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Winning Chance
Betty Jo Schuler
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Lori Hayes never takes a risk, but when someone enters her in a TV show contest and she wins a Dream Date with gorgeous hunk, Chance Dawson, sparks fly. Chance, who leaves nothing to chance, has a life plan, and a house is the next step, then a wife. Lori, who’s just starting to live it up, doesn’t want to settle down in a Dream Home. Alternate first prize, a pair of sports cars, is her choice and will be easier to divide. The only thing hotter than the friction between these two opposites is the spark of attraction that bursts into flames.

Lori Hayes ripped the Fed Ex letter from the delivery woman’s hands and tore it open. Her keys slipped from her hand and clattered to the threshold of her patio door as she clutched the handle for support. She read the words aloud to make sure she was reading them right.

“Congratulations. You are a finalist in our Dream Date Contest, with a chance to win your Dream Destiny.”

The Fed Ex woman heaved a sigh. “Lucky you.”

“Lucky is right. Lucky to win a contest I never entered.” This had to be some kind of scam or publicity hype, but Lori couldn’t stop reading.

On Saturday, June twenty-fourth, you and five other beautiful people will receive a complete makeover and be outfitted by a top designer before meeting—your Dream Date. Two of the lucky couples matched on our TV show will be treated to a lavish dinner date at the Crystal Chandelier, with its breathtaking view of the Mississippi River. The luckiest pair, chosen as Infinite Dreams’ Dream Couple, will be whisked to a surprise locale for an unbelievable, never-to-be-forgotten Dream Date. This same couple will have an opportunity to win—a Dream House built anywhere in the continental United States.

“They’ve got to be kidding.” The afternoon heat bore down on Lori’s postage stamp patio, plastering her gauze blouse to her aching shoulders. Because it was a slow business day, she’d chosen to clean the back room of My Friend’s Closet, her vintage clothing store, and her muscles were protesting. A massage...strong fingers working magic between her shoulder blades, turning her spine to warm jelly...was a recurring fantasy of hers, but she’d settle for a bathtub big enough to stretch out in. Soothing jets would be nice.

“Dream, dream, dream.” Lori fanned herself with the letter. She’d just arrived home at Will o’ wisp Apartments, sweating the necessity to buy a car—any car that ran so long as it was cheap. Steeling herself to search the classified ads, she’d been about to pick up the evening paper when bang; she was hit with this new dilemma.

Dreams were a luxury she couldn’t afford.

Picking up the paper and her keys, Lori stepped inside Apartment Four and dropped both on a table. She wiped beads of perspiration from her nose and shucked off her blouse to stand in front of the living room fan. Her apartment lacked certain amenities, but it was her very own space. Freeing her skirt, she watched it slide to the hardwood floor in a shimmering pool of lavender and gold that caught the sun’s bright rays.

The oscillating fan fluttered the newspaper and, faced with reality, she sighed. Her dad said when you bought a used vehicle, you bought someone else’s trouble. She’d sold her paid-for car to help cover initial business expenses and six months wasn’t enough time to recoup. She didn’t mind the occasional snow that powdered southeastern Missouri in late winter, and she loved walking the azalea-lined streets of suburban Eastview in early spring. But with late June temperatures soaring into the nineties, heat rose off the sidewalks in waves, and it was making her cranky. Trekking twelve blocks morning and evening had become a royal pain. And now, this.

Lori picked up the letter and slapped it down again. She hadn’t entered a contest and didn’t need a new problem. The letter was a humongous error, but since... She checked the return address. W.L. Graham at Infinite Dreams laid out cash to send her the news Federal Express; she’d call and set him straight. Her parents taught her to be honest and considerate.

The receptionist put Lori through to W.L., who laughed heartily. “If you think our contest seems too good to be true now, wait until you spend a weekend in an exotic location with the dream man we pick for you.”

Weekend? That was some date. An exotic location sounded like it might require flying. She hated heights. “You have the wrong woman,” she told him for the second time. Even if he didn’t, she wouldn’t want this oily-sounding man picking her date.

4 Angels at Fallen Angel Reviews, reviewed by Lena C.

Winning Chance is a reality show come to life…and the whole show and the person behind the game were hilarious with their attempts to make them fall in love. Great job for Betty Jo Schuler, creating such a fun romance to read and its easy flow in keeping the reader’s attention throughout…


"This story is too cute; we are constantly hitting our own foreheads wondering when they are going to wake up. The story of these two is so real and vivid you are wondering what is going to happen next and cannot put the book down until it is too late.

Betty Jo Schuler is a talented author and was exactly what this reviewer was looking for. Thank you." – Dee, Enchanting Reviews


3 stars! "In this light and breezy story about finding your Prince Charming when you least expect it, the fun begins when two people with opposite approaches to their future meet. One has a plan about love and marriage, the other has no plan at all, but when the man with a plan and the carefree woman get together, everything goes out the window. Although there are a few coincidences that are too convenient, the amusing situations overcome this."
~Sandra Garcia-Myers for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

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ISBN: 1593747497
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593747497
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 196
Paper Weight (lb): 8.6

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