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Love Therapy
Fiona McGier
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Miguel’s first love, his high school sweetheart, was the woman he wanted to marry…because they belonged together.  But she had a different kind of future in mind and left for college, leaving him and his broken heart behind.  20 years later he saw her at their high school reunion.  Will he walk away this time?  Or is it still meant to be? And what will his family think?


Suddenly the lights flashed and the music stopped for a moment, while the DJ announced that dinner was going to be served soon, and everyone needed to find a place to sit. Miguel excused himself and went in search of the olive green silky dress, with the hottest woman he had ever known, inside of it.

He found her easily because she waved at him from a table across the room. He greeted and chatted briefly with quite a few other people, as he made his way over to the table that she was standing next to. When he finally got there she sat down, and he sat in the chair next to her. Their legs brushed together as he sat down, and he was grateful for the draping tablecloth that hid his instinctive reaction to that brief touch.

He looked around and was pleasantly surprised to see that she had chosen a table with some of the people they had sat with at their Prom dinner. They had enjoyed each others’ company then, and they did so this time around also. Dinner passed quickly as they discussed current events, what each now did for a living, how many kids they had, and how many of them were dealing with the issues of raising their own kids, some of whom were now at the age to attend their own proms.

Finally, over dessert, someone asked Miguel if he had ever married. Since he and Alicia were the only two single people there, naturally everyone wanted to know why. He laughed and said that he was working hard on his Prince Charming act, but had not yet met the princess that he was meant to rescue. They all laughed, then asked Alicia the same thing.

She looked quickly at Miguel. Taking a deep breath, she answered, “Yes.”

She added quickly, “But I’m divorced.”

Miguel tried to look nonchalant as he took in the shock of realizing that she had married someone else. He knew rationally, of course, that she would have had other lovers, since they had not been together for twenty years, and he himself had lost count of how many he had had. Never-the-less he was upset beyond belief to think that she had been able to overcome her aversion to marriage, but with another man. Not with him, but with someone else!

Soon after that the music got louder, and everyone began to get up to dance. Miguel excused himself and went out for another cigarette. He stayed out there, sipping the two drinks he had brought out with him, both of them doubles, and smoking. He chatted briefly with other smokers, but remained out there when they headed back in to dance and socialize.

Inevitably, at last, Alicia came out looking for him.

“Hey, Miguel, aren’t you going to do any dancing?”

She strode over to where he was sitting on the balcony wall.

He shook his head, “Nah.”

“Why not?” she persisted.

“Just not in the mood tonight,” he answered her.

She smiled at him and covered the hand resting on the balcony with one of hers.

“I was hoping to get you up to do some salsa dancing with me. Those other guys don’t know what they are doing on a dance floor! Not like you do!”

He looked at her sharply.

“No!” He spoke loudly, “Not this time you don’t.”

She gave him a worried look.

“I don’t what?”

“You think you can push me away, and walk away from me, and I will always be waiting for you to come back? Who the hell do you think you are, anyway?”

Her lower lip trembled, and it took all of his strength of will not to grab her and kiss those luscious, full lips.

“I don’t know what you mean, Miguel. I just wanted to dance with you.”

“Why don’t you go dance with your ex-husband?”

He knew it sounded petty and jealous the minute it left his lips, but he was just drunk enough not to care. And the hurt look on her face let him know that it had worked.

“I’m…um…I’m sorry you feel that way,” she stammered. “I was so happy to see you here, looking so good and all…”

She turned away, to look out at the pond behind the hall. There was an awkward silence.

After a few moments, she spoke quietly, with a slight tremor in her voice, “It’s been such a long time for us, Miguel. I was hoping that you would have forgiven me by now.”

He took a deep breath, hoping she didn’t notice how shaky it was.

“Some things you don’t get over.”

She looked back at him and there was infinite sadness in her eyes.

“I know…” she said softly. “So I guess there’s no chance that you might want to see me again, after tonight then?”

He shook his head.

She sighed deeply. She turned to head back toward the dimly-lit hall, with the loud music spilling out of the door each time it was opened. She stopped at the door. She spoke again without turning her head to look at him, speaking so quietly that he had to strain to hear her.

“Goodbye, Miguel. It was good to see you again.”

She quickly walked through the door and away from him, and he watched as she disappeared into the crowd.

Then he said out loud to himself, “I finally got to be the one to tell her ‘No’.”

He shook his head.

 “So why doesn’t it feel good? Why do I feel like such an asshole?”

Angrily he drained his drink then threw his glass at the wall under the balcony. He enjoyed the sound of it shattering as a thought flashed through his head, “Just like my heart.”

He got up and strode back into the hall to get another drink.

Much later, when the lights were once again turned on brightly, the music stopped while the DJ announced that the party was over. He cordially invited them all to come back for the next reunion, in another ten years. Miguel half-heartedly looked around the hall for the olive-colored silk dress, but he knew that she was gone.

He somehow managed to drive himself home. He passed out fully dressed on his bed once he made it into his bedroom. And when he awoke in the morning with a major hang-over headache, and saw the grey skies with a steady rain drizzling down, he thought how appropriate it was that even the weather was depressed.


I write because I am.  There are always stories swirling in my head, characters talking.  And I like a good, old-fashioned love story, with a strong, independent heroine, and an equally strong, opinionated hero.  They may not realize when they meet that their instant chemistry signals anything more than lust.  But eventually they have to face the fact that need, want, and love have combined to give them a happily-ever-after; but they both have to want it.


Never Too Old For The Game Of Love: Fun and Flirty with lots of heat packed in. Never To Old For The Game of Love is an entertaining read. An all too true storyline; many people as they age give up on love and this story shows you can stick with it. Everyone can find love. This couple shares a great story although I did feel that Alex and Tegan were far from “being old” as they are in the same age grouping as I am. Smile. -- Matilda, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More  4 cups.

Never Too Old For The Game Of Love Quote:  Hot tamale! This author shows just what kind of love making it takes to make the world turn on its axis for 40 year old, Tegan O’Neil. Never too old has her heroine coming to grips with her new Latin lover with a salsa beat; but she doesn’t want her children finding out about him. Fiona McGier has a way of spicing up her romances so that you want to take a few private moments for yourself in a quiet room. So sexy! -- JoEllen Conger, Conger Books Reviews, rate 4

Never Too Old For The Game Of Love Review:   After they were both divorced, Tegan O’Neil and her best friend and business partner, Patti, started a Party Catering business to help make ends meet. Everything was going just fine until Alexander Reye asked to have a stripper at his up-n-coming all-men’s party. It wasn’t easy to book a stripper when all she knew how to plan was children’s birthday parties… but Tegan found a solution.

This, the saucy beginning of a series, is a great introduction to the extensive Reye family. If you like sexy, this is for you. -- JoEllen Conger, Conger Books Reviews, rate 4

Love By Design Quote:

Love By Design by Fiona McGier is an above average story of the loves and losses of a well-to-do Latin family. It is enchantingly warm and sexy, and full of promise. I was impressed by this author’s delightful voice in portraying the ins-and-outs of a large loving family who stick together to help one another through thick and thin. It’s a must read.

Love By Design Review:

Rosie Reyes is one of Monsieur Domande’s top designers, and he unwittingly sends her out on assignment… to redesign the appointments for her ex-boy friend’s new mansion. She is determined to keep their renewed relationship professional, but her body has a mind of its own, remembering how good they had been together, seven years ago. Yet, she has a professional reputation to uphold, so she is determined to keep it strictly business.

Gregor Lubovick, an emigrant Russian, is surprised to find Rosie at his new mansion, redesigning its many rooms to comply with his every personal whim. Who better than his ex-girl friend; who could possibly know him better? He hasn’t forgotten his love for her, yet, this is business, and he forces himself to remember she is the professional designer that he has hired to do the job. He has only one problem… he has never fallen out of love with her. He worries about whether against all odds if after the job is finished can he win her back? He is determined he must keep his hands off her luscious body until the job is done… but then… look out!

This is a very enchanting read. I fully enjoyed it.  -- JoEllen Conger, Conger Books Reviews, rate 4

Quote: Recipe For Love

Oh gosh, I remember back when I was just beginning to be on the wrong side of forty. The Harleys would grumble into our driveway and this 6’6” guy would walk up to my husband and say, “Excuse me. We are having a buddy ride today, and well, I don’t have a partner. Could I please borrow your wife this afternoon?” Boy, those were the days!

And yes, he looked pretty much like Fiona McGier’s, Jules Marks Tremenczyk, Patti Johnson’s newly-hired assistant cook, JT. RECIPE FOR LOVE is the second book in the series about the Reyes family.

This story brought back wonderful memories. You’re gonna love it. It’s down to earth. It’s women working at surviving. It’s meeting your sexuality head-on, and not needing to apologize for who you really are.

Review: Recipe For Love

Patti Johnson and her business partner, Tegan O’Neill, set out to hire an assistant cook for their Mexican restaurant, “Patti’s Place”; where they also host children’s birthday parties… hosted by their company: “Parties By Pat-Teg”. One of the applicants is Harley-riding, Jules Marks Tremenczyk, a Romani gyspy. Hiring this hunk is only the beginning of Patti’s problems. Well, not the beginning, beginning. That came with throwing her abusive husband out the door.

JT comes with his own back-story and unsavory history, which catches up with him, putting Patti and her two children in peril. Two dangerous thugs have Patti all tied up when JT crashes to the rescue. All hell breaks loose because JT has laid claim on Patti as his woman, and by gypsy law, nobody better hurt the women. Plus, it’s a bad notion to ever upset a Romani Gypsy, as these cons discover.

JT is the kind of man you dream about having for your very own. He is a loyal family man, who falls in love with Patti and her two children. When he moves in, all their lives change for the better. This is another spicy love story, with romping wild sex scenes. I’m sure if you like spicy-hot, you are going to love these getting-it-on love scenes. I did. -- JoEllen Conger, Conger Books Reviews, rate 4


Quote: Analysis Of Love

Fiona McGier’s fourth book in the Reyes Family Series, portrays Catalina Reyes as a hot, ambitious reporter sent by her employer to discredit the psychotherapist who has turned his son’s motivations away from taking over the family newspaper business. But once she meets Dr. Evan Thompson under false pretenses, can she follow through with Wolfgang Stevenson’s revenge? This is another sexy, hot tamale story filled with heart-stopping love scenes.

Review: Analysis Of Love

Thirty-five year old Catalina Reyes takes her job as a reporter very seriously. When her boss, Wolfgang Stevenson demands that she seduce and discredit his son’s shrink, Cat goes to her appointment dressed to kill. Her perfect body and her revealing clothes might have worked on any other man, but not Dr. Evan Thompson. He is blind. She realizes her usual bag-of-tricks aren’t going to work on him. However, she has an assignment and a deadline to meet. So, she gets right down to getting the job done.

Cat uses her hot tamale sexuality to seduce the good doctor, but can she follow through with the article she has agreed to write? And once she has him hooked, can she let him go? Will her extensive Mexican family: brothers, sisters, parents, and God parents look at a blind man as someone they want to accept into their family? Oh yeah, this writer is recognized for her sexy, salsa-hot love scenes. Bite me! -- JoEllen Conger, Conger Books Reviews, rate 5


Recipe For Love: Patti is desperate, she has been scheduled to both cater and be maid of honor for her best friend and business partner. Unable to handle the monumental tasks alone, she looks for a new cook to step in and ease the burden.

Jules Tremenczyk, otherwise known as J.T, is of gypsy descent and has spent his life wandering. Needing to settle for some time, he answers a help wanted ad and finds his future.

Patti is on the tail end of a bad marriage, with a hormonal pregnant best friend and partner. Her ex keeps coming back and, out of love for her children. she is unable to deny help when needed. Along comes J.T and she just wants him for herself, but just when they find their way to each other, J.T’s past catches up with him.

Ex-husbands, ex-cons and one hot bike -- what more excitement could a story need? How about one hot love affair and a friendship that withstands the test of time? Fiona McGier has an amazing talent for setting a scene and then throwing in the unexpected to keep the reader on their toes. The happily ever after between Patti and J.T comes at a price, and the payout should not be missed. -- Delane, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More,Rating: 4 Cups


Quote for Love Therapy:

Once again Fiona McGier brings us another salsa-hot segment in the history of this Hispanic family. She has a way of sharing the Reyes family’s love and exciting passion for life…the kind of passion that keeps a large family together sharing their love and compassion for one-another. It’s the type of family you wouldn’t mind belonging to yourself.

Review for Love Therapy:

Miguel Reyes, just turning thirty-eight, decides at the very last moment to attend his high school reunion. It wasn’t with the idea of seeing his long-lost high school sweetheart. He’d given up on her years ago…but there she was, and it wasn’t just his body that betrayed him. He fought his memories of just how much he wanted her. She had been his very first teenage lover. He still wanted her with every fiber of his being. It took every bit of his determination to turn his back on her and just walk away.

When her condominium burns down, he spies her weeping on the sidewalk, and this time he cannot turn his back on her. He gathers her up and takes her to his own apartment. There he discovers that twenty years of denial simply isn’t working. This wasn’t the end of it, although his entire family warned him not to let her hurt him again; that Alicia Torres simply wasn’t worth all the pain.

Miguel and Alicia both struggle to overcome their personal fears of rejection and destructive relationships. They each have problems that seem destined to keep them apart. This is a well-written story about how they each face their personal fears, and finally become a family unit. -- JoEllen Conger, Conger Books Reviews, rate 4

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ISBN(13-digit): 9781597055208
Copyright: 2010
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 287

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