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Shear Savvy
Secrets and Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships

Lori Halloway
Paperback and CD
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An easy to follow instruction manual that teaches salon industry professionals how utilize cosmetology apprenticeship.

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Salon industry professionals can easily increase their income without having to increase their expenses and eliminate vicious and expensive turnover they experience after hiring graduates from cosmetology school. By utilizing cosmetology apprenticeship they are able to use the apprentice as an assistant and eliminate the need for hiring paid assistants. And at the same time they are able to share their knowledge and salon’s philosophy in order to grow their business and produce qualified vested team members in any economy.
Shear Savvy is a straightforward, easy to follow, how-to guide that takes salon industry professionals through an apprenticeship in six simple steps. The book provides detailed instructions on how to start and maintain a successful cosmetology apprenticeship program and provides the documents and resources necessary on a comprehensive CD. Everything they need to know is included in the book and on the CD.

There are contracts, spreadsheets, schedules, letters, mailing labels, and step-by-step instructions on how to simplify the state required paperwork. There is even a salon floor plan and instructions on how to modify it to resemble the layout of any salon. These forms can also be utilized when applying for a School of Cosmetology license in the event a state does have approved cosmetology apprenticeship guidelines.

By utilizing Shear Savvy any salon industry professional can accomplish a Cosmetology Apprenticeship, Nail Technician Apprenticeship or Esthetician Apprenticeship.

Hairstylist and Cosmetologist Voted Best Career

Two of the nation’s most well respected publications – U.S. News and World Report and the Wall Street Journal – ranked the position of Hairstylist and Cosmetologist highly in their annual Best Jobs surveys. U.S. News and World Report ranked Hairstylist and Cosmetologist No. 1. Among the reasons cited were:

• Best outlook in an economic crisis
• Job satisfaction
• Least difficult training needed
• Job with prestige
• Job with the highest pay

In addition to this list, more reasons to work in the beauty industry cited by the Wall Street Journal were:

• Great environment to work in
• Low stress
• High demand
• Opportunity for growth
• Ability to be innovative and creative

These surveys suggest that being a hairstylist or cosmetologist can be a great career choice in any economy. And a recent report from the Wall Street Journal predicts a positive outlook for cosmetologists despite the current recession. Today’s economic situation, the need for flexibility and the salon’s desire to build a strong, loyal and credible staff make starting an apprenticeship program a fantastic opportunity for everyone involved.

Step 2 Prepare for the Apprenticeship
Things you need to do:

1. Identify Salon Culture
2. Write a Salon Mission Statement and Motto
3. Organize Employee or Staff Manual
4. Select the Director of Education
5. Edit Form 5 Timeline for Completion
6. Edit Form 7 Cosmetology Apprenticeship Guide
7. Edit Form 14 Expectations Meeting Agenda
8. Order the Educational Materials

Lori Halloway has been licensed in the salon industry since 1994 and owns Voilà Salon & Spa in Saline, MI where she resides with her husband and two children. She is an active and well respected leader in the community. She is skilled in all areas of cosmetology as well as permanent make-up, has an Associates Degree in Art & Science and has successfully run cosmetology apprenticeship programs since 2002.

Lori is a talented, hard working, devoted entrepreneur and handles every aspect of her business personally, from payroll, accounting, human resources, marketing and web design. Her mastery of cosmetology, connection with people and good business sense has proven to be the secret formula for maintaining a fashionable, energetic and desirable salon.

Lori’s drive and passion for the industry led her to implement an apprenticeship program in her salon. She dedicated countless hours to research and years to perfecting the process while writing this book. Each step of the program was created and tested to ensure its efficiency, ease of use and success for the apprentice, the owner and the salon.

Cosmetology Apprenticeship

"Lori Halloway has created a guide that is easy to follow and leaves nothing to chance; everything is at your fingertips. Shear Savvy is energizing and inspiring - a trustworthy guide to success." Roseann Tracy, MBA, Author and Business Owner

"Shear Savvy contains excellent information and is extremely well written. I felt like we were having a conversation instead of me reading." Kathy Jager, Author of As the Chair Turns.

"I loved the book. It is practical and easy to understand. Lori made it simple enough for anyone to start an apprenticeship program." Bert Carder, CEO Your Beauty Network


ISBN(13-digit): 978082266618
Copyright: 2009
Library of Congress: 2009926789
Book Publisher: Willow Tree Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 122
Paper Weight (lb): 80#
Illustrations (Color): 38

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