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The Heart Isle Fox
A. Dee Carey
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Can a feyrie earn the love of a human in order that she too can be human? Nixi loves Theo Boldt with all her heart , but the object of his attentions is his pet fox Nixxi.

When Nixi returns from her feyrie training in the Mediterranean she become acutely aware of Theo’s feelings for his pet fox, who is dying. As she cannot allow him to endure pain, she petitions the feyries to become the fox , so Theo will not suffer, even though it means she is giving up her chance to become a woman…his woman.


The sun was setting softly on the Shannon River, the day I once again arrived at my summer place. Over the years I’d created a more or less permanent home on a tiny isle within the river. My home became more and more elaborate with each passing season. I selected reeds and nut shells and made them into wall art. While it was vastly different than the magnificent abbey I was nonetheless proud of my dwelling.

I knew every nook and cranny of the island. Nothing escaped my notice, not even the tiniest chipmunk. Every creature I assigned a name and knew their dwelling place. I’d formed a community from the inhabitants of the isle and had a bond with nearly every member.

Thus, I was quite surprised to see a strange vessel pull to the shore. Never before in all of the nine lifetimes I’d been allotted, had I ever seen a person land on my Heart Isle. I called it thus, as it was at the core of my heart.

From the rather large boat a family emerged. A man, of probably twenty-five or thirty, human years, stepped off, assisting a woman slightly younger than he. The woman was beautiful beyond description, the man, one of exceptional grace. Within the woman’s grasp was a small boy. He was a handsome lad with attributes from each of his parents. His eyes were a startling blue and twinkled with a merriment I longed to explore. The child was filled with exuberance. He fairly burst with joy. The lad slipped from his mother’s hand and ran along the beach. The summer sun warmed the sand.

He reached down and touched the granules, rubbing his hands together. Apparently he was pleased with the sensation, as he sat down and removed his shoes. He stood, his face filled with glee as he pressed his toes into the sand. It was almost as if he had struck gold and was staking his claim to the land. Though he was an interloper I felt no infringement of my rights. I felt a connection to this lad, as if destiny had brought him to my shores. Dared I hope he would remain until he was a man?

Across his path ran a small red fox. Fox were among the few animals on the island. Here they were safe from predators and an adequate food supply of mice was available. Though I knew all the creatures of the isle I had no particular fondness for rodents. They stole from the others and had no consideration for their fellows.

The fox, that had never seen a person before, was curious and ventured close to the boy. However, when the lad reached out his hand the animal retreated. I knew this fox, she arrived when fire drove her from her home. She was clever and resourceful. Were she a feyrie, we would be comrades.

A voice called out, “Theo, come my son, we must leave.” It was a deep voice, definitely masculine, most likely the lad’s father. Theo swept his hand down onto the beach and gathered up his shoes and socks and fled in the direction of the voice.

The delicate blond woman took the boy in hand and set him upon a rock on the beach. Brushing the sand from his feet, she dried them on her yellow chiffon spring dress. It was apparent she cared more for her child than her frock. She shook out his footwear and replaced them on his feet. Theo squirmed and seemed reluctant to leave. He whimpered, but his resistance was overcome by his mother’s soothing kiss.

My feyrie wisdom told me this was perfect love. The one all creatures hope to attain. The longing for a mother tore a hole through my heart. How I wished I had a mother to love me as tenderly as the boy’s. Though she probably wasn’t thrilled with the boy’s removal of his shoes and socks, she reproached him not.

My heart cried out for the same as the boy experienced. Yet, it was a love I would never know, as my mother perished at the moment of my birth. As I had only a single lifetime left, it would be wise to seek another type of love.

Dee started writing when she could barely hold a pencil and vows to continue until she can no longer hold one. She lives in upstate NY, now alone as she lost her beloved husband of 49 years last November. She has two daughters and two grandsons. Dee is proud of her affiliation with Wings the company who published her other five books. She is retired from her local school district where she placed substitute teachers for over 22 years.

In FOX IN THE MIST Dee Carey has created a thrilling fantasy wherein appealing characters, both human and animals, excitingly strive to oust a usurper and return the rightful heir to the throne. The heroine is equally charming as both a fox and a girl, and the young hero has just enough vulnerability. Now--I want a fox! I want a tiny unicorn to dance in my palm!, Fran Keighley, award-winning Wings author.

FOX IN THE MIST - Dee Carey has a flowing, somewhat unusual style, and Fox in the Mist moves quickly. Her descriptions are simply fantastic, and I had no trouble picturing every single element- from the prancing of a tiny unicorn to the thrilling sensations of a single romantic touch, to the idealized sweeping vision of Arthurian castles. What a lovely, lovely book I look forward to more unusual magical tales from A. Dee Carey -- Fox in the Mist 5 unicorns from Enchanted it Romance

The Vixen: Ms. Carey spins for her reader a fine “Tail.” With a carefully structured plot, this author weaves her unique braid of Arthurian legend. If only “The Vixen” was required reading during my study of British Literature. -- Laura Turner noted journalist

The Vixen: Within the body of a fox lay the spirit of the vixen, awaiting the female human vessel it would finally inhabit. At the base of the neck, the boy will bear the fox-shape mole. When these two shall meet, they will rule Ireland as it has been foretold…

Travel back in time to the ancient Druids, to a time of magic long lost in the mist… to a time of the Vixen…

If you love the tales of olde, that touch of magic that has often been lost in stories of fantasies written in a modern world, then read one of A. Dee Carey’s books--she writes with the finesse of the ancient masters, perfectly capturing a time when magic lingered and anything could happen… -- Angela Verdenius, Heart of a Peacekeeper

The Fox and the Chalice is a fascinating blend of the history of The Catholic Church and the religion of the ancient Druids. There is amazing detail that draws you into the characters’ world and doesn’t let go. The characters are rich with emotions ranging from avarice to selflessness and from raging lust to eternal love. I highly recommend this unique, absorbing read from the very talented A. Dee Carey. -- Mary Paine, A Dangerous Dream, www.marypaine.com

The Heart Isle Fox: In this wonderful novel, Ms. Carey travels far beyond the mundane to a magical time and place where love of self is forgotten in the desire to love another. Ms. Carey has created a beautiful world and peopled it with tender and strong heroines and heroes and black, dastardly villains. Over a; the power of love to transform live is skillfully revealed by a wonderful story teller. -- Elaine Cantrell, Hope, Dreams Life…Love, http://www.elainecantrell.com

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ISBN: 1597056427
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056427
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 217

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