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Knight's Blood
The Hope Of Humanity

Jason Leary
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In a world where all mythology is real, Alexandra Blood, a former Knight, is called out of hiding when Legion, a secret government organization that polices the supernatural, locates a young girl they believe to be the long prophesized Hope of Humanity. It’s up to Alex to protect the girl from the petty and selfish Greek gods of Mt. Olympus and establish her true identity.

In a desperate roll of the dice, Alex takes the girl to see Cassandra, the Oracle of Troy, who has been driven made by visions of the future to uncover the girl's destiny.

Alexandra Blood brushed a stray lock of bright red hair out of her face and behind her ear as she waited patiently in the back corner of the coffee shop for her order. Out of the corner of her eye she could still see the man who had been following her for most of the day. She may not have recognized him, but she recognized his nondescript clothing, and knew instantly who he worked for. To most people he would appear to be an average business person, but Alex knew it was all an illusion, a carefully cultivated image to keep those less observant from asking too many questions. But once you knew where the seams in that disguise were, they were easy to detect. To Alex it was obvious he was Legion from the top of his neatly groomed hair down to the high polish on his black loafers. Although night had begun to fall she wouldn’t have had any trouble picking him out of a crowd. As far as she was concerned he might as well have been wearing a flashing neon sign.

What she was unable to figure out, however, was what he wanted with her. She hadn’t had dealings with Legion for more than eighteen months. When they parted it hadn’t been on the best of terms.

Legion was a secret government organization that policed the supernatural activity in the world. Mostly they dealt with the occasional Vampire clan or Werewolf pack. They were entrusted with keeping the dark forces at bay. However, when a situation arose that they were either ill equipped to handle, or the United States government was reluctant to take sides in, they turned to specialists known as Knights. Once upon a time Alexandra Blood was best of that elite group.

But that was a long time ago, she reminded herself, as she felt the cold silver of the crucifix dangling from her necklace resting on the subtle, but visible scar which ran over her heart and between her breasts before disappearing beneath the soft fabric of her red satin lined black corset.

As far as Alex was concerned, Legion was a sinister name for an even more sinister organization. It was a name that had been carefully selected within the corridors of power in Washington and the biblical undertones had not been lost on anyone within the organization or those they hunted.

In one of the stories related in the Bible in which Jesus performed an exorcism, he asked the demon for his name. In response the demon sneered and replied, “We are Legion”, meaning, “We are many.”

In Alex’s estimation the adoption of the name Legion for the organization tasked with the duty of protecting the world from the forces of the supernatural was an unnecessary taunt. She understood the meaning behind it, “You may be many, but there are many standing against you,” but she couldn’t shake its demonic and sinister origins. If she were completely honest with herself she’d have to admit that the darkness of the name had rubbed off on the organization it represented as well.

She was reminded of an old saying, if power corrupts; then absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Alex couldn’t imagine what anyone in Legion could possibly want with her. She would have thought that with the bloody way she had ended her involvement with them no one even remotely associated with the organization would want to have anything to do with her. And yet, here this man was, watching her from across the street while pretending to nonchalantly read the newspaper he held in his hands. Blood was no amateur, no matter how much Legion wanted her to be, and this also was not the first time she had been followed. It was painfully clear to her that each time he glanced up from his neatly printed page and into the darkened windows of the coffeehouse he was checking to make sure that she hadn’t moved, reacquiring his quarry.

Blood knew she could’ve lost him easily if she had wanted to, but she also knew that this man posed no threat to her. Not to mention, there was something that she wanted more than her privacy. She wanted answers. If Legion had become in

Jason Leary is an award winning screenwriter who has lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex all his life. He attended the University of North Texas and has worked in independent film as a writer, producer and director. His first novel, Harbingers of the Apocalypse, was released November of 2008 to rave reviews and became a Wings Press Best Seller.

To learn about Jason’s future projects visit his website at www.jasonleary.com. Jason would love to hear your thoughts on his books. He can be contacted via email at Jason-leary@sbcglobal.net.

"Knight’s Blood: The Hope of Humanity" is his second novel.

“With a mixture of myths and mayhem, stirred up by a kick-ass heroine, Knight’s Blood: The Hope Of Humanity is exciting, entertaining, and carries the reader along on a wild ride of relentless action. After a deep breath, I’m ready for more!” *lizzie starr/Prince Of Dark Ness

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ISBN: 1597056421
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056427
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 254

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