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To Wish For Trust
Jayme Evans
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Lance Lincoln left Earth with his sister to become an Earth Ambassador to an empire Earth knew nothing about. Living in the palace and the 'good life' didn't suit him and he longed for more. Becoming Jahoman, a holy man, a fighting man of peace, filled the emptiness he had found because he could never return to Earth. He fears his sister wouldn't understand and he travels to Elfax to explore and think. Never did he think he'd become a slave to a beautiful Elfaxen woman. He could only Hope for Trust.

Bastis Malena, rare among her kind. As a shape shifter and sister to Grand Bastis Braize, warlord of the village, many of the village men sought her. Her childhood sweetheart had been killed and vengeance fulfilled, but the docile red-haired man, brought to her as a gift, came from the planet she never heard of and didn't fit the pattern of slave. She never expected to trust this man, much less, fall in love with him. He would leave and return to the stars and she'd be alone.

Fever, dehydration, drugs, all from the wound and treatment as well as the constant jarring of travel left Lance flitting from delirium to reality. At least, he thought so. Not everything he saw was real, was it? He’d seen huge cats with long saber teeth. Just a day or so ago, a couple came into his captor’s camp and walked around as if they belonged there. Lasis’ story of the cat must be playing around in his brain. Such creatures could only exist in his mind.

He did not know how long he had traveled or even why he still managed to live. The journey had already been days... maybe. He really wasn’t sure. He probably still lived because he had been in such good shape. He didn’t hurt. Whatever Straka shoved into his mouth each day kept the pain at bay, and stupefied him as well, but it didn’t seem to do anything for the infection. His body burned, and chills waved over him. The medicine must have prevented pain but he needed antibiotics. Did this primitive world even know the meaning of antibiotics?

People were all around him now. He saw them, hundreds of them, unless he imaged it, but faces all blurred together. Voices surrounded him. Shouts. He couldn’t identify one or many. He leaned forward over the neck of the merka, the same as he had since… When? The last days had passed in a haze.

His travel group had come to a village. Yes, that’s it. Mounded, stone dwellings surrounded them. People surrounded him. It had to be a village. They had made it to the destination. Maybe...

Maybe he would die soon and his misery would end.

The jostling stopped. Lance could only count the stillness as a blessing, however temporary it might be. The dwelling in front of him seemed larger than the others. Maybe he imagined it, like the huge cats that accompanied his traveling party.

Someone came out of the big shelter and Lance attempted to focus on them. In fact, two men, an elderly one and a larger young one, stepped out. Straka dismounted and pulled Lance down. He collapsed to the ground, too weak to stand or even to care. He remembered getting shoved upon the Merka that morning and during the two stops, maybe three, they made. He wasn’t even sure of that.

Elfaxen words filled the air and a wail of mourning went up among the women. Some of the women crowded around an older woman who stood near Lance.

Straka stepped over to Lance and pulled him to his knees. “For your benefit, I will use the Trespasser tongue and tell you what I have told the people. I have avenged the blood of my brother, Senick. Lasis and his companion are dead. The victory is mine.” Straka waved toward the moaning woman, who Lance couldn’t miss because of the distressful pain in her face and the ear-paining wail that came from her. “See there. My mother grieves because of your companion’s deeds. My second brother died at that murderer’s hands. I commended Kruakalla’s soul to the Maker where the murderer lay on the ground for the wild animals to tear him apart.”

Frankly, Lance could care less about anyone’s deeds. Right now, he could hardly think a civil thought about anyone. He just wanted it to be over. If he was to die now that Straka had reached the village, Lance just wanted that over, too. He was ready to meet Jaho.

Straka turned again to the two men in front of the dwelling. At least, Lance thought there were just two of them. He couldn’t trust his eyes right now. The two figures still looked like an older man and a taller young one.

Lance struggled to rise to his feet, but failed again. Was everyone looking at him? All eyes were upon him, some angry, some curious, some sad. Or was this all an illusion? Straka strutted around like a proud peacock up in front of the two figures. “Grand Bastis Braize, I am Straka, mighty warrior of the Cherroks, brother to Senick and Kruakalla.”

“You need no introduction. I know who you are, Straka.” He waved his hand toward Lance. “Who is this?”

Multi-published author, Jayme Evans writes the 'weird stuff'. As a time-travel, romantic suspense, paranormal and futuristic author, she likes to carry her imagination to the extreme and escape from the 'real' world. Jayme lives in Kentucky. She has two married sons, four lovely granddaughters and a spunky grandson.

Jayme began writing when her oldest son flew the nest in 1992. She took the Writer's Digest Advanced Novel Writing Workshop to complement her love of writing

“SINISTER KNIGHT is a romantic suspense book with a bit of the paranormal. I am considering the dreams Kara had about the castle on Mario's island as being the paranormal part of the story. It is only a thread throughout the plot, but it adds to the storyline. The characters of Kara and Mario are strong enough to carry the story almost by themselves. The other characters are secondary and used only as needed in the plot.” -- Hattie Boyd, Scribes World

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TO SAIL THROUGH TIME was a fun read, full of adventure, bits of history and romance all in one. I thought the author did a good job portraying the conflicts between a man from the 1800’s and an independent woman from the 1990’s. While this romance had the predictable fairy-tale ending, the plot had sufficient twists and turns to make the ride worthwhile. I got quite a laugh at some of the situations Bethany got herself into, and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions she and Joshua had over human rights and fair treatment of prisoners. A good book to pick up for a fantasy trip of your own. -- ***1/2 Recommended Aimee McLeod

Eternity's Many Loves - I enjoyed reading this story, stayed up till the wee hours of the night to finish it. I can only hope [hint] that Ms. Evans has plans to write stories for Ethan's vampire friend's Demetri Lupino, and Blake. Curious to know what happens with them! I highly recommend reading, "ETERNITY'S MANY LOVES" 5 Stars, --Charlene Smith, Simegen

To Wish for Peace: I don’t typically read Futuristic SciFi/Romance. At least, not until now. From the first page of To Wish for Peace, author Jayme Evans held me captive. Her characters, especially Elayna and Tramall, are engaging, and I was quickly drawn into the drama as it unfolded between them. On one level, Evans has written an enjoyable romance between these characters that will warm your heart and make you smile. On another level, she has created a world not so very much unlike our own, save for one thing: It’s a future world in which differing cultures actually come to believe in the possibility of peace. To Wish for Peace offers many lessons in both love and peaceful coexistence. It’s a story you will enjoy, no matter your genre preference. -- Linda Rettstatt, www.geocities.com/lindarettstatt

‘To Wish For Peace’ by Jayme Evans is a literary masterpiece. I read it in one day, because I just couldn’t put it down. It is an enchanting love story between Elayna of the family Connan and Tramall, the Grand Bastis of the Cherroks. The growing affection between them is touching and guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. Those with a hankering for romance and tales of everlasting love will be captivated by Ms. Evan’s book.

I was moved to tears by the love and loyalty that are themes running throughout this inspirational novel. The quest for Peace that is the ultimate goal of Elayna, a beauty, both inside and out, is a mission that you find yourself rooting for, along with our heroine. Tramall is a gorgeous hunk of man that sure gets the heart pounding away. Not only is he incredibly handsome and magnificently fit, but he is honorable and capable of great love and devotion to those he loves.
So brew some tea, or a nice cold drink (as some of the scenes will be sure to warm you up,) curl up in a comfy chair and lose yourself in ‘To wish for Peace.’ Your life will be enriched and your belief in lov

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ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057608
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 374

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