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As noted before, over half of the booksXYZ customers do not select a school to receive 5% of their purchases.

Using the ReadersLink™, you can start claiming that money for your school. Simply add a hyphen and your school's code to any booksXYZ.com page, and your school will be set as the default for the 5% donation. To find you school's code, click here.

For instance, the address for the front page would become:
http://booksXYZ.com/-XYZ01AB where XYZ01AB is your school's code

For a particular book, in this case A Lesson Before Dying, the address would become: http://booksxyz.com/profile1589684.php-XYZ01AB where XYZ01AB is your school's code.

If someone clicks one of your ReadersLinks™ and buys a book from us, unless he/she chooses a different school at checkout, your school will receive 5% of the purchase.

Every time the customer shops with us.

This is perhaps the best part of all. Unlike other referral programs, there are no hoops or hedges to jump, and there are no time limits, nor quantity limits. Remember, booksXYZ.com is a non-profit supporting education; we are trying to generate money for your school.

So if you refer someone to booksXYZ.com using a ReadersLink™, and the referred customer doesn't buy a book until 3 months later, your school is still the default.

If he/she buys a dozen books every day, your school will still be the default to receive 5% of all purchases-- again, unless the customer chooses a different school at checkout.

Please note that for complex booksXYZ.com web addresses (such as search results, or any web address that contains a question mark, "?"), you will want to read about Advanced Tagging.

Read about Picking a Project.