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Create Reading Groups

If among your students, teachers and/or parents & supporters you have a group of readers who have a particular interest, then you can create a focused reading group to discuss those books, and raise money for your school by doing so.

Work with your students & community to create eNewsletters, ListServes, blogs, bulletin boards, and social networking groups that discuss books within your genre of interest. You don't have to exclusively discuss those books, of course, but by creating a focused area of reading, you will simultaneously create an on-line community from far and wide, who will help you raise money.

As your group grows, gradually people around the country who are also interested in your genre will gravitate to your group. They will also contribute commentary and other content to your community. And on your various ePlatforms and eGroups, you place ReadersLinks™. to refer people to the booksXYZ.com page that sells the books you are discussing.

As visitors click on your links, your school will become the default preference for their 5%. When they buy the titles you discuss, your school makes money.

So you can raise money for your school by getting students, teachers, and your community to read books, write about them, and use computers and the Internet... which is what we want them to do in the first place.

It sure beats selling candy door-to-door.

For a list of free websites and software, as well as graphics you can use, see the links to the left.