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Water Goddess
Crystal Inman
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Every woman is a Goddess. Some simply don’t realize it yet. That’s when a Guardian arrives. She guides and protects. But most of all…she comes to set a woman’s inner goddess free. Because in a mortal’s strength is a Guardian’s salvation.

Erin Sanders is a school teacher with a past that has scarred her very soul. She is close to no one until a chance encounter turns her world upside down.
Daniel Rodriguez is a man who knows what he wants. He’s a serene soul who feels drawn to Erin through a brief meeting and vows to find out more about her.
But Erin has secrets that tear at her world.
Daniel doesn’t heed Erin’s words or warnings. He vows to gently open her eyes to a world she didn’t know existed. A world where a man will give anything to be in her heart.

“She was a handful, Wilda.” Kendra smiled at her older sister. “But you picked well.” A frown creased her face. “I hope I am wise enough to do the same.”

Wilda hugged Kendra close. “Just because you are the youngest does not mean you will fall short in this quest.” She shot a look to Tempest. “And don’t let anyone else attempt to help you.”

Tempest frowned, and her blue eyes flashed. “I only wanted to lend a hand.”

“You only felt the need to try and take over the assignment. You know the rules!” Wilda scolded her.

Eden held up her hand, and the women fell silent. “Truce,” she said. “We will not fight amongst ourselves. Together we can achieve our goal.” She met each of their eyes. “But apart, we fail.”

Tempest arched her eyebrow at Wilda. Eden shot a meaningful glance at her.
“Tempest. Your way is not necessarily anyone else’s. Your turn will come.” Her brown eyes sought out Kendra’s blue worried ones. “But for now, we wait for Kendra’s choice.”

Kendra took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Wilda picked a mortal who was strong and had a similar personality to hers.

Who will I pick?

Their only hope of moving up in their power was to prove themselves worthy. Each Guardian selected a woman to mentor and mold into a success. The Guardians could gift the mortal woman twice and only use her powers to assist, never control. Each Guardian would be judged on the mortal’s success with health, home, and heart. But the hardest part of being a Guardian was having to involve themselves in the mortal’s life and influence decisions.

It was a lot harder than they had originally thought. The mortals had minds of their own and didn’t care much for listening to complete strangers telling them how to live their lives. But the Guardians had no choice. They were required to all pass the test before any of them could move into the higher levels with greater responsibilities.

For over one hundred years, they tried. And not once did all four achieve success together. One would succeed, but not the next. Three would succeed, but not the last. They were growing more agitated by the year. Patience had long since run out. They needed action. They needed a damn miracle. It was finding four women, not simply one. Each Guardian must do her part or none would be rewarded.

If they succeeded, they were gifted with a bracelet that strengthened their power. If all four met their tasks, then their collective power would become such that it could never be denied or taken.

Kendra’s sisters gathered near to her, giving her strength with their mere presence. She looked down through the clouds and prayed there would be something to give her a clue as to who to pick. She was unsure and didn’t want to make a mistake that would cost them all.

“Steady.” Eden’s soft voice soothed her frazzled nerves. “You will know, Kendra. You will know.”

And then Kendra saw her.

Her mortal wore a smile on her face, but her heart hurt. The woman was lonely. Oh, so lonely. Kendra could almost see the pain radiating out from the woman.

“That one.” Kendra pointed down to Earth, and her sisters looked at her choice.

“Oh, Kendra,” Tempest whispered. “You’ll have your work cut out for you.” Her blue eyes blinked back tears. “I don’t think anyone ever taught her how to love.”

“I will guide her. Protect her.” Kendra’s voice was certain. Her light blue eyes met each sister’s in turn. “I choose her.”

Chapter 1

The man in the crimson G-string gyrated to the music and catcalls of the mostly female audience. The bow tie around his neck matched perfectly. He humped and gyrated to the beat while trying to look incredibly sexy. Perfectly honed muscles moved in time to the incredibly loud bass pumping through the club.

Erin had a headache.

“Water Goddess is a well-written, engaging story. Readers will enjoy the female friendship that triumphs over life’s ills, as well as the love of a great man who heals a broken woman through tenderness and passion.” 4 Books!
-Reviewed by Dandelion, The Long and Short Of It Reviews


"WATER GODDESS by Crystal Inman is a lovely story with a good message. It proves that love does indeed conquer all. Daniel and Erin's characters are a match made in heaven. I thoroughly enjoyed the book." - Reviewed by Lori Sears
Rating: 4, The Romance Reader's Connection


“WATER GODDESS by Crystal Inman is a lovely story with a good message. It proves that love does indeed conquer all. Daniel and Erin's characters are a match made in heaven. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.” Reviewed by Lori Sears, The Romance Readers Connection


GREAT READ! “Maybe it’s because I know there is a paranormal/mystical element at work, but Ms. Inman tells her tale with a surreal feeling to it. I wasn’t part of the story…I wasn’t reading the story through Erin’s eyes, but neither was I watching it unfold through Kendra’s eyes. It was almost like I was the judge weighing Kendra’s success or failure. Not an easy task – telling two women’s separate stories through a shared experience. Ms. Inman succeeds.
“Water Goddess” is a romance with a twist. It’s a story that will awake the romantic in us all…even me.” Christine I Speakman, The Muse Book Reviews


“This story is multifaceted, and at one point I was even a bit confused. I completely enjoyed the romance that formed between Daniel and Erin, and I enjoyed traveling with Erin through her emotional healing and self-discovery, but the additional aspects of child abuse and the paranormal aspect were challenging to weed through. I did however love the ending, a happy ever after the rest of the story, was well worth it.” Desiree de Cleves, Enchanting Reviews

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ISBN: 15937419201
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593749200
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 214

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