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Tandym Tryst
Ralph E. Horner
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Jeff discovers an enchanted ring that sends him back one hundred years to the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. When Jeff meets Melody, a twin to his late wife, he feels he has a second chance with the love that was taken prematurely. However, he is unaware that dark forces are at work around him.

“Marcy!” Jeff called out in his sleep.

She came to Jeff in a dream, like she had so many times before, wearing his favorite blouse. Her bare shoulders brought back memories of that first time they met, before the horrible accident took her from him. He felt a stitch of pain as he remembered the gentle kiss he bestowed on her sweet left shoulder because he couldn’t work up the courage to kiss her lips. The way she laughed. His awkward apology.

Now she hummed an indiscernible melody, amidst an army of multi-colored flowers. He drank in her curvaceous figure, her slightly pointed nose, her dark brown shoulder-length hair. She was as stunning as the day he last saw her.

“Marcy,” Jeff called out again.

She turned. He gazed into her green eyes as she flashed him her familiar smile. “Darling,” she beckoned, “come walk with me among these brilliant Saatsakis in this beautiful Japanese garden.”

As he approached Marcy, the scent of flowers became more powerful. He reached for her, but she backed away. “No! You are not allowed to touch me. I’m only here to show you where to find the enchanted ring.”

“A magic ring?” He felt dumb-founded. Why couldn’t he touch her? What was she talking about?

“Yes. It’s under the rocks at the edge of this waterfall.” She pointed to the exact location to her left. “When you find the ring, place it on your finger.”

“But where are we?” Jeff asked.

“Please find the location quickly. I have very little time…”

As he surveyed the area and searched for a landmark, the scenery already began to fade. But the garden in which he stood seemed to be on a small island. Looking through the haze, he thought he recognized a familiar Chicago landmark. Could that be the Museum of Science and Industry?

“I must leave you now, my love.”

“Marcy, don’t go. Please don’t go!” Startled, Jeff bolted upright in bed and his heart pounded from his dream. He was drenched in sweat. He looked at his alarm clock and was surprised to see it was time for work. It seemed as though he had just gone to sleep.

He forced himself out of bed. While he showered, the haunting dream preyed on his mind. As if in slow motion he dried himself, dressed and made a pot of coffee but he just couldn't get Marcy out of his head.

At the kitchen table Jeff peered down upon the busy street of downtown Blue Island. Still in a daze he ate his breakfast, sipped his coffee. The fatal car accident took Marcy, and happened only nine months after they were married. They were deeply in love and now three years later the grief of her death was still with him. Even moving from the home he and Marcy shared to the second story apartment he now lived in did nothing to ease his loss. He should find someone else and go on with his life. He was still young, only in his late twenties, but he couldn’t put the pain of losing Marcy behind him.

~ * ~

That morning Jeff took a map of Chicago with him to study on the train. He searched for an island near the museum. He found a small land mass surrounded by lagoons, just like in his dream.

When he got to the office and sat at his desk he couldn’t concentrate.

“Jeff, you busy?”

Startled, he glanced at his stocky friend who entered his cubical.

“What’s up?” Jeff asked with a smile and tried to pull himself back to the real world.

“Our double date is on for Wednesday night.”

For a minute Jeff couldn’t comprehend what Hal was talking about. Marcy and the dream still lingered. Double date … with whom?

“Remember yesterday, I told you about this divorcee that Lorain works with, who’s ready for romance?”

“Yeah, of course.” Jeff had forgotten all about Carol. Hal meant well, but Jeff didn’t know if he could endure another one of his friend’s blind dates. “The last two girls you fixed me up with were disasters.

“Not true. You dated Jill for six months.” Hal leaned on the side of the cubical. “Lorain says this one’s a knock out, Buddy.”

In his time travel novel, Tandem Tryst, Ralph Horner takes the reader back to the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 and brings that world to life. He describes in detail the Japanese Garden of which some remnants remain today. But the only building left standing from that time is The Palace of Fine Arts today known as The Museum of Science and Industry.

With the aid of a magic ring, Jeff Voss travels back to 1893 to encounter the love of his life. Can such a relationship persist through time? And who is trying to steal Jeff’s ring?

The ending begs for a sequel. I’ll be watching for it. -- Helen Macie Osterman, Author of the Emma Winberry Mystery series.

TANDEM TRYST wasn’t what I expected, but then I’m not quite sure what I did expect
from my first time traveling romance. Let’s be clear, this is a SWEET romance, almost as straight laced as the Victorians portrayed. Jeff travels back in time 100 years to meet his deceased wife’s Marcy ancestor Melody, Marcy’s reincarnation or was Marcy Melody’s reincarnation? Confusing isn’t it. Whichever, Melody looks, speaks, and acts like Marcy, but as Jeff learns, is her own person molded by the world she lives in.

...This is a mellow, slow paced book, well written, full of vivid details. The highlight is the fair and its multitude of attractions. For the people of that time, it was an experience of a lifetime, a marvel, from the world’s largest Ferris wheel, a ice roller coaster, a moving walkway over the lake, dancers, musicians, and entertainers from around the world, exotic cuisines, and some not so exotic appeared for the first time, such as the hamburger. Art and electric lights. This is a book for those who like history, especially those who like their history with a touch of romance. And the use of the time traveler as a protagonist allows the author to compare the two worlds. I suspect that is why time travel stories have always been popular and continue to do so with writers and
audiences. -- Reviewed by Linda Suzane May 13, 2009 www.midnightblood.com

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ISBN: 1597056227
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056229
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 320
Paper Weight (lb): 11.8

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