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Eyes Of Truth
A Kingdom of Nai Mystery

Linda Suzane
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When a gardener is found drained of all blood in the distant province of Dak-moon, the Dyamu of Naj sends his brother Dar to solve the crime. With the Eyes of Insu, Dar can tell if someone is lying, but can he find a murderer?

Insu-ha Coiji, the High Judge and Arbitrator, the Dyamu of Naj, tried not to look bored as the master clerk droned on. He longed for the daily report to be over. He leaned back against the carving of the high-backed audience chair and tried, unobtrusively, to shift back and forth, hoping to scratch an annoying itch. His secretary, Hakoni, saw the slight movement and frowned, the corners of his mouth matching his long drooping mustache. Coiji found himself responding to that frown like a small boy caught daydreaming by a stern teacher. He straightened. Then he stopped himself. He was the Dyamu and had been for six years. He was no longer a frightened fourteen-year-old, unsure of himself. Still, he returned his attention to what the master clerk was saying.

“In Dak-moon of Funara Province, there are troubling circumstances. A murder, a gardener was killed and drained of all blood. The city is also plagued by a mysterious illness.” At least it wasn’t floods or food shortages. “And we haven’t received a report from the High Magistrate in four moons.”

Coiji was disappointed. He didn’t care that a magistrate hadn’t bothered to write a silly report. Hakoni continued to take notes. Coiji saw the tip of the man’s tongue at the corner of his mouth, as though he was concentrating hard, but it was an old signal from the time he had first become Dyamu. It told him to pay attention to this matter.

“Who is the Magistrate?”

“The Insu-ha Shoki,” the master clerk responded.

Now Coiji understood Hakoni’s interest. “There’s no indication of a problem?”

The master clerk shook his head.

“And what does the Guard report?”

“Nothing regarding the Insu-ha, Dyamu. If his Greatness has no more questions that concludes my report.”

Coiji glanced at his secretary, wondering if there were more questions he should ask. Hakoni put his brush down and folded his hands across his stomach. Coiji took that as a sign and gave a wave of dismissal. The master clerk bowed his way out of the small audience chamber. Once the doors were closed, Coiji gave up all pretense and vigorously scratched his itching shoulder blade, ignoring the fact that his nails snagged the delicate embroidery of his ceremonial robe.

With a sigh of relief, he turned to his secretary. Hakoni had served his father and now Coiji. In the last six years, Hakoni had grown an elder’s beard. The wispy, grey-streaked chin whiskers were long enough to reach his folded hands, a respectable length. His drooping mustache, which Hakoni kept trimmed to half the length of his whiskers, was still coal black. Coiji wondered if Hakoni judiciously helped it to remain so dark. “So, old man, what are you thinking? Should we do something about this murder?”

“It’s more disturbing that Insu-ha Shoki hasn’t sent his reports. He may be planning something.”

“If Shoki was, as you say, planning something, he’d be sure to send his reports so we wouldn’t suspect. Is this one of your little feelings or do you have other information that makes Shoki suspect?”

“Nothing new, but as you say, perhaps a hunch. When the master clerk spoke of Dak-moon, I felt a sense, well, of heaviness, darkness. I can’t recall ever having such a feeling. It is most puzzling.”

Hakoni was famous for his hunches. His little feelings he called them. Coiji’s father had learned to listen to them, after encountering several disasters when he ignored Hakoni’s warnings. Coiji always listened.

“I will send a Hand,” said Coiji.

Hakoni grabbed a fresh sheet of paper and poised the stylus above the blankness.

“Send for my brother, Dar.”

“My Dyamu!” Surprise and doubt filled Hakoni’s voice. “Is he a wise choice?”

“A perfect choice.”

Hakoni frowned, Coiji grinned back playfully. He held up his hand, counting his reasons on his fingers.

“First, I can’t send anyone but another Insu-ha to investigate Shoki.” Another finger joined the first. “Name another Insu-ha who would be willing to travel so far without

Linda Suzane is pursing her lifelong dream to be a full time writer. Her passions include vampires, murder, and mystery. Her first book was published originally as an eBook. The Murder Game is a romantic mystery about a murder mystery game designer whose mystery game goes murderously wrong. In September 2008, The Murder Game was reprinted by Wings ePress, Inc. and is now available in both print and eBook. Like her heroine, Linda enjoys designing mystery games to entertain her friends. You can find her games at the Internet’s largest supplier of downloadable games. When not writing about murder and mystery, she is writing about vampires. The first in the Darkhour Vampire series, Captivity, is available from Wings ePress, Inc..

Sometimes she combines her interest in murder, mystery, and vampires as she did in her novel the Eyes of Truth, a fantasy mystery which includes two different breeds of vampire the Wo-nur and the Dolzi, pitting mythical Wo-nur against the stark reality of the Dolzi, exploring how legends and superstition can terrify, but reality can destroy.

Linda lives in a small rural town in the foothills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley with her husband of over 40 years. They share their home with their son-in-law, daughter, and two grandchildren, somehow making a multi-generational family work. One thing Linda has learned is that a set of good earphones and loud music are essential ingredients to being able to write in a noisy and lively household.

“Not a vampire devotee, I had no preconceived notions when I began reading Captivity by Linda Suzane....An unequivocal thumbs-up!” --Christine Janssen, author of Dark Legacy

“I'm awaiting the next book in what promises to be an entertaining new series...” --Kate Hill, author of the God of Grim.

Linda Suzane pulls off this vampires' tale with finesse and flair. She has an uncanny way in Captivity of combining two plot lines into one incredible story. If vampirish stories are right up your alley, then you won't want to miss this one! --Patricia A. Rasey, author of Deadly Obsession and the Hour Before Dawn

A fast-moving "good vampire vs. evil vampire" adventure, with the two sides fighting over a kidnapped teenage boy, CAPTIVITY has rich characterization as well as sustained suspense...--Margaret L. Carter, author of Dark Changeling (www.hardshell.com ), winner of the 2000 Eppie Award for Horror

“The Murder Game will find a home with those who enjoy a good mystery flavored with just the right amount of romance, deceit and suspense. Highly recommended.” --Molly Martin, Reviewer and author

“THE MURDER GAME is fast paced with numerous twists and turns, throwing in a little romance along the way. This was definitely a fun read.” --Lorie Ham, Author Out of Tune

EYES OF TRUTH:“This is one of the rare books that sticks in your mind days and even months after you read it. A must read at all cost.” ~~ Ken Mason for Scribes World Reviews.

EYES OF TRUTH is a remarkable fantasy with a unique setting and memorable characters. It breaks every cliche of both fantasy and vampire novels without hesitation, and the result is sheer brilliance.”‑‑Elaine Corvidae, award‑winning author of WINTER'S ORPHANS and WOLFKIN

EYES OF TRUTH:“... a well‑wrought and overall satisfying detective novel in a world of a lot less technology and a little more magic than our own." ~~ Cathy Krusberg, The Mad Bibliographer, for The Vampire's Crypt 25 (Spring 2002).

EYES OF TRUTH: “Suzane's attention to detail has crafted a tangible world with characters and lore that makes "The Eyes of Truth" much more than mere fiction, but more like ancient mythology.” ~~ Nicole Givens Kurtz, eBook Reviews Weekly, author of A COMPLETE WOMAN

EYES OF TRUTH: “This is a great story, well crafted and a bit more unusual than most fantasy books I've read. There are no goblins and trolls here, but different entities just as interesting, if not more so. The world comes alive and the characters are well drawn, jumping right out of the page. You care what happens to them and I for one would like to read more adventures set in the world of Naj.”~~ Annette Gisby, author of Silent Screams

EYES OF TRUTH: Writer Linda Suzane has again produced a work of monumental facility. The mythical world Suzane has created in "Eyes of Truth" is filled with a broad spectrum of characters, localities, morés and situations. All are designed to carry the reader along on a wild ride of excitement. ... presented with dynamic dialogue, powerful action and potent predicaments.”~~ Molly Martin

EYES OF TRUTH: “I couldn’t put this book down and cannot say enough good things about it. ... The alien theme is as rich as Asian cultures are supposed to be, exotic, daring and a little frightening at times. Dar cannot be lied to, but the killer may very well be another Insu‑ha that can mask his lies so cunningly as to confuse the Eyes of Truth, and when Dar arrives in Dak‑moon the killings don’t stop, they accelerate... and the bodies are drained of blood...” ~~ Bob Yosco, Shadowkeepzine.com Issue 57 March 2002,

"Eyes of Truth is a well written enjoyable tale that flows easily and keeps the tension right to the very end. It is good to read a story that is not set in the usual pseudo‑medieval world that is favored by so many other authors.” ~~ Lesley Mazey for The Eternal Night

EYES OF TRUTH: “...a richly complex tale, teeming with intrigue and danger, peopled by distinctive characters

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ISBN: 1597056281
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056286
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 368
Paper Weight (lb): 15.0

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