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Dereliction of Duty
A Novel

Jon Renaud
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An exciting military thriller set on the streets of Baghdad in search of radical terrorists.

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Suspense, revenge, and plot twists keep you spellbound until the shocking ending, ripped from the headlines and the experiences of a real-life Agent of the Army Criminal Investigation Division!

Dereliction of Duty follows the life of fictional Army CID Agent Thomas Fox as he navigates a secretive world of intrigue.  Heart-stopping action rules the life of Agent Fox as he is recruited into the new CID Counter Terrorism Task Force, and then hits the streets of Baghdad, seeking revenge for an assassination attempt on the US Secretary of Defense. Agent Fox must also stop a Radical Islamic Cleric from gaining power in the Iraqi elections, while dealing with the shocking government cover-up waiting for him back home.

How Agent Fox prevails and his experiences while immersed in the underbelly of secret agent life, makes for a whirlwind adventure you don’t want to miss!


BAGHDAD burning, the Air Force relentlessly pounding the city day and night, the lead element of the U.S. Marines prepared to capture their final objective. The Marines fought their way to the outskirts of the capital city and laid waist to everything in their path. The invasion was only four weeks old and the U.S. and allied forces were pouring into Iraq as fast as they could load up on trucks, tanks and helicopters. The invasion was an unprecedented success and America believed the war would end with a quick U.S. victory. Then, the unthinkable happened. A convoy from an under trained and under manned Army reserve unit strayed into a small city in southern Iraq and was ambushed. The unit was not prepared for the fight and commanded by inexperienced leaders. They were attacked in the streets and it was a slaughter. Dozens of U.S. soldiers killed, and more taken captive by the Iraqi soldiers and civilians.


After three long days and nights of intense questioning, the prisoners finally broke. They always broke. They disclosed the last known whereabouts of the missing soldiers. The information was immediately relayed to CID Headquarters. Within hours, the world media reported a successful Delta Force operation to free the soldiers.

A tough, veteran Army CID Agent, Thomas Fox, is recruited into the Army’s new Counter Terrorism Task Force to take on the growing threat of domestic terrorism and extremists in the ranks of the U.S. Military. But it is not long before a rogue U.S. Senator controlling the Task Force decides to take it in a new direction. He sends Fox to Baghdad to ensure a radical Islamic Cleric does not steal the upcoming elections in Iraq. After a failed assassination attempt on the U.S. Secretary of Defense by this cleric, the leaders of the Task Force give Fox the green light to take him out. But when something goes wrong, someone has to take the fall. Fox returns home and finds himself in the middle of a cover-up at the highest levels of the government. When going along with their plan doesn’t work, Fox decides to hit the streets to take down the Task Force and the corrupt politicians running it.

Agent Fox is thrust into a world of revenge, lies and betrayal. He must risk everything to clear his name and protect the ones he loves.

In this action packed thriller, Agent Fox discovers that sometimes, politics can be just as dangerous as the streets of Baghdad.


Jon Renaud is a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer and former CID Special Agent who earned two Bronze Stars for tours in Iraq in 2003 and 2005.  During his tenure as a CID Agent, Jon led Counter Narcotics Teams, worked on high profile Homicide Cases, served as the Special Agent in Charge of a Detainee Abuse Task Force and had assignments on the protection details of the Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and the Commander of Forces in Iraq.  After serving 20 years in the U.S. Army, Jon now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Offical Website of Jon Renaud, author of Derelicti


This novel, which follows Special Agent Thomas Fox of the U.S. Army’s Criminal Investigation Unit, known as CID, has enough parallels to recent news stories to be a compelling and realistic page-turner.

The CID began during the Vietnam War to conduct criminal investigations for the U.S. Army and the Department of Defense.  CID’s mission expanded to include Defense Logistic Security, protection of senior defense personnel and more currently, conduction of Anti-Terrorism Operations.

Fox receives the Bronze Star for his exceptionally meritorious service as Special Agent In Charge in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  After the ceremony, Colonel Coach covertly recruits Fox for a Counter Terrorism Task Force to take the fight to the terrorists.  For security reasons Fox’s assignment is so deeply classified, only his senior partner, Special Agent Scott Cummings, knows the missions and operations assigned to Fox.

“Do What Has To Be Done,” the motto of the CID, is the code of Fox’s life in following orders, but when things go wrong and it’s Fox who is set up to take the fall,  Fox continues to follow the motto to take down those high in government who are responsible.

Renaud’s well-written story submerges the reader into Fox’s life, making the reader not want to end the relationship.  Fortunately, at the end of this compelling novel, there is announcement of the 2011 release of Return To Duty, its sequel. 

Angie Mangino, former book reviewer at Inscriptions Magazine, currently works as a freelance writer and reviewer.

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ISBN: 0984427635
ISBN(13-digit): 9780984427635
Copyright: 2010
Book Publisher: Foxx Group
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 184
Paper Weight (lb): #60
Acid Free Paper: Yes

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