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Pick A Project

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Choosing a well-defined goal is an excellent way to recruit others to help your school raise money through ReadersLink&trade. Once other people-- even people who have no connection to your school-- can see why you want their donation, they will be much more likely to select your school for 5% of their purchases.

So just pick a project.

A few simple rules:
     Your first project may not exceed $2,000. Unless you get our prior approval, we want you to aim for something you can attain. (Colleges, particularly those with large enrollments, are eligible to target more expensive projects). Actually, you may want to keep your first funding effort under a few hundred dollars. An attainable goal is much easier to get people excited about. Once you have funded your first project, and have gathered a community to support your school, you can aim higher.

     Only academic and service projects are eligible. Sorry, no sports, no administrative needs. Eligible projects may include: books, classroom equipment, instruments, trips for academic competitions and conferences, scholarships, student or teacher awards, etc. If you have any question about your project, just contact us.

     First come, first serve. For now, a school may only hold one fundrasier through booksXYZ.com at a time. Any teacher or school group may apply, and the first to apply will be listed for your school. If funding for a project is sluggish or dormant for 4 or more weeks, we reserve the right to change the school project in response to new applicants.

Once you have raised your first $100, read about how your school becomes eligible to Receive Donations on-line, and as you begin generating money, we will Feature Your School at checkout for other customers to see.