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Advanced Tagging

For security reasons, some pages cannot use the -XYZ00AB style tag. The pages that cannot use this tag all contain a question mark (?) in their URL, which indicates that the page is dynamic, the result of some manner of website search.

When the question mark is present, the ReadersLink&trade tag must take the form &sch=XYZ00AB , where XYZ00AB is your school's code.

For instance, if you wish to link to books by Ernest Gaines, you would search for him on our website, and the results would have the URL:


After adding your school's tag,(for this example UL01LA) the URL would now look like this:


Similarly, books generated by searching for The Center for Lousiana Studies would either look like this:


or this, depending on how you arrived at their listing:


Remember, this is only necessary for dynamic URLs, those that have the question mark, ?, in them. For all static pages, i.e., those without the question mark, simply adding -XYZ00AB will designate your school as the default beneficiary.