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Beyond the Rain
A Journey of Redemption

Peter Hurley
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Gangs and gun violence are sweeping the City of Toronto. People are dying.

Can Investigative Reporter Myles Kennedy overcome his personal problems; suspected fabrication of news stories, the grave illness of his world famous Uncle Chas Kennedy, and the souring of his relationship with his fiancé?

Can Myles make some sense of the apparent suicide of his brother-in-law Police Detective Buddy Brown?

Myles and research assistant, Danni Martins, embark on a journey of redemption that not only threatens their lives but also those around them.


He recognized the soft voice of Danni Martins. She was a twenty-three year old third year journalism student from Ryerson University who had assisted him on several occasions. An excellent researcher, she often provided valuable information for his news stories. Her insightful ideas presented some interesting avenues of inquiry for his stories for the Toronto Tribune daily newspaper.

“Yeah, Danni. How’ve you been?”

“Fine, got several unusual calls today though.” She sounded concerned. “One from your editor, Mike Thompson.”

“Yeah, how’s Mike?” Thompson was his boss at the Toronto Tribune.

“He’s desperate to talk to you if he’s calling here. He wanted me to tell you he’s set up a 4 p.m. meeting for you and your uncle’s lawyer regarding the “Chas Kennedy Lectures.” Danni paused then continued, “He said it wouldn’t be a good idea to blow this meeting off.”

Myles checked the clock. His flight would leave shortly. Boarding had just started. It wouldn’t be long before he left this all behind. The Tribune, his family, his friends, nobody knew about his plans to escape the problems in his life.

“Just having some bad days at work.” Myles spoke the words he knew were a classic understatement. He reached back over his shoulder to massage the tension in his neck.

“You know if you need anything …”

“Thanks, Danni.” He knew she would do anything for him.

She was a sweet girl with soft blond hair in a jagged cut and blue eyes that saw everything, and understood a lot more. Myles had found her in the media lab at Ryerson when he’d gone to talk to one of the professors. “This girl never goes home, Myles. One day she’ll be after your job.” Professor Greenlaw had said. Myles offered her a research position shortly after. She had boundless energy.

“Be talking to you soon,” she said. Danni seemed to be waiting for something. Perhaps it was something she could work on.

“Myles, I want you to know I don’t believe what I’ve been reading in the paper today. There must be some mistake.”

He didn’t want to discuss the news reports, and besides it wouldn’t matter in about twenty minutes. He didn’t plan on being back any time soon. In a few minutes, his flight out of Toronto would take him away from his problems and concerns. His Uncle Chas Kennedy would not approve of this flight. He’d never walked away from a challenge or a fight. Moreover, it seemed the bigger the problem, the bigger the challenge.

“Bye Danni. Thanks for the call.”

His Uncle Chas used to say, “In turmoil and trouble there is glory… search for the glory.”

For many years, Myles used to think his uncle was just a glory-hound, a person who looked for situations that would thrust him into the spotlight. Then one day Chas explained it wasn’t the result that brought him glory but the application of himself, his skills, guile, and intelligence, which gave him a sense of satisfaction and triumph regardless of the outcome.

Myles’ cell phone was once again playing that familiar tune, ‘Weak in the Knees’ by Serena Ryder.

“Myles.” Myles recognized his sister, Helen, even though she sounded frantic and disoriented.

“It’s Buddy…” She gasped between deep breaths. “He jumped, killed himself. He went off the Cork Arms Building and died instantly.”

Buddy was a great brother-in-law and a loving husband to his sister Helen. Myles had grown up with Buddy. They attended school together and Myles brought him home one night, and his sister fell for him instantly.

Myles hesitated with indecision.

“Are you at home alone?”

“No, Mom’s here.”


“An Officer Avery called, I think. He was at the scene downtown.”

She was overwhelmed and he could hear his mom comforting her in the background.

His mom came on the phone. “She wanted you. She said Myles would know what to do.”

Peter Hurley lives in a small town called Brooklin just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with his wife Ann. Our family consists of children Meghan, Adam, Erin, and son-in-law Ben and granddaughter Leah.

He received Bachelor Degrees in Physical Education and History from McMaster University and a Master’s Degree In Education specializing in Special Education at University of Toronto. He worked as a Secondary School teacher where he was Physical Education Department Head and Athletic Director for 21 years at Dante Alighieri Academy.

He has a passion for the classic authors: Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler

Could life get any worse for investigative reporter Myles Kennedy? He is accused of fabricating stories, his fiancée took off, his brother-in-law allegedly kills himself and his favorite uncle is in a coma. No wonder he wants to board a plane and leave it all behind.

Grab a coffee, scotch or beer! Free up your day and settle in with ‘Beyond the Rain’, Peter Hurley’s debut novel, a must read. You will be riveted from the get go. It’s a real page-turner that held me spellbound from the first paragraph. Mr. Hurley certainly doesn’t waste time. A murder jumps out at you on the very first page and the mysterious Sheldon Winters appears. Who is he and what does he do? Read the book to find out. You will not be disappointed.

Beyond the Rain is a fast paced, heart pounding account of Myles’ journey in the midst of gang wars, guns and drugs. It is also a story of family bonds, loyalty, the quest for truth and redemption. You will find yourself rooting for Myles, hoping everything works out for him and enjoying the sweet love and respect that slowly grows between the reporter and his assistant, Danni Martins.

Beyond the Rain had me flipping pages at a breakneck speed, trying to get to the end to find out what happened. You will be left gasping by the shocking ending and wondering where the nearest defibrillator is to jumpstart your heart.

I hear there is a sequel in the works by Mr. Hurley. I will be reading it. I look forward to hearing more about Myles and Danni. --Suzanne M. Hurley, www.suzannemhurley.com

Peter Hurley’s Beyond the Rain is a riveting thriller that grabs hold of the reader early and doesn’t let go. Myles Kennedy is an investigative reporter for a major newspaper who faces a myriad of personal and professional problems. He wants to escape his surroundings but that is put on hold with the suspicious death of his brother-in-law, a cop who has been probing into the dark, gritty underworld of gangs in Toronto. Kennedy begins to ask questions and gets some deadly answers along the way. He discovers that crime can be found in unlikely places and people aren’t always as they seem on the surface. It turns into a journey of redemption for Kennedy as he seeks to overcome personal demons in his quest for truth. Hurley has crafted a story with enough twists and turns and cast of unsavory characters (and a few good ones) that makes for a satisfying experience on different levels. Beyond the Rain goes far beyond the expected in this debut novel. -- Michael Embry, author of A Confidential Man and Foolish Is The Heart.

If you like your suspense fast and furious, you’ll love Peter Hurley’s tale of warring city gangs and gun runners in Toronto, Canada. Myles Kennedy, an investigative reporter finds himself being threatened by gang members, as well as the police as he works to uncover the truth about why his brother-in-law’s death wasn’t a suicide.

Beyond The Rain is a fast moving kaleidoscope of warring gang members, and illegal gun running in the big city. The very gang members he hopes to put away for good, are the very scoundrels who threaten him as he gets closer and closer to discovering the truth of just who is behind the illegal trafficking. He finds himself in deep trouble when he tries to disclose facts concerning Police Corruption. While he is struggling to save his besmirched professional reputation, he is also being threatened by the very people he writes about in his crime column. Myles relentlessly follows the leads until he knows what his uncle Chas couldn’t tell him from his hospital bed. Then he moves in for the kill… hopefully not his own. -- JoEllen Conger, Conger Book Reviews, rate 4

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ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058360
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 276

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