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The Widowmaker
Amy Gallow
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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A beautiful Pit Chick with a reputation as a jinx;
A rider with one last chance to prove himself; and
An untried machine they call the “Widow-Maker.”
A terrible combination in the countdown to the start of the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.
Dare you step beyond the barriers and join them?

Lexie examined the outfit they expected her to wear and gnawed her lower lip. It was garish, brash, and tasteless and, to make matters worse, some idiot’s passion for conformity required all the girls wear blonde wigs. Accepting the London agency’s offer of work at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix had been a mistake, but it was too late now. The drive from Phillip Island had taken longer than she expected and the function began in twenty minutes. She shrugged and started changing.

Toby Gerrard greeted her at the function room. “Lexie, you look great.” He guided her forward with a too familiar hand on her waist.

The promotion manager for the Phillip Island racetrack, and probably responsible for the blonde wigs, faced the twenty girls, silken caps perched on blonde wigs, snug fitting silken shirts emblazoned with logos and skimpy skirts cut high at the sides. “Our guests will start arriving in five minutes. Your job is to make sure their glasses are never empty and answer any questions they might have about the circuit or the arrangements. You’ve been briefed. Anything you can’t answer, refer to me. With the exception of Lexie, you’ve all worked this job before. Do it well and you’ll work it again.”

Lexie glanced at the others, expecting them to be affronted. A blatant threat like this would receive short shrift in London. It seemed acceptable here, but she’d have a few words to say when she returned to the agency.

“Lexie, I’d like a word.” Toby was looking at her so she nodded and lingered as the others dispersed.

“You need to smile more. I saw you looking quite stern. You’ve dealt with too many British politicians.” He reinforced the implication with a leer. “I’m not interested in what happens after our functions, but we pay you to be pleasant to our guests. You might feel it a comedown working in the Antipodes. Don’t let it show.” His hand came to rest on her hip.

Lexie took his wrist between finger and thumb, as if it were something distasteful. “Are you naturally inept…or do you have to work at it? I know my job, even if you don’t, so keep your hands to yourself.” She dug her thumbnail into the soft flesh, causing a grimace of pain. “I bite.”

The entry of the motorcycle people interrupted the confrontation and Toby hurried away to greet them. Lexie allowed herself a small grimace of disgust. This wasn’t going well; a bumptious fool as an employer on top of another argument with her father. Coming home for his seventieth birthday had been a mistake. She should have stayed away, just as she should have refused this job…

“Excuse me.” The voice came from behind. Pleasant, with an odd harmonic to send a skitter of pleasure down her spine.

She turned to greet the newcomer. “Good evening, sir. Can I get you a drink?” He was looking past her and turned so she couldn’t read his name badge but its color identified him as a team manager.

“Thank you, no, but I do want a word with Signor Bagnelli.” His expression was cool. Her outfit didn’t impress him and his tone left no doubt he considered her presence superfluous.

Lexie’s face flamed at the snub. “Of course.” She hated the automatic bob of her head as she stepped aside to let him pass, but this was a customer.

His eyes captured hers just before she turned away and his nod was deliberate. “Thank you.” A voice to weave magic, even when she was angry.

The main Japanese team arrived and found the blonde wigs fascinating, demanding the attention of the tallest girls, which included Lexie, perhaps convincing themselves the girls having to bend down to hear their words conferred status. However, apart from one or two wandering hands, they were well behaved and Lexie had dealt with this idiosyncrasy before.

4 Stars, Action packed… “The Widow Maker is a motorcycle. The suspension is unstable, but Glenn Smallwood insists on riding it. Returning to Phillip Island seemed to bring out the worst in Lexie Douglas. She bickered with her dad and was rude to her mother. Lexie comes to realize that she must allow Glenn the freedom to take chances and to make his own decisions. She must allow him the same right she has demanded for herself.
The Widow Maker by Amy Gallow is a thought-provoking tale. The theme is one of maturing, learning to forgive yourself, and leaning to allow yourself to love again. It was interesting watching Lexie mature. Fans of romance will enjoy The Widow Maker.” - Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


“I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting in this book because of the title. I must say that it’s a good read. The author presents a very measured pace that is easily followed. The story takes place in an Australian motorcycle race setting. It was unfamiliar to me so I had to read slowly in order to understand the surroundings. Someone familiar with that setting and scenario wouldn’t have the same problem. It’s an easy read that will leave you with a satisfied feeling. It works out for all in the end. I do like that kind of ending.

Lexie Douglas comes from a small island off the mainland of Australia. This return, forced because of her father’s birthday, is bittersweet because she left family and lifestyle behind years ago. You begin by not being sure about Lexie. But as her past is revisited here and there during the story you start to appreciate her for who she is, a fighter over coming her own fears and life experiences. You’re with her as she starts seeing her family in a different perspective and starts changing her own attitude. You’ll come to admire her as I did.

Glenn Smallwood catches her eye at one of the social events she’s paid to entertain at. Their paths cross again and again. He continues to impress her with his steadfastness. They both find that they quite simply have quickly fallen in love. What I find interesting is that I couldn’t tell you what either looked like, because it’s like people that you know and love. You no longer see them as beautiful or what color eyes they have, instead you see them with your heart. You will see both these characters with your heart. You will admire them and feel the deepest of satisfaction with the story and the way it ends as I did. This is a very pleasant story and I recommend it to you.” 4 1/2 Books! Review by Verbena, The Long And Short Of It Reviews


“Amy Gallow is a bright and talented author; her characters are full of life. She brings you into the story and holds your attention for each and every page. She reminds us that love is give and take, but also, that it takes two to tango. She has put more than one lesson to learn about Love in The Widow-Maker. I see a lot more great books coming from her and will be quite excited to read them.” Zollyanna, Night Owl Reviews

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ISBN: 1603134131
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603134132
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 240
Paper Weight (lb): 10.2

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