and packaging procedures. This requirement may be waived, at our discretion and is you request a waiver by e-mailing us at bookwaiver@booksXYZ.com. We may waive this requirement, at our discretion, for the following reasons: due to the high price and/or value of the book(s) and/or material(s); because you have listed a high volume of book(s) and/or material(s) on our website; you have demonstrated to our satisfaction that you have responsibly shipped large quantities of book(s) and/or material(s) prior to listing your book(s) and/or material(s) on our website; and for any other reason that we, in our discretion, deem sufficient.

7. After we receive an order for your book(s) and/or material(s) and after we are satisfied, at our discretion, that your book(s) and/or material(s) are as you represent, we will e-mail you with the information necessary for you to fill orders and to ship them directly to Customers.

8. The e-mail described above will contain a link to booksXYZ.com where you, the Booklister, can review your invoice(s).

9. Review your invoice and print it out on your printer. Prepare a shipping label from the information contained on the invoice.

10. Package the book(s) described on the invoice, and include a copy of the invoice inside the package. Label the package with the proper shipping addresses and return addresses.

11. Mail the package. Until further notice, you agree to use only the United States Postal Service ("USPS") for all deliveries made pursuant to transactions through booksXYZ.com.

12. Ten days after you have shipped you package, we will e-mail the Customer notifying the Customer that delivery should have taken place, and requesting that the Customer immediately notify us if not completely satisfied.

13. If the Customer answers that they have received the shipment, or does not notify us of any problems/ complaints within three (3) working days of delivery, we will credit your bank account and within twenty working days or as defined in Subsection III, Part F (3) regarding "Reimbursement Policies"), the funds will be deposited into your bank account. However, the total sales price on the transaction is less than $50, we will credit your account on the last day of the first full month after the transaction, and within twenty days of said credit, the funds will be credited to your bank account.