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Wind Rose
Krista Janssen
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Betrothed to one man, passionately drawn to another, Amanda Sheffield must choose between saving her beloved Virginia plantation, or marriage to the man who has stolen her heart, a dashing privateer and land-owner from Bermuda. Devil-may-care Braden Hamilton has been Amanda's hero since a child. When he rejects her brother's offer of her hand in marriage, then arranges a match to enhance her plantation's coffers, she is devastated. But Braden is in for the surprise of his life when he meets the grown-up Amanda. As storms swirl, the couple's passions are put to the test, not in a lush paradise, but in the harsh crucible of the Salem witchtrials. Only the most daring sacrifice can free them to claim the love that is more precious than any treasure.

Amanda saw it all—from the first puffs of smoke drifting above the village, to the terrible sight that would haunt her forever. If it had not been for Lord Braden Hamilton turning her face against his ripped, bloodstained shirt, she would surely have fainted dead away. It was a soft Indian summer morning. Gentle breezes were tinged with melancholy, aware of summer’s passing and the certain approach of winter. Honeybees still buzzed around the hollyhocks lining the breezeway between the house and the summer kitchen. Overhead, the sky arched cerulean blue, and the air was as still and toasty warm as a lazy day in August. Beyond the fields, the James River sparkled in the sun’s tawny glow as it moved sluggishly toward its final destiny in Chesapeake Bay. On that benign morning, heavy with humid sunshine, eleven year old Mandy headed for the grove of oaks separating the river from the tobacco fields of Briarfield Plantation, her family’s home for two generations. In one hand, she carried a fishing rod, in the other, a cherry tart.

Because of Briarfield’s distance from the settlement at Jamestown, Mandy had few friends to play with and few diversions other than riding her pony and lessons at her mother’s knee. Her half-brother, Philip, was much too old to provide companionship. Now nineteen, he was a full-grown man and spent much of his time helping their father oversee the thirty thousand acre estate—that is, when he wasn’t away at the fledgling college in Williamsburg. She didn’t want her brother’s company anyway, she thought, settling into a shady spot on the riverbank. She pulled off her shoes and stockings and reclined in the tall grass. Though Philip was her only sibling, he had always made it quite clear he found her a nuisance and far beneath his interest. It was his habit to avoid her whenever possible, unless of course, he could use her as a scapegoat for his own frequent misdeeds. Now that she was excelling at reading and numbers, as well as horsemanship, he took every opportunity to disparage her efforts and belittle her in their parents’ eyes. “Just a silly girl,” he often said with a sneer. “A clumsy chit of no use till she’s breeding age,” he added with disdain. Philip’s mother had been their father’s first wife, a grand English lady who had died shortly after childbirth during her first year in Virginia. Amanda’s mother was a Jamestown girl of sturdy pioneer stock, descended from a middle-class family of Suffolk. Amanda deftly placed a wiggling worm on her hook. It was a feat she’d learned from one of the darkies and it gave her a pleasant sense of accomplishment. Philip would never have touched the squirmy thing, even had he been inclined to help her. No matter, she concluded, dropping the hook with a plop into the shimmering water. Briarfield Plantation was large enough for the two of them to occupy without stepping on each other’s toes. Her grandfather Sheffield’s first crude home on the river had been abandoned for the spacious brick house on the hill. With lush Virginia soil producing the finest tobacco in the world, the farm had prospered beyond the Virginia Company’s wildest expectations. Sitting there under the emerald green canopy dappled with swaying golden light from above, Amanda was completely content. She would live forever in this secure and gracious environment. If Philip was so anxious to marry her off so she could produce some stranger’s offspring in some far place, he was doomed to disappointment. When the time came, she would marry one of the boys she knew from Jamestown, one of those strapping youths attending school in the village. She would bring her husband to live at Briarfield, and he would be her partner in the work of the plantation. Together they would build their own house and be at peace with her brother. When Philip married—if any lady would have him—she would enjoy having a sister-in-law, and their children would play along this very riverbank.

"To save her home from debts incurred by her half-brother, Amanda Sheffield agrees to marry a man she's never met. Yet when Braden Hamilton arrives, they find true love despite charges of witchcraft which threatens their lives and will take a miracle to free them. Fascinating historical research and a suspenseful strong story. Three and a half stars!!" by G. Killgore


Ms. Janssen's story is a colorful, exotic feast for the reader. I loved the characters, falling in love with Amanda and Braden through the course of the book. There were moments when I was on the edge of my seat. Through a plague, scandals, and the Salem witch trials, will Braden be able to save this feisty young woman? WIND ROSE is a story that will remain in the reader's mind long after the last page is turned. Read this book at your own risk...once you start it, it's hard to put it down?
Four Lyra - Reviewed by Ash Arceneaux Rites of Romance


"WIND ROSE is an appealing, well-researched historical novel of the early Virginia Colony. Krista Janssen writes appealing and well-rounded characters. Fans of the American Colonial period will rave over this story. The plot twists and turns keep the story fast-paced and a good read." 4 lips. Reviewed by Frosy

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ISBN: 1593746997
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593746998
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 320
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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