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Climbing The Mountain
Melanie Ann Billings
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Life was never meant to be easy…but there is help and hope for those times when you feel like you just can’t climb any more.

In the unique style of freestyle poetry, Melanie Ann Billings explores the emotional ups and downs of her own climb up Life’s mountain.

Finding The Path

Darkness clouds my memory.
A long, winding road stretches before me,
A road whose rocks pierce my shoes
And rip into my soft, tender feet.
I pause to nurse my wounds
And the monster catches me.
I am thrown from the path.
My face and arms burn with ground-in gravel.
I stand shakily on unsure feet.
I see that the path is far away—
Miles of shredded glass span the distance.
Yet, a tree stands in the midst of the space
With branches that stretch easily to the path.
If I could only reach the tree…
But the way is long and the glass is sharp.
I look down at my shoes.
In disbelief, bare feet answer my gaze.
I take a deep breath to clear my mind
And then a cautious step.
The glass pierces my heel.
I smell the fresh blood that, in moments, bathes my foot.
A large piece of glass trips me.
I fall onto my hands.
Jagged strips of flesh are forever ripped away.
The open wounds gush crimson.
The tree is closer now, but my flesh is weak.
It tears upon every glass shard I encounter.
Bloody hands seek to wipe the sweat from my eyes.
Bits of glass in my fingers rip away my sight.
The world is a red sea and I am drowning.
My flailing arms brush against bark.
I find myself clinging to the tree.
A new strength fills my being and my sight is restored.
I climb the branch that will carry me back to the path.
The sharp stones have no effect
Upon the calloused feet I have earned.
As the darkness clears,
A ray of sunlight bathes me in peaceful radiance.
The walking is easier now.

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ISBN: 1603137027
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603137027
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 106

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