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Louisiana Literature and Literary Figures
Volume XVII of the Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Series in Louisiana History

Mathé Allain (editor)
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Some of the best scholarly examinations of Louisiana's important literary figures.

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From its earliest poet, Julian Poydras, to its current Nobel Prize nominee, Ernest Gaines, the state of Louisiana has inspired unique varieties of literature. Yet, it is only within the last half-century that the topic of "Louisiana Literature has emerged as a serious subject for scholarly investigation. Discounted for so long, Louisiana's early French-language writers have gradually emerged from the fringes of literary acceptance, while the state's more popular English-language writers, such as George Washington Cable, Kate Chopin, and Tennessee Williams, have been re-scrutinized according to the ever-changing contexts of the world. At the same time that Louisiana literature was first receiving academic recognition, entirely new literary movements began in the state, including the Baton Rouge Agrarians of the early to mid-twentieth century, the Cajun poets of the Acadian Renaissance during the 1970s-1980s, and even Anne Rice's hugely popular vampire tales of the last three decades.

The Center for Louisiana Studies is proud to announce publication of the most recent volume in The Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Series in Louisiana History, Volume XVII, Louisiana Literature and Literary Figures. Mathé Allain edits this collection, which brings together the very best examinations of Louisiana's rich and multifaceted literary heritage. Some of the authors whose works are discussed include Alfred Mercier, Sidonie de la Houssaye, Lafcadio Hearn, Kate Chopin, Grace King, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Lyle Saxon, Francis Parkinson Keyes, Robert Penn Warren, Tennessee Williams, Lillian Hellman, William Faulkner, Shirley Ann Grau, John William Corrington, and Ellen Gilchrist.

This volume is sure to be a standard reference work for anyone interested in Louisiana literary criticism or the more general evolution of Louisiana literature.


The French Literature of Louisiana
by Mathé Allain

Louisiana's Earliest Poet: Julien Poydras
by Edward Larocque Tinker

French Literature in Colonial Louisiana
by Charles E. O'Neill

Introduction to The Festival of the Young Corn or The Heroism
of Poucha-Houmma
by Mathé Allain

Introduction to Tante Cydette by George Dessommes
by George Reinecke

Forgotten People, Forgotten Literature: The Case of Creole Authors of Color
by Frans C. Amelinckx

Love, Death, and Faith in the New Orleans Poets of Color
by Alfred J. Guillaume, Jr.

Alfred Mercier, French Novelist of New Orleans
by George Reinecke

Sidonie de la Houssaye's Pouponne et Balthazar: The Other Side of the Escalin
by May G. Waggoner

S. de la Houssaye's Quadroon Tetralogy: "Les Quarteronnes de la Nouvelle Orleans"
by J. John Perret

Louis Placide Canonge (1822-1893): Un Américain de France, du sud de la Louisiane"
by Bernard Lavoie

New Departures in Cajun Poetry: Zachary Richard's Voyage de nuit
by Janis L. Pallister

A French Literary Renaissance in Louisiana: Cultural Reflections
by David Barry

Feu de Savane: A Literary Renaissance in French Louisiana
by Mathé Allain and Barry Jean Ancelet

The Birth of Cajun Poetry: An Analysis of Cris sur la bayou: naissance d'une poésie acadienne en Louisiane
by Dianne Guenin-Lelle


At Odds: Race and Gender in Grace King's Short Fiction
by Linda S. Coleman

Lee Arthur: The Sardou of Shreveport: An Introduction
by Paul T. Nolan

Mollie Moore Davis: A Literary Life
by Patricia Brady

Race and Gender in the Early Works of Alice Dunbar-Nelson
by Violet Harrington Bryan

Shaping Contradictions: Alice Dunbar-Nelson and the Black Creole Experience
by Gloria T. Hull

Cultural Translator: Lafcadio Hearn
by Hephzibah Roskelly

Lyle Saxon's Struggle with Children of Strangers
by James W. Thomas

Introduction: The Collected Works of Ada Jack Carver
by Mary Dell Fletcher

Ruth McEnery Stuart: The Innocent Grotesque
by Ethel C. Simpson

Ruth McEnery Stuart: A Reassessment
by Dorothy H. Brown

Kate Chopin's Ironic Vision
by James E. Rocks

Kate Chopin and The Creole Country
by Elmo Howell

Doubly Dispossessed: Kate Chopin's Women of Color
by Catherine Lundie

Making Places: Kate Chopin and the Art of Fiction
by Barbara C. Ewell

Cable's The Grandissimes: A Literary Pioneer Confronts the Southern Tradition
by Alfred Bendixen

George W. Cable, Novelist and Reformer
by Arlin Turner

The Division of the Heart: Cable's The Grandissimes
by Louis D. Rubin, Jr.

George Washington Cable's Creoles: Art and Reform in The Grandissimes
by Elmo Howell

Rereading Gwen Bristow's Plantation Trilogy
by Peggy Whitman Prenshaw

Arna Bontemps: The Louisiana Heritage
by Nicholas Canaday

The Brooding Air of the Past: William Faulkner
by W. Kenneth Holditch

Francis Parkinson Keyes: Mining the Mother Lode
by Jane F. Bonin

Lillian Hellman: Standing in the Minefields
by Milly S. Barranger

South Toward Freedom: Tennessee Williams
by W. Kenneth Holditch

The Baton Rouge Agrarians
by Thomas W. Cutrer

The Concept of Demagoguery: Huey Long and His Literary Critics
by Robert E. Snyder

Hamilton Basso and the World View from Pompey's Head
by James E. Rocks

"New People in the Old Museum of New Orleans": Ellen Gilchrist,
Sheila Bosworth, and Nancy Lemann
by J. Randal Woodland

No Cross, No Crown: The Poetry of John William Corrington
by Jo LeCoeur

The New Orleans Crime Fiction of John W. and Joyce Corrington
by Frank W. Shelton

Shirley Ann Grau's Wise Fictions
by Linda Wagner-Martin

Shirley Ann Grau's "Simple Direct Truths of Myth-making"
by Nancy B. Johnson

Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire
Bette H. Roberts

Miss Jane and I
by Ernest J. Gaines

Bayonne or the Yoknapatawpha of Ernest Gaines
by Michel Fabre

"The Sound of My People

Center for Louisiana Studies

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ISBN: 1887366539
ISBN(13-digit): 9781887366533
Copyright: 2004
Book Publisher: Center for Louisiana Studies
Binding: Sewn
No. of Pages: 634
Dust Cover: Yes

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