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Return Of Buck
Serendipity's Sacrifices Book 1

Linda Lattimer
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Buck circled his arm around Serendipity pulling her into his bedroom.

"W-What do you think you’re doing?"

Swiftly he closed his mouth on hers and kissed her soundly. "Forgive

me, but I didn’t get a warm reception when I arrived."

"So you decided to steal a kiss?" she asked.

Louise gazed toward the end of the street watching a man step down from the stagecoach. Dressed in black pants with a white shirt, a thin black tie and a black vest, his black Stetson hat looked vaguely familiar. Could it be? It had been sometime, what two years, but yes, it was him.

“H-He’s back. He’s back!” she yelled, clapping her hands and jumping in the air, finding it hard to contain her excitement.

Marjorie dropped the bolts of cloth to the counter and raced to the door. “Who?”

Louise pointed down the street. “He just got off the stage. And he’s more handsome than when he left.”

Marjorie glanced up the street and quickly agreed. “You’re right. He is back.”

Like a swift current of wind, the other girls rushed to the door staring outside. Serendipity didn’t stir. Could their Pa really have returned? Nonsense, she’d heard what Alan had said. He wouldn’t have lied about that. Would he?

“Well I’ll be,” Sandra said slapping her hat to her pants. “Ole Buck is back. The rascal is back. Yippee.”

“Who did you say?” Mrs. Cooper asked. “Did I hear you right?”

“Sure did,” Sandra burst out happily. “Buck Calahan is back. After two long years he’s back. Yee haw.”

All eyes focused on Serendipity as the news spread through the general store. Her knees wanted to buckle. Had it been that long since it all happened? Buck Calahan was the man who had comforted her with her Mama’s passing when they were only young children. The man who had fallen in love with her, and cared for her when the mine had caved in on the three youngest girls. The man her brother had warned her to stay away from as he lay dying in her arms.

Serendipity watched as each of her sisters faces lit with excitement at the mention of Buck’s name. Why couldn’t she allow her excitement to show? It would be nice to have a man to help around the homestead. She could spend more time with her sisters instead of being like a Mama to them all the time. Not to mention allowing someone else to herd all the cattle when it came time to sell them.

Serendipity knew that each of them had been dealt a hard life with their Mama’s passing but it was Louise, at fourteen now, that she was sure had missed out the most. Now that Buck had returned, this would give her the chance to be that sister to Louise and all her sisters. She watched as each displayed a huge smile on their faces.

Come on, Serendipity, its Buck. He’s returned. You can have that same happy smile dancing on your face too. Not to mention feel those strong arms embrace you with a hug each day, just like before.

Marjorie stepped over to Serendipity. “I’m glad that Buck has returned. Now you can go back to wearing dresses and behaving like a woman should, instead of being like a darn cowpoke worrying over that land.”

Serendipity’s eyes intensified as well her words. Marjorie had a way to fuel the fire with her bladed tongue. “That land is our home, our heritage. Pa and Ma worked hard for us to keep it. I won’t fail either one of them. Or Alan. Have you forgotten how hard he slaved? Have you so soon forgotten his memory now that another Calahan rides in here?”

“But I’m sure he still loves you, and you...”

Serendipity raised her hand. “Enough, Marjorie. That was over a long time ago.”

“Then I guess it’s true what Milton said.”

“Milton? Milton Calahan? Have you been sneaking around behind my back to see that man?”

“I only see him when we come into town, and on Sundays at church. And don’t think that I’m not aware that you probably already know this.”

“I can put a stop to it.”

“Oh no. It’s bad enough that you don’t even go to church any more, you aren’t going to keep us from that.” Marjorie spoke firmly as she flattened her hands on her hips.

“Oh I wouldn’t mind,” Sandra blurted.

“Use your head, sister. She needs you to drive us in and keep her posted on events,” Marjorie reminded.

“One I see that has slipped her mind in this case.” Serendipity arched a brow.


Linda Lattimer lives in southern Georgia, not to far from Ft. Benning. She has always had a passion for writing. Growing up, reading was a part of her life. It led her to composing some of her own stories. She enjoys traveling, especially visiting the West, particularly areas in southern and northern Arizona. Her frequent location to travel and stay has been at Raymond Gary State Park, in Ft. Towson, Oklahoma. The beauty of the lake is tranquil and allows her to do some fishing, while coming up with great stories ideas. Every place she visits, lends her great inspiration for her stories. She is glad to have another book with Wings e-Press to be published. An avid reader of just about anything, she also reviews books. In her spare time, she likes to go fishing in the Chattahoochee River. They have good size catfish; just have to watch out for the alligators.

This is her sixth book with Wings, and she is absolutely delighted. She loves when readers drop in at her website and send her an email: Lynda1L@yahoo.com, or LyndaLLattimer@aol.com http://www.coffeetimeromance.com/OurAuthors/LindaLLattimer/AboutMe.html or visit her at myspace, www.myspace.com/lindallattimer

Marjorie's Homecoming: Linda Lattimer has created a read so full of spunky characters the reader never knows what is going to happen next. Feuding/loving neighbors experience twists and turns of life that makes you wonder what is really going on between them and when things will get sorted out. And, then, the author leaves you wanting more with teasing tidbits of information that makes the next book a must read as well. – Mary Jean Kelso, Wings-ePress author , The Homesteader series and Goodbye Is Forever

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ISBN: 1597053846
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597053848
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 256
Paper Weight (lb): 10.8

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