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Who Can You Trust
Brenda Nyveld
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Captain Ben Handler is on a mission. Find the gang responsible for the recent burglaries in Hunter’s Mills and put them behind bars where they belong. When he receives a tip that one of the culprits might be hiding out at his best friend’s summer cottage, he stakes out the place. He isn’t prepared to meet Eddie Van Camp, his best friend’s sister and aunt of the chief suspect. While he needs to find and arrest whoever is responsible for terrorizing his small town, he finds himself attracted to the number one suspect’s lovely aunt.

Eddie Van Camp has come to Hunter’s Mills to find her nephew. As a counselor at a high school in the city, she has tried to keep her nephew on the straight and narrow. When he gets involved with the wrong crowd and suddenly disappears, she is certain she will find him in Hunter’s Mills. When Ben Handler literally floors her, she finds herself struggling between her head and her heart. After all, Ben is another cop set on ruining a young man’s life, not unlike the man she once loved and trusted. Ben implores her to trust him and while her body betrays her, her mind is set on saving her nephew no matter what the consequences are, even if the price is a broken heart.

Captain Benjamin Handler’s heart hammered as he braced his legs on the cold ground. He slowly pushed his heavy leather coat up over the gun in the holster on his right hip. He hoped he wouldn’t have to use it to defend himself, but years on the force in Toronto had taught him to be ready for anything.

With his left hand, he slowly opened the front door of the cabin and peered inside. He squinted in an effort to focus in the dark. He caught sight of movement in the area off to the right…what he knew was the kitchen. He stepped softly, his right hand never leaving the holster on his hip.

As Ben neared the door, he carefully looked inside. A shadowy figure moved toward him.

“Police!” he yelled as his body swung into action. He heard a startled cry as he landed on top of the figure and took it down to the floor.

The cry, not unlike that of a terrified woman, made Ben grin. The terror of Hunter Mill’s, the one who found people having to lock their doors at night, cried out like a helpless female.

When the perp stopped squirming beneath his weight, Ben pulled handcuffs from his back pocket. He ruthlessly pulled back one arm and cuffed him. “You have the right to remain silent,” he began.

A decidedly feminine voice cut him off. “Like freaking hell I’ll remain silent!”

Ben stopped and eased his grip slightly. The voice was definitely female but that didn’t mean he hadn’t just found the person responsible for the break-ins plaguing Hunter’s Mills for two months. While he always thought of the perp as male, there was no reason to believe a woman couldn’t be the criminal.

Ben hesitated in the dark. He simply couldn’t see the person he had just placed under arrest. However, he could feel lush curves beneath his weight. And given the sound of the voice, he had to admit, it was more than likely female. The wrist he pinned to the floor felt delicate.


“Get off me, you oaf. I can’t breathe!”

Ben kept his hands on the woman’s wrists as he pulled his weight off her body. She gasped as he pinned them together over her head with one hand and reached for the flashlight in his coat pocket. He flicked the switch on the top of the light and pointed it down at the woman.

Her hair, long and flowing wildly over the dirty linoleum floor, danced in a ruby riot against the light. Surely her hair color was exaggerated in the glow from the flashlight. Her eyes, however, couldn’t be anything but real. Brilliant emerald eyes, like nothing Ben had ever seen before, gazed back at him with fiery rage.

“Let me go, you jerk!”

Ben struggled to remember he was an officer of the law and she, no matter how perfectly beautiful she was, may well be the reason everyone in and around town didn’t sleep well at night. He fought the urge to let up on her wrists.

“Identify yourself,” Ben ground out.

“I don’t need to tell you who I am,” she replied defiantly. “I know my rights. You attacked me on private property. My brother is a lawyer—”

“Damn!” Ben cursed. Jack’s little sister? He squinted as he looked down at her. “Show me some ID.”

“I would but you have me pinned to the floor!” She flailed against his grip.

Ben released her arms and slowly stood up. “No sudden moves,” he warned her.

She slowly stood up and wiped the dust off her jeans. “I won’t move at all,” she replied,
pointing to the counter. “My purse is right there and my wallet is inside. Help yourself.”

Ben slowly backed to the counter and picked up the purse. He tossed it toward her. “You open it slowly and hand me the ID.”

She sighed, pulled the wallet from her purse and dropped it onto the floor. She held up her driver’s license and handed it to him. “Happy now?”

Ben glanced down at the picture and information on her driver’s license. Edwina Van Camp, twenty-nine years old, five foot six, one hundred and twenty pounds. Eyes: green. Hair: red. Address: 527 Hillside Crescent, apartment 717, Toronto, Ontario. It was all there.

"Brenda Nyveld’s Who Can You Trust is a charming tale of two people with their own agendas finding love. Eddie must save her nephew from himself and Ben must find the culprit/culprits behind a recent crime spree. I enjoyed that both Eddie and Ben are strong individuals that come together and find that they are even stronger together. This captivating tale should not be missed. I look forward to more from Ms. Nyveld."

Reviewed by: Tewanda 4 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews

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ISBN: 1593742983
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593742980
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 144
Paper Weight (lb): 6.4

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