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The Civil War in Louisiana: Military Activity
Military Activity

Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr. (editor)
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Military activity and Louisiana's role in the Civil War.

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The Bayou State inevitably became a target for Union land and naval military operations because of its strategic position at the mouth of the Mississippi River as well as the importance of New Orleans as a manufacturing, banking, and trade center. Though not generally thought of as a major battleground during the Civil War, Louisiana was the scene of four military campaigns and 566 military actions of varying size and significance. Thus Louisiana's military role played an integral part in the outcome of the war and had repercussions that extended well beyond the state line.

This volume demonstrates the Union's focus on dividing the Confederacy and securing land access by water. Many battles discussed herein detail encounters with Confederates determined to preserve their land and livelihood. Despite the importance of the 'Mighty Mississippi' in the Union campaign to quell the rebellion. Federal troops struggled to capture territory along Louisiana's many rivers, swamps and low-lying bayous. This volume offers not only an excellent sample of the state's military experience during the Civil War, but it also highlights the participation of both black Union and Confederate troops (including neighboring Texans), analyzes the career of General Richard Taylor, explores the consolidation of Union troops and the activities of Jayhawkers, and discusses the construction and use of Confederate earthwork fortifications. Moreover, this edition provides a glimpse of both sides of the battlefield and of life on the homefront for Louisiana's inhabitants who faced both violence and economic ruin.

This copy belongs on the bookshelf of any individual interested in Louisiana's Civil War military experience. This edition takes the reader beyond the Union occupation of New Orleans and the Battle of Baton Rouge and into the trenches, small towns, and backwater areas of Louisiana's bloody skirmishes between Union and Confederate forces.

Volume V, Part A of the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Series in Louisiana History



The Seizure of the Forts and Public Property in Louisiana
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The Fiasco at Head of Passes
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April 12-14, 1863
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In Relief of Port Hudson: Richard Taylor's 1863 Lafourche Offensive
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"The Battles of Texas will be Fougbht in Louisiana": The Assault of
Fort Butler, June 28, 1863
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Chasing Banks out of Louisiana: Parsons' Texas Cavalry in the Red River Campaign
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Demobilization of Louisiana Confederate Forces, April-July 1865
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Louisiana: Six Hundred Engagements
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Fort Buhlow and Fort Randolph: Confederate Defenses on Red River
by Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr

Forts Randolph and Buhlow in the Civil War
by Thomas Howell

General Richard Taylor as a Military Commander
by Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.

Negro Troops in Blue and Gray: The Louisiana Native Guards, 1861-1863
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Mutiny at Camp Hubbard
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Ozeme Carriere and the St. Landry Jayhawkers, 1863-1865
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The Glory Days: E. T. King Recalls the Civil War Years
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Civil War Military Operations in and Around Ponchatoula, Louisiana
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Against All Odds: Lt. Jonathan H. Carter, CSN, and His Ironclad
by Katherine Brash Jeter

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ISBN: 1887366504
ISBN(13-digit): 9781887366502
Copyright: 2002
Dewey Decimal: 976
Library of Congress: 96-84494
Book Publisher: Univ of Louisiana at Lafayette
Language: ENG
Binding: Sewn
No. of Pages: 762

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