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Nigtht Brigade
Virtual Darkness

Elliot Love
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Zoe receives a new assignment through a dream. She and select members of Night Brigade must travel through virtual darkness, a freakish void where technology converges, to complete the dangerous mission set before them. The warriors land on Copenhagen, an island fortress guarded by blood pirates where laws don’t exist.

Together they must find a rare silver stallion, then conquer the flaming wall to receive Mirari’s secret before tyrant and drug lord, Ace Hunter can stop them. But Zoe and Sax struggle to survive when they become separated. Can they overcome lethal odds and find each other before it’s too late?

Waves lapped gently at her bare feet as she stood on the beach naked. A fresh ocean gust, with a hint of salt on its wings, whipped her long golden tendrils out behind. She gazed out over miles of rolling water, basking in the feelings of tranquility washing over her. The sweet scent of roses and lilies wafted through the mist, gently permeating her senses. An overwhelming air of peace carried her far, far away from the recent sorrow she’d endured.

“Mirari,” she whispered as a hazy figure came into view, her upper body appearing to be attached to the crest of a high wave.

“You know who I am,” the image of a beautiful woman said.

Thinking it strange that she did, Zoe nodded in wonder. “Yes... somehow.”

The figure had no form below her waist. Wild, white-gold hair shimmered in the sea spray, giving way to a lovely face with large, almond shaped, blue-green eyes. Eyes that appeared to come from the very waters she beheld. A dazzling, pear-shaped sapphire lay at the recess of her neck, suspended from a shiny gold chain.

Zoe became mesmerized by the striking beauty of the jewel. “How did I get here?”

“By the breath of sea wind,” Mirari said, practically singing as she spoke, her voice melodic and soothing. “I have waited many years to be freed of this watery prison.”

Zoe watched, speechless as the woman swayed back and forth, her body merging with the waves at her slender waist. High, firm breasts, flawless ivory skin and long, graceful arms could be seen when another zephyr lifted her straight shimmering hair. Droplets of water sparkled in sunlight as they danced around the breathtaking sea mistress.

“Why do you appear to me?”

Mirari offered her a luminous smile. “I have been told you are worthy of what I have to offer.”

“And what is it that you bring?” Zoe felt strangely at peace in this woman’s presence.

Mirari swirled about, churning the waters with fury. “It was my ship they captured. Pirates who sailed those waters years ago. Lady Mirari was the grandest pleasure ship of her day, carrying wealthy passengers across never before chartered seas. My treasures surpassed all other ships. But one treasure is what the pirates sought—my rare stallion. Bandits boarded my decks and killed all the travelers aboard to steal my wealth. Blood of innocent men, women and children spilled over my bow, my stern... my hull. When those merciless thieves sailed out to sea, I sank Lady Mirari and buried their heartless souls in the darkest abyss below the ocean floor. From hence they can never return.”

“I sense you seek something of me—what is it?”

“My doting husband named the ship after me, Mirari, which means ‘miracle’. Captain John Raulins married me in nineteen hundred nineteen. The magnificent stallion he gave to me was a wedding gift. He was the rarest horse ever birthed, with a coat of pure silver and snow-white dapples, as if the ocean spray, itself, had kissed him. We were sleeping when those miscreants stormed the ship. By the time we reached the upper deck, it was too late. So John took the wheel while I, before lighting them, packed the cannons to backfire. With one last kiss, we lit the cannons and went down with our ship. Better to chose death in honor than suffer humiliation at the hands of sinners.”

“What happened to your horse?” Zoe asked, awestruck by the story.

Mirari paused reflectively, then went on. “Because my name had been cast upon the vessel in the spirit of love, I had to stay with the ship and guard her secret while my soul mate crossed into the higher world. My prized stallion swam away, only to be captured by the bloodthirsty pirates... but not before I slipped him a treat.”

Zoe tried to understand. “You want me to avenge your death somehow?”

“No, my dear, their evil souls are buried forever. But modern-day pirates still have the silver stallion. He has been passed down for generations among the miscreants.”

Since I can remember, reading and writing have served as escapism for me. I grew up on a farm where life was hard, leaving very little time for dreaming. Somehow in between school and work I found time to create my own world with words. There is a hidden rainbow of dreams for those who can write their way into other worlds. That secret place carries me through the storm of life.

I was born with a deep love for animals which formed who I would be as an adult. I am an animal guardian with the ASPCA and have rescued several dogs and wildlife babies. After raising two daughters, I now stay at home and write full time while taking care of my four toy breed dogs. There had been a time when I gave up hope on my dreams. But someone I admire very much once said, “living is the best revenge”. Not merely existing, but grabbing each moment and hanging on. So that is what I do.

Night Brigade: The Satellite: This is a story of love, friendship and betrayal, liberally sprinkled with the supernatural and giving an insight into the world of bikers. Nothing is as it seems, and what seems to be, is something you really don’t want to know about… This is the first book in what promises to be a very unusual series, starring an older heroine and a cast of characters who will do what it takes to win. If you’re looking for something far different to the normal paranormal romance, then this is an intriguing read for you! -- Angela Verdenius, Soul Of A Predator

Night Brigade: The Satellite: A sexy, spicy, rollercoaster of a read; fast paced and action packed. One surprising turn after another.” -- Mary Paine

I was hooked right from the start of Elliot Love’s debut novel, Night Brigade: The Satellite, and this fast-paced paranormal doesn’t let up for one moment. The tension builds with such seductive force that I found myself holding my breath on more than one occasion. Just when the story promises to go in one direction, it unexpectedly twists and strikes off in another. Elliot Love certainly doesn’t aim for the anticipated with the plot or with the characters, the latter being complex, colourful and so believably drawn it’s hard not to feel you know them personally. An exciting, sensual and provocative novel by a storyteller extraordinaire. Great stuff. --Tricia Jones

Night Brigade is a multifaceted story. Layer upon layer is woven to make a complete story. Elliot Love pulls elements from the world of rock music, motorcycles, and most unusual, a mythical group of strong women. The characters are compelling and move with ease between the different cultures. The tale has the urgency of a mystery and the poignancy of a romance combined with an insight into the world of rock music. I found myself intrigued by the tightly woven story and was compelled to read straight through. If you want a story that defies convention and will leave you wondering if there are actually Sai warriors somewhere among us, I highly recommend Night Brigade. --A. Dee Carey

Night Brigade: The Satellite: Readers should hold on tight as they are swept along on a roller-coaster ride of fury, determination, passion and sensuality. Elliot Love has skilfully interwoven contradictory emotions to create an extremely potent mix. This riveting story had me well and truly hooked--from beginning to end. The first in a series, I can safely say it is a tale readers won’t forget in a hurry, then somehow, somewhere, everyone has to struggle against their own personal “creepers”. --Tricia FitzGerald-Petri

Night Brigade: The Satellite: She's smokin' hot! She's a firecracker in red leather! She's a badass warrior on a mission to destroy the wicked Satellite. That's Zoe! Settle back and prepare to cheer as Zoe, along with hunky lover, Mott, set out to kick some serious butt in Night Brigade-The Satellite. This paranormal tale twists and turns and grabs the reader by the throat packing a powerhouse punch that'll keep you clinging to the edge of your seat. The evil Satellite is out to steal sassy, sexy Zoe's fire. She just wants him dead! I loved the connection she has with her daughter, it's a very close relationship and you could just see how proud she is of her. I also loved the fact that she'd faced so many tough things in her past but had overcome them to just be stronger because of them. I like to think women are strong that way and it's a great portrayal... Grinning. She's a survivor. A fabulous read by author Elliot Love. --Rita Thedford

Night Brigade: Twilight War: A tale of the turmoil we place ourselves in when we don’t trust the Lord. I found I was so drawn into the story that it wasn't until I finished did I realize that not only had I been entertained but enlightened as well. A well crafted love story that leaves you feeling renewed. The writer Elliot Love has crafted a tale that is in simple terms, uplifting.

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ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059732
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 334

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