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D.O.L.L.S - Carol
Shari Dare
Trade Paper
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We're Desirable Older Ladies Love Specialists (D-O-L-L-S) and don’t think because we have snow on our roofs that means the fire went out in our furnaces. We do want to get to know you better and have a good time.


Carol McIntyre looked at the rumpled bedclothes on her king sized bed. It wasn’t like she shared it with anyone at the time. She’d entertained lovers in the past, but over the years they disappeared from her life.

When Grace suggested the idea of the D-O-L-L-S, Carol started thinking about what it would be like to have a younger lover. In the past she only took men to her bed who were older and could advance her career.

Her agent acted as her first uncommitted lover and they slept together just two weeks prior to him taking her on as his client. At the time, she’d been a struggling author who thought she needed an agent in order to get her manuscript in the hands of a receptive publisher. She soon learned he only wanted her in his bed with no desire to help her get published. After a year of him making her rewrite passages she considered perfect, she realized he wanted her body more than he wanted to help her attain fame as a writer. With such a realization formulating in her mind, she decided she needed more than a satisfying sex life.

After dumping him, she managed to get her first book published on her own and later obtained an agent who would work for her best interests, not because of any need for a bed partner.

From that point on she wrote various genres, including the erotica prompting the ad she put up at the vocational school.


Erotic author looking for young men interested in participating in wild sex for research for her next book.  Interested? Call 608-555-DOLS

            She thought of the ad she placed two weeks ago. Never, in her entire life, had she ever advertised for a lover. She certainly hoped this would work out in her favor.

Lately, she started writing some of the hottest novels of her career, but they were mainly from memory. She drew on her many past lovers for her knowledge of sexual fantasies. How much better would her next book be if she had actually experienced a lover, other than the ones in her warped imagination?

Outside the mid September rain pounded against the bedroom window. Listening to it, she thought of the words for the opening scene of her next novel. Leaving the bed still unmade, she hurried to the office in order to jot down the words she needed for the beginning of the next book by Sexy Kitty.

As her fingers flew over the keys, her mind ran in a completely different direction. The words constituting her book would write themselves, just as they always did, while she thought about the fact her ad had been up for over two weeks without anyone even calling the number posted. With the end of September fast approaching, she knew she needed to find a young lover soon or her month would be over without her finding a man as her friends, Ellen and Grace, did.

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ISBN(13-digit): 9781935048442
Copyright: 2011
Book Publisher: Class Act Books
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 97

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