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Return Policy

I. BOOKSXYZ, INC's Philosophy Regarding Returns

II. All Booklisters who register with booksXYZ.com and who list book(s) and/or materials and/or who otherwise use the services offered by BOOKSXYZ, INC agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions regarding returns.

III. All Customers who order book(s) and/or materials from or through booksXYZ.com, upon placing an order with BOOKSXYZ, INC, agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions regarding returns.

IV. Definitions

1. "Damaged" includes, but is not limited to, items that are abraded, soiled, stained, torn, bent, folded, cracked, marked by pen, pencil, or other implement, or are otherwise altered in any way that would prevent their sale as new.

2. "Egregious Misrepresentation" means misrepresentation, at our discretion, that might damage the reputation, mission, economic or charitable activities, or legal standing, of BOOKSXYZ, INC., booksXYZ.com, AEE and/or APSE

3. "Misrepresented" or "Misrepresentation" means any substantial deviation from the Booklister's description, to the point that a reasonable, competent adult would expect some product other than provided.

4. "Shipper" means USPS.

5. "Shipping costs" and/or "Charged shipping costs" means those costs that you charge for book(s) and/or material(s) sold through booksXYZ.com.

6. "Shipping materials" means envelopes, boxes, and similar enclosures, together with enclosed padding, comprising sufficient strength and shock protection from normal shipping stresses, including but not limited to, stacking, sliding, limited tossing, dropping and mild weathering.

IV. Customers may return any book for any reason within ten (10) working days of receipt if the book is returned in new condition. Booklister agrees that returned books will be refunded for the full sale price with both Booklister and BOOKSXYZ, INC returning to the Customer their respective shares of the purchase price.Book returns usually take 4 to 6 weeks to process. BOOKSXYZ, INC. is not responsible for returned books that do not arrive at the original shipping warehouse. To avoid confusion, customers are encouraged to use a USPS verification service, e.g. Registered, Delivery Confirmation, Return receipt or the like.

V. Return of Damaged Books:

A. If a Customer returns a book as "damaged", the Booklister is solely responsible for original shipping costs and the costs to the Customer for return postage and shipping. If the Booklister determines that the damage was the fault of the shipper ("USPS"), it will be the Booklister's sole responsibility to obtain reimbursement or other satisfaction from the shipper.

B. BOOKSXYZ, INC reserves the right to work in conjunction and/or to cooperate with USPS or other approved shipper to identify chronic and/or recurrent problems with delivery of damaged books in order to reduce such occurrences. BOOKSXYZ, INC reserves the right to request that the Customer return any damaged book(s) and/or shipping materials to BOOKSXYZ, INC for inspection and to determine whether there exists a chronic and/or recurrent problem with a particular Customer, Booklister, and/or Shipper. In the event that BOOKSXYZ, INC exercises its right to have the damaged book(s) delivered to BOOKSXYZ, INC, Customer or Booklister will forward the damaged book(s) to the BOOKSXYZ, INC, at BOOKSXYZ, INC's costs. BOOKSXYZ, INC reserves the right to retain the damaged book(s) and/or shipping materials at its discretion for any and all purposes related to any action, legal or otherwise, taken in regards to the delivery of damaged books under this Agreement.

VI. Return of Misrepresented Books:

A. If a Customer returns a book as "misrepresented", at BOOKSXYZ, INC's sole discretion, the Booklister may or may not be reimbursed for original shipping costs and/or return postage and shipping costs. In the event a book is returned as "misrepresented", BOOKSXYZ, INC will make a determination of fault as to how and why the "misrepresentation" occurred. After determining fault, BOOKSXYZ, INC may, in its sole discretion, require that (1) the Customer pay all original shipping costs and/or return postage and shipping costs; or (2) the Booklister pay return postage and shipping costs and/or that the Booklister not be entitled to reimbursement for original shipping costs; and/or (3) that the Booklister change the description of the misrepresented book in the BOOKSXYZ, INC listing.

B. In instances of egregious misrepresentation, BOOKSXYZ, INC reserves the right to bar the book(s) and/or material, the Booklister, and/or both from any further sales and/or listings and/or participation on booksXYZ.com.

VII. Returns for Any Reason Other than Damage and/or Misrepresentation

A. In the event a Customer returns a book for any reason other than damage to and/or misrepresentation of a book(s) and/or material, the Customer will be responsible for paying the cost of return postage and shipping, but will be refunded the full price paid for the book. In such instances, the Booklister will be responsible for original shipping and packaging costs and expenses and will not be entitled to reimbursement of same.

B. In the event that a particular Customer returns an unreasonable number of books, that being returning books at a rate greater than 95% of all BOOKSXYZ, INC customers, the Customer may, at our discretion, bear full responsibility for all shipping costs, including original shipping and packaging costs and return postage and shipping costs.