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A. W. Lambert
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While investigating what appears to be a series of tit for tat racial attacks in the back streets of Norwich, Theo Stern is asked to help in the search for gangster, Benny Lyle, said to have been kidnapped from his London home.

But there is something cynically methodical about the Norwich attacks and Lyle is recently reported to have been seen in Norfolk’s tiny Georgian town of Holt. So are the Norwich attacks simply retaliatory and has Lyle really been abducted? Stern has his doubts about both and when his investigations reveal that the two cases are inextricably linked in the most macabre way, his belief in the rule of law is tested to the extreme.

Hands buried deep in his pockets, his fingers lovingly caressing the flick knife, the hooded figure swaggered confidently down the street. He felt good, very good. He’d had a few jars, it was true, and with the flick knife doing its job, he had also pulled a couple of free snorts. Among his troop his standing had never been higher; nobody questioned or fronted him. They wouldn’t dare. Even the opposition were cautious. ‘Course there would always be the idiot who’d chance his arm. He smiled to himself in the darkness. Like the one who had tried it on tonight. Piece of cake though. He didn’t even have to lift his blade. A good kicking had done the job. Afterwards he’d seen the excited sparkle in that brunette’s eyes; the one he’d been watching for a couple of weeks. Fancied her, he did, and tonight he was sure he had hit the spot. He’d give her a try next time he saw her. Had to be on a winner there. Yeah, all in all it had been a good Saturday night. Very good. As he passed under the only lamp in the short, narrow street, he looked down at the watch; the heavy, expensive piece he’d taken from the old git he’d turned over the night before. It showed exactly fifteen minutes past midnight.

Maybe, though, if he’d known what was waiting only a yard or two from him, the hooded figure wouldn’t have felt so pleased with himself. Maybe the swagger wouldn’t have been so confident and just maybe he wouldn’t have felt this particular Saturday night had been so good after all.

A.W. Lambert was born and raised in south London, England. After completing his National Military Service he embarked on an engineering career in the British aircraft industry where he also became a qualified pilot. In 1992 he retired from industry to follow his two main passions: the playing of his favourite music, traditional New Orleans Jazz and Creative Writing. After studying with The Writers Bureau, he built experience with success in magazine article and short story writing before moving into the field of full length Action/Adventure. He lives with his wife in North Norfolk, England. Payback is his fourth published novel.

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ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059916
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 368

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