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Ties that Bind
Jeannine D. Van Eperen
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When waiter Miguel glances up from the tray of food he has delivered he sees a beautiful girl sashaying through the fancy dining room wearing low-slung jeans with a ruby winking in her belly-button. He is stunned by her beauty as well as her audacity to enter Casa Rodriquez so inappropriately attired. He marvels at her poise. Trinity holds his gaze while thinking the handsome hunk is just what she is looking for to carry out her private plans. She winks.

“What had you up reading all night?” Abigail asked as she lay spent and satisfied beneath her husband.

“This property. A play based on an old novel. I had Ted Mueller write a new screenplay. The movie was done back in the early 50s and I think ought to be made again.” Melvin rolled away from his wife. “It needs just the right individual for the lead. We thought we had Nat Young all tied up but overnight he gave it a thumbs down.” Melvin sighed and reached out to caress his wife’s breast. “Need a young, dark haired, sexy stud.”

“That doesn’t sound like Nat Young to me.”

“Yeah, I know. He’s a good actor though and with makeup...”

Abigail laughed. “Sounds like our pool boy. Young. Dark haired. A real sexy stud.”

Melvin frowned. “You ain’t fooling around on me.”

“Ha!” Abigail planted a big, sloppy kiss on Melvin’s cheek. “Not me, but I’m sure he has his pick, if he wants. Just saw him for a sec.”

“A pool boy.”

“A waiter, too. That’s his regular job. He’s just helping out today.”

Melvin started to get out of bed. He grabbed his tan terrycloth robe from the floor where it lay in a heap beside the bed. “Maybe I’d better take a gander at the young man.”

“Oh, Duke, I’m sure he’s left by now.” Abigail sat up and stared at her husband. “You don’t even know if he can act or anything about him. How can you even think of considering a no talent boy who cleans pools and waits tables for a living?”

Melvin gave a snort. “That’d really tick off old Nat Young. Replaced by an unknown. I can make anyone give a good performance. Remember that ding-a-ling who got an Oscar for my Love’s Promises? She couldn’t act for nothing! And I even made Nat look good. I’ve made up my mind to direct this one, too. I haven’t done that for awhile.”

“Oh, sweetie, you work too hard. You gotta take time out to enjoy life.”

“Hell, Abby, what d’ya think we’ve been doing this past week?” Melvin plodded to the shower, dragging his robe behind him.

Ties That Bind is Jeannine’s twenty-sixth published book. Though she cannot remember ever not making up stories, she never seriously considered writing as a profession while in school. That seemed to be something people in New York did and she lived mostly in New Mexico. Though after a while she did begin sending in manuscripts and receiving rejections. She wrote while she worked in various businesses. She was in banking, an insurance office manager, director of publicity for a university, and a motel manager. Jeannine was born in Wisconsin; lived in Chicago, Illinois; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Tustin, California; San Leandro, California; Seattle, Washington; several other places, and now resides in the state of her birth, Wisconsin. She is the daughter of Henry and Mildred Tyrack, mother of Daniel Michael McGrew and wife of Louis Van Eperen. She and Lou love to travel and often do so. Jeannine loves to include many of the places she’s visited into her stories, and because she’s been there, she knows her settings are authentic. When not traveling or writing, she enjoys reading, needlework, playing Euchre with her friends and trying to play her Casio keyboard.

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ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058803
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 278

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