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Harem, a Menopause Murder
Eleanor Sullo
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Lucia just wants to make life fun again for Golden Haven’s residents. But murder in the night and a streaking senior stud with ogling lady admirers complicate matters. Trying to calm her often confused mother-in-law, she also fears sweetheart Tony is straying, and she’ll never get to open the restaurant of her dreams.

Can the Women on Fire help this time? Or will Lucia have to travel far and open her heart even wider to find the answers to her fears?



There were other shouts and screams around the room, and a few women crying, and then a hush came over the room as the group formed a circle around the two men.

“But you wouldn’t do that, would you? Play a polka for Mickey,” Zimmer snarled in a low, insinuating voice. He edged closer. “Your mother hated the old man, complained about him night and day, the poor old bugger. So you have to hate him, too? Don’t you see that he’s suffering every time he takes his clothes off? You, you—”

Devlin Doyle had come running up beside Gordon. Now he threw himself between the two men. “Zim, hey, cut it out, Zimmer. Let the guy play, for Christ’s sake. It’s a party. What the hell’s the matter with you? C’mon!”

Once Zimmer’s tirade was silenced, his cane clattered to the floor. Ponyee jumped to pick it up and hand it back, while Richard drooped on the bench, his head pressed against the music shelf, trembling hands smashing the keyboard in discord once again. You could hear his sobs across the room. Then the crying stopped, and everything in the room went still as melting ice.

Becker’s withdrawn emotion seemed to energize him and, again, he half-rose. “You!” Becker finally managed to get the words out, though by now Zimmer was ten feet away, led by Devlin. “You’re the one who hated my mother. It must have been you, you who…”

Hobbling, Ada dashed around Richard and hugged him to her chest before he could continue with the obvious accusation. “No, no, Richard, don’t.”

People edged away, silent and jittery, and I finally got past the fray.

When at last I reached Nonna Rose and her handsome white-haired partner, my mother-in-law had a mouthful of Smarties puffing out her cheeks, and the old man had somehow squeezed out of the upper part of his jumpsuit. It sagged around his hips and was on the descent, while the two of them, oblivious, danced on to their own unheard music.

It was life as usual at the Golden Age Haven.


Author Bio:  Eleanor Sullo writes a food and spirituality column and gardens voraciously all-year-round. Between traveling and writing, she directs programs for families and adults and spends enough time with strong women to feel their inspiration and support, along with that of her terrific husband and extended family who all live on a self-sufficient family farm in rural Connecticut. Her ongoing commitment to help others face life’s trials and grow has evolved from her training as teacher and spiritual guide. As with the besieged characters in The Moonrakers, and in Menopause Murders, so often love is the answer, says Ms. Sullo, while faith and trust, and a sense of humor, put the frosting on the cake!

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ISBN(13-digit): 9781597055215
Copyright: 2010
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 390

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