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Wild Honey
Carolyn Lampman
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Her whole life Alaina Ellinson has longed for adventure, but nothing is less likely in her quiet little home town. Then, a long forgotten photograph surfaces and changes everything. Reeling from the shock that the very fabric of her life is a lie, Alaina sets off to find a piece of herself she’s never even known existed.

When Jared Brady promises to escort Alaina to his sister in Wyoming, he has no idea what he is letting himself in for. From the moment the two meet, the sparks fly. But when circumstances strand the two of them in the mountains running from an army of outlaws, they must put their differences aside and depend on each other to survive. Facing death at every turn strips away their defenses. Unexpected passions flare, and they discover love may be the biggest challenge of all.

“Are you sure the satchel’s up here, Papa?” Alaina’s voice drifted down from the loft.

The blacksmith looked up and grinned. “Ja, I’m pretty sure it is. I remember your Mama putting it up there when Grandpa still owned the shop. Nobody’s used it since.”

“That’s because nobody in this town ever goes anywhere.” There was grunt, then the sound of crates sliding along the wooden floor. Garrick Ellinson watched the dust drift down from the ceiling for a moment, then shook his head and went back to work.

“I’ll bet there isn’t a satchel or a valise to be found in this whole blasted town,” Alaina grumbled.

“Better not let your Mama hear you talking like that. She’ll wash your mouth out.”

“I know, I’m sorry. It’s just so frustrating. Nobody ever wonders what the rest of the world is like.”

“That’s because this is their world. Just about everybody in town was born here,” Garrick pointed out.

“Everybody but me.”

“Ja, except you and your Mama.”

“But Mama’s happy here and I’m…Aha!” There was a sudden triumphant cry from above. “Here it is.”

A worn satchel came sailing out of the loft and landed on the floor with a dull thud and a cloud of dust

Garrick winced. “Be careful, Alaina. That satchel is older than you are.”

A moment later his daughter’s grinning countenance appeared at the top of the ladder. “I know, and the last time it was used was to transport my baby clothes from South Pass City to Nerstrand. I was just testing it, Papa. If it can’t take a fall like that it will never survive the trip to Wyoming.” She tucked her skirt between her legs, grabbed a rope that hung from the center beam, and slid down it to the floor below with the ease of long practice.

Garrick hid a grin as he stuck the piece of iron he’d been working back into the forge. “A young lady would use the ladder,” he said with mock severity.

“And she’d still be coming down that ladder instead of standing here talking to you.” Alaina stripped off the leather work gloves and tucked them into a cubby-hole on the wall. “The rope is much faster. Besides, Mama wasn’t here to see, and you don’t care.” She picked up the satchel and looked it over, testing the seams and the handles to make sure all was secure. “There, you see, everything is fine other than the clasp sticks a little.”

“I promised Jan Andersen I’d have his plow shares for him by closing time but this is the last one. I can probably fix your clasp as soon as I finish.”

“That’s what I figured. You can fix anything, Papa.” She pursed her lips as she gave the satchel a speculative look. “Where’s the saddle soap? It might even be presentable if I get some of that dirt off.”

“Over by the harnesses,” Garrick said. “I thought we were discussing you acting like a lady.”

“Oh, but Papa,” Alaina said batting her eyes at him, “I can be as much a lady as any of them if I choose.” With her right hand on her hip and her left held delicately aloft, she sashayed across the room with an exaggerated sway of her hips.”

Garrick watched her with a fond smile. Even in the dim light of the smithy, with dirt streaked across one cheek and the carefully constructed hair knot listing to one side, his Alaina was a beauty. And that, of course, was the problem She had grown up in a town where everyone knew her; a place where she took safety and security for granted. Tomorrow she was going out into the real world, and she had no idea of the dangers that lurked there, especially for a girl…no… a woman who looked like Alaina.

“You won’t tell Mama about me sliding down the rope, will you, Papa? She’ll just use it for another excuse not to let me go.”

“Your Mama’s worried about you. This trip has her all tied up in knots.”

“But Papa, I’m going to see Angel. Besides being my Godmother, she’s Mama’s very best friend in the whole world!”

"Never judge a book by its cover. WILD HONEY is a wild adventure sure to please a reader's thirst for steamy romance and excitement. Ms. Lampman weaves an unforgettable tale with characters that sparkle, a plot filled with adventure, and a romance that will leave readers breathless. Alaina is impetuous, stubborn, and in charge of her own destiny, regardless of what proper society might think. This often leads her into mischief, but her intelligence and passion rescue her, and often others. Jared is persistent in his quest to do what he deems the respectable and responsible thing, and he often finds himself at odds with Alaina. It is this conflict that brings out his true character, as well as the best in him. He is stubborn, strong-willed, and fiercely protective of Alaina, and when he discovers that he loves her, it hits him with the force of a tornado. With characters that sparkle, scenery that is descriptive, and a plot that is sure to please, be sure to check out WILD HONEY." Edith Morrison Romance Reviews Today


"This book has sexual interaction, but for the most part, the focus is on the romance between the characters. This reader enjoyed the novel, and the characters stuck with me after the story ended. As a result, I highly recommend this book."
Reviewed by Nancy Riggins-Hume for The Road to Romance


"If I had to sum up WILD HONEY in just a sentence or two, I'd say it reminds me of some of the old Saturday morning westerns I used to watch on T.V. when I was a much younger person (*ahem* I won't say how long ago because that would give my age away *G*). There's adventure, dangerous desperadoes, tender moments, and high-strung tension...and plenty of interesting characters to keep you reading nicely along." Nancy, Romance Reader At Heart


"Overall rating: 5 Hearts ""I think Carolyn Lampman is brilliant! Wild Honey is not only well written and true to the time but she brings her historical characters to life. By the end of the book you'll be crying for Alaina and Jared and wanting Susan to end up in another mud puddle. A definite must read for any historical romance reader!" Reviewer: Angel, The Romance Studio"


Readers are sure to empathise with both main characters and will find themselves caught up in the emotional turmoil; the misunderstandings and the pure bliss. This is a charming romance of country mouse versus city mouse, set against a backdrop of an exciting adventure. The ever-changing scenery and riveting story felt more like I was watching a movie than reading. It is a page-turning romance that is a definite keeper. Wild Honey is linked to Silver Springs and Meadowlark, but all are enjoyable if read as solo titles. If you have not tried any of Carolyn Lampman’s early American romances yet, prepare yourself for a real treat.
Reviewed by: Naomi 5 Angels RECOMMENDED READ

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ISBN: 1593740859
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593740856
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 412
Paper Weight (lb): 17.0

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