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Wydecombe Manor
Jeannine Van Eperen
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Can star-crossed lovers from another time, undo the heartbreak and tragedy of their past? Does a love so true never die? Or is it just a fantasy played out between two people whose genes were passed down with infinitesimal remembrances of their ancestors’ lives? It is as if lightning strikes when Elizabeth sees Jonathan and a blazing flame arises, though the fire keeps the blood simmering, do timelines and loves blur into another realm and can a love denied be allowed to come to fruition? Grays believed in love for eternity, but was denied the woman he chose.

Elizabeth Naunt had recently learned to ride a horse western style. Now, she bravely tried to control the gold-colored gelding beneath her from the small English saddle upon which she perched, so different from the large leather-cradling seat she had been accustomed to. Posting seemed beyond her comprehension. Yesterday had gone well, but Jack and Margaret had been with her then. Today, she rode by herself, preferring not to take in another tennis match. Her friends were avid fans, and arose early to take in Wimbledon, a four-hour drive each way. Elizabeth did not come to England to watch two individuals swat a ball around. A dedicated Anglophile, she enjoyed the British Museum, traipsing through castles and churches, and driving through the green countryside. Nor did she mind being alone today. She was used to it. Her only concern now was controlling Darby. The horse knew her inadequacies and dared her to conquer him, but she was unafraid, headstrong in her desire to ride along the beach.

Six months ago, Elizabeth met Jack and Margaret Siddle while on a cruise. Both brother and sister proved congenial company and since they were the three youngest people on the cruise, they naturally navigated towards each other, including Elizabeth’s widowed aunt in their activities. When they extended an invitation to visit them at their home in England, Elizabeth never really thought she would. Then Aunt Agatha died, leaving her a sizeable windfall. She remembered Jack and Margaret’s kindness to her aunt on the cruise, as well as their invitation. Now, here she was galloping along on a sandy cove in Cornwall.

Invigorated and out-of-breath, she slowed her horse to a sedate walk, happy that she had at last controlled the large animal. She looked up. There on a cliff she saw a large, stately, grey slate mansion, trimmed with white, looming against the dark blue sky. The house drew her, and she began edging her steed up the winding path that led from the beach.

* * * *

Jonathan Dunne turned his car from the narrow hedge-lined road onto a still narrower one, following the muddled directions that Geoffrey Humphrey had given him. He shook his head, wondering why he had allowed his life to be disrupted on the whim of an aged man he met and befriended several years ago. When Leslie Doone walked into his advertising office a bit over two years ago, he naturally thought the man had a product to sell, but the man merely talked and talked leading nowhere, then bid him goodbye. A good two hours wasted. A month later he encountered Doone again. Jonathan had walked into the dining room of a restaurant whose owner wanted his help in promoting their fine cuisine. There sat Leslie Doone who bid him to join him. Having no polite way of refusing and remembering he had enjoyed the old man’s conversation, Jonathan accepted the invitation.

Leslie Doone talked little about himself, but asked many questions of Jonathan. Where was he born? The United States. Had he lived there all his life? His accent was interesting, said Doone. Jonathan enlightened the man. He’d lived in Australia for a large portion of his life. Doone merely nodded his head as if his answers were satisfactory. Jonathan still thought then, Leslie Doone wished to acquire his expertise, and was interviewing him in a roundabout way.

He didn’t see or hear of Doone again until a week ago. Geoffrey Humphrey, an English solicitor, phoned explaining that Mr. Doone was gravely ill and wanted to see Jonathan before he died. An airline ticket and money for the trip had been arranged, and could he leave at once?

“Was it a chance meeting or were Elizabeth and Jonathan destined to be together? In the 1400’s a man and a woman declare their love for each other, only she was betrothed to his brother. Could their love for each other pass through time to another generation? Was this a love so deeply embedded that it could not be denied?

Jeannine Van Eperen writes my favorite type of love story. Ok, so I’m a romantic at heart. The thought of a love so strong that it cannot die… sigh… On with the review. Wydecombe Manor is well written. It is a little sappy in places; I like sappy romances. The characters are well-developed and interesting. This is a nice summer read.” 4 Stars! Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


“Any fan of paranormal or English manor house romances will enjoy this fun tale of two hearts in two different times that seem to be searching for each other. Talented author Jeannine Van Eperen has crafted a tale with lots of emotion and visits to the past that will keep you reading to see how things work out. A fun read by an author who uses a light touch on the range of emotions experienced in the story, making it an easy and pleasant read, one I'm sure you'll enjoy. Recommended as a pleasant way to spend the time. Enjoy. I did.” - Anne K. Edwards, Mysteryficton.net


“When Elizabeth and Jonathan start looking into his family history they find some very interesting information. And both start having very odd dreams about a couple from the late 1400's. This story is a decent read and has some interesting concepts regarding true love in it. The characters are well developed and defined and the plot moves well.” Angi, Night Owl Romance Reviews

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ISBN: 1603132376
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603132374
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 230
Paper Weight (lb): 9.8

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