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Freedom to Ride the Wind
JoEllen Conger
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What happens when you vacation in Cabo San Lucas for your 10th Wedding Anniversary, and you’ve gotten separated from your spouse? Joanne Strong wonders the same thing when she goes to what she thinks is her hotel suite overlooking the historical arches at Cabo, only to find… not her husband, but a naked drunk in her room. Now what should she do? Then, the excitement begins when a handsome stranger comes to her rescue.

I looked up from my reading, yawned and glanced out the double-paned airline window. The yawn was genuine. We’d boarded the plane at five in the morning, and had been held up on the Oakland airstrip until after the fog had finally lifted.

The roar of the engines had made conversation impossible. My husband and I were seated on the shady side of the plane. Something we’d learned from past experience. The people across the aisle from us were fighting the blinding morning sunlight. We had already suffered through the nearly unpalatable breakfast...coffee, and a greasy croissant with what might have passed for scrambled eggs...and a little cup of the plainest applesauce I’d ever tasted. Well, it beat having peanuts that early in the day. For just a moment I contemplated ringing the steward for another cup of that awful coffee. Something that might keep my eyes opened for another hour. Then I weighed it against the possibility of suffering acid reflux. It didn’t seem like such a good idea once I had really given it another thought. Then I recognized where we were.

“Look down there, Sugar!” I cried, pointing out the window. “Isn’t that the highway that switches from the Pacific Coast side of the Baja peninsula over to the Sea Of Cortez?”

Tim looked up from the book he was reading. “Hum?”

“When the plane changed course I could see the highway we drove on last winter.”

My husband smirked as he leaned over me to gaze out the window. “By golly, you’re right, that looks just like a road map,” he teased. He nibbled the outer rim of my exposed ear, breathing heavily. Ducking, I giggled, pushing him away. He knew perfectly well what that did to me. I could feel my toes curling. He just gave me his wolfish grin.

A memory struck me. “Do you remember that filling station that was out of power? And we had to use our own generator in the RV to pump fuel for all those other waiting cars, before we could fill our own tanks? That’s where the highway splits off for the Bay of Los Angeles. I wonder why they didn’t have their own generator?”

“You got me there, Babe. You’re right, I didn’t think about it at the time. I don’t know why they didn’t have their own generator,” Tim mused. “But then, at that point I would have done almost anything to get refueled. Our tanks were nearly bone dry. We never would have made it to the next Pemex station.”

“I can’t help but wonder if that guy was the real owner of the station?”

Tim frowned. “You really think he wasn’t?” I watched Tim’s eyes flicker with self-doubt.

“Do you think we actually pirated the gas from the real owner?” He pinched the tip of his nose between thumb and forefinger, his eyes pensive.

“Well,” I reassured him, “it’s too late now to worry about it.”

There was a long pause before he agreed. “Yeah, way too late. I didn’t even think about it at the time. Why didn’t you say something?”

“It didn’t even occur to me till this very moment.”

Tim laughed good-naturedly. “Well, I guess we’ll never know.”

I was puzzled. “The Federales were right there. Wouldn’t you think they would have known who really owned the station? They didn’t say a word.”

“Who is going to question the Army carrying machineguns?” Tim glanced away before he opened his book again, ready to continue reading. Then he looked up. “Maybe they got a kickback. The guy did make us pay in cash, remember?”

I nodded. I brought my own paperback up, ready to resume reading, but my imagination was still considering the possibility of having cheated the real property owner. I shook my head. My husband was right. It was way too late to worry about it now. It was done. Long time done.

BIO: JoEllen Conger

JoEllen Conger is co-authored by twins who write together as a team. Although they live miles apart, they stay connected through e-mail to work their magical word-smithing. The two authors also write separately, under their married names for magazine articles and newsletters. The magic of their writing career all began years ago when they decided to use their fertile imaginations, writing under their maiden name, Conger.

BIO (1): Joan Ellen Powell

Widowed in 1999, Joan lives in the sea coast town of Santa Cruz, California, where her youngest daughter and partner and their children live in their ancestral home of 50 years. Her present animal companions, all rescued from various animal shelters, are now three cats, a dog, a standard rabbit… and a yard full of chickens who think they are family. Joan has served her local RWA chapter, as an officer since she joined in 1992. She mentors beginning writers, critiques, edits and reviews pre-published manuscripts, as well as serving as an RWA writing contest judge over the past 15 years.

BIO (2) Joyce Ann Kennedy:

Joyce lives in Bakersfield, California with her many animal companions after losing her husband of 37 years. Her nature to rescue abused pets, has filled her house with three small dogs, a Maltese, a Poodle and a Schipperke, two long legged, long tailed white cats, and an English Standard Rabbit gifted to her by one of her cats. Neighbors watch in amusement each morning, as she walks her menagerie around the block.

“A stellar pre-medieval story from an outstanding author.” Penelope West – Ethan’s Flight – Whiskey Creek Press

“Most of the detail is so authentic for the 5th/ Century that I kept forgetting it was a Fantasy.”

Gabriel Timar – Novgorod Diary – Wings ePress

The Future King: is a rich and detailed saga not only about a young boy growing up to become king, but about Gwyndalin and Laurance’s undying love for each other. A love they can’t acknowledge even though her husband and Anthony’s father, King Anthony I, has died.

I invite you to get comfy and enter the exciting and imaginative 5th Century world of JoEllen Conger. The Future King is a good, old fashioned historical fantasy saga. A wonderfully creative, re-imagined Camelot continued on from Conger’s Queen of Candelore, the first story of King Anthony I, his love for Queen Gwyndalin, their love for Prince Laurance, and his love for the royal couple. It’s as stirring and convoluted, but much more satisfying than the Camelot story. Read it. You’ll see what I mean. -- Review by Jane Leopold Quinn

‘‘The Future King’ by JoEllen Conger is a masterpiece. I was riveted to my chair and couldn’t seem to turn the pages fast enough in my constant quest to find out what was happening next. This is a beautiful novel about relationships mainly between Queen Gwyndalin and Prince Laurance, and Anthony II and Gallagher.

I was caught up in the love and warmth that abounded throughout this well-written book. I couldn’t seem to get enough of the affection between the Queen and her Prince, as well as the developing friendship between Anthony, being groomed to be the High King Darkdragon of Brightland, and his Royal Companion. Gallagher, the lovechild of Gwyndalin and Laurance, was their son, who they thought had died.

Ms. Conger has definitely penned a winner. It is a beautiful escape for the reader into the lives of long-ago. I highly recommend ‘The Future King’ and look forward to more novels by this great author. -- Suzanne Hurley

Quote: JoEllen Conger’s THE FUTURE KING is a highly entertaining yet thought provoking tale. The exceptionally well developed, living and breathing characters, although pure Arthurian captivate the reader. It is high-class entertainment even if the reader might miss the message and the unique philosophy of the author.

Review: This is the saga of High Queen Gwyndalin training her dead husband’s issue to rise to the throne of all Brightland. The message of the novel is that leadership is a trade or a profession, and if one does not receive the proper training, the result might be a series of tragedies.

The well-researched, historically correct description of the way of life in the fifth century and the archaic language of the dialogues resurrect the Middle Ages. The flesh and blood characters, although maintaining their Arthurian nature, leap off the pages, straight into the hearts of the readers. The loveable Gwyndalin, an efficient, tough, professional leader reminds me of a Margaret Thatcher with feelings. The knightly traits of her appointed Royal Companion, Prince Laurance of Mann Island fit the surroundings. His common sense approach when teaching the future king the ways of life in the realm, make him a likeable flesh and blood character.

I highly recommend this most entertaining and thought provoking novel to all. Readers aware of the shortcomings of our society should especially enjoy this story. Perhaps resurrecting Gwyndalin and Laurance, and have them run a training school for the aspiring leaders of the twenty first century would be a good idea. – Review by Gabriel Timar, Novgorod diary, Air Mogadishu etc. – Wings ePress Inc.

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ISBN(13-digit): 9781597055178
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 276

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