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Heaven and Hell
Jim Daddio
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Alex Hammershan is a well known business man living the good life in South Florida. To keep pace with the competition, Alex is forced to smuggle in underage teenage girls from the poverty stricken areas of Eastern Europe. The girls are weak, poor and homeless and are willing to come to the US to escape the horror they face day to day. What they don’t know if it’s going to be “Heaven or Hell.”


For the first time in a long time Alex Hammershan was worried. Really worried. The FBI was after him big time. He moved quickly after his conversation with Josh. The first thing he did was to arrange to have the two underage girls from Eastern Europe moved to a friend’s ranch in Palm Beach County. Located fifteen miles west of the Florida Turnpike, in the middle of nowhere, it was close enough to the action in Palm Beach but far enough away from civilization. The closest city was Loxahatchee. A town he’d never been in or could even pronounce.

Alex knew they would be safe there until he figured what he was going to do to get the FBI off his back. For sure they were after him for smuggling the underage girls into the country. He wasn’t worried about the two pros who were part of his escort service. Both were from Russia, but were over eighteen and had work permits, as illegal as they were, they still had them. He asked them to remain at his place until he figured out what his next move would be. They had a few steady customers and Alex instructed them to meet the men at a local bar a few blocks from his place. They agreed.

Alex did everything he could to keep from being followed. First, he took the two underage girls to the parking garage using the condo’s fright elevator. Then he had them lay down in the back of a friend’s van and drove to a crowded night club. From there they were ushered into the club, down a back flight of stairs and into a limo and driven to Opa-Loca Airport where they were whisked away in a helicopter to the ranch. With the girls gone, Alex felt safer. Now he needed to contact some people and find out what was going on.

He dialed a number from a book he had hidden under his desk. He was using a new cell phone. He knew this one was safe.

“Alex, here.”

“Hey, what’s up,” the female voice on the other end replied.

“Crazy things happening. I need some info. Know anything about the FBI nosing around?”

“I know a little. Some hot shot little broad has been struttin’ around here barkin’ out orders. Pretty hush-hush. Word is she’s from the government. Don’t know why, though.”

“I know why,” Alex shouted. “She’s after me.”

“You! Jesus. What’d you do now, Alex?”

“Not important. Just nose around. See what she’s got. I need some time to figure what I’m going to do.”

“I’ll do what I can.”

“And listen. Know that Metro cop? The big black dude, Ben whatever.”

“Sure. Very well endowed. Hung like a….”

“He owes me big time. I’ve been taking care of him for a long time.”

“I saw him in action one night. Wouldn’t mind a piece of him myself.”

“Really, well, I’ll call him. Set it up, then get him involved. He’s pretty high up the chain. With you two working the issue, you’ll find out something I can use. I’ll call you with a meeting place. Maybe this weekend on a ranch I know west of Palm Beach.”

“Sounds great. I could use a few days away from this fucking rat trap.”

“Not to mention a big cock to play with.”

“Let me know as soon as possible. I’m getting hot just thinking about it.”

Alex hung up. He smiled, thinking, I love female cops.

With the girls tucked away and a few people on the inside nosing around, it was time for Alex to call his contact in New York and inform him of the situation. Alex nervously dialed the number. He felt deep down this would not sit well with his Russian friends.

“Alex here.”

“Yes, I know who this is. What is it you call me? I am only to call you. Is not the deal?”

“I have some very disturbing news. I want you to tell Urbi.”

“You are tossing names around. I do not like this action over the wire.”

“This line is safe. Trust me,” Alex said. “And relay this information. The FBI is on to me. I hid the girls. I don’t want to make any more moves until…”

“You’re a fool to be telling me this over this phone,” the Russian shouted.

“Listen to me, this is a serious matter. Fuck the phone. I said my line is clear. Is yours? Just pass the word. I am going into hiding until this calms down.”

“You have been discovered. You have put this operation in jeopardy. You are an insignificant bug in a large operation. From this moment you are out of the circle. Permanently.”

The phone went dead. Alex’s whole body began to shake. He knew immediately what the Russian meant. He was expendable. They would send somebody to kill him.

Alex packed a small bag and dashed around his penthouse looking for anything that could be considered evidence. He made copies of several documents onto CD’s, and then deleted everything from his hard drive. He shut down the computers, then called and canceled his web site. He was concerned about the video equipment, but realized it wasn’t much more than what would be considered normal.

Feeling secure he had left nothing around to link him to the Russians, he told the two girls to clean up the place and clear out. One of them told Alex they had a client coming over who had offered five hundred apiece for a show. Alex told them to keep the money and find a motel for a couple of days. He handed them a few hundred dollars each and said he would contact them later. He said good-by and took the freight elevator down to the basement. From there he called a cab and asked the driver to meet him at Flashers, a nude dance club a few blocks from his apartment on Biscayne Boulevard.

Alex opened the back door and ducked down, almost crawling along the waterway that ran behind his building. He slipped in between a row of blooming bougainvillea knowing he could not be seen from the street. From there he found his way east on one hundred and thirty-fifth street, crossing over to the north side several blocks away. He walked into a strip center, entered a Publix Supermarket and ambled casually out the back door. He scurried along the alley until he reached Flashers. He saw the cab.

Within a few minutes, Alex was giving the driver directions. He called Josh from his secure cell phone.

“Josh, Alex here.”

“Now what?”

“Relax. Get me fifty. Meet me at Pompano Municipal Airport on McNab road. I’ll be in a cab.”


“Get going now. I am on my way.”

“Alex, take all the money. Okay?”

Alex laughed. “Might spend it all. Keep the rest for me. It’s safe. I owe you, Josh.”


Jim lives with his wife, Jill, and they spend their time between Florida and Virginia. Jim is the author of two mystery novels.



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ISBN(13-digit): 9781597055451
Copyright: 2010
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 293

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