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Watching Over Me
Karen McMillan
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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What would you do if you lost everything you had ever loved?

In this mesmerizing story of love and loss, Sarah Martin’s idyllic world is shattered when the death of her father sets into motion a series of terrible life-changing events. While fighting to save her father’s bookstore from bankruptcy, Sarah discovers family secrets that tear her and her husband Michael’s lives apart.

Meanwhile Gamaliel, Sarah’s guardian angel, is fighting his own agonizing battles. A broken angel whose last mission to earth failed tragically, he somehow has to find the courage to set foot on earth again in a human body if he is to save Sarah. He has only twenty-four hours to complete his mission. Sarah’s life is on the line, but is Gamaliel up to the job?

Thrilling and compelling, Watching Over Me is an inspirational read that reveals, ultimately, how the power of love can transform lives.

Nothing prepares me for how much I love her. From her first exuberant birth cry, I am captivated. Perfectly formed but still so newly born that she resembles a wrinkled monkey, she waves her tiny hands in the air as though she can’t wait to begin the adventure of life and in that first delirious rush of activity, I know that she is special.

I watch her grow from a newborn babe to an inquisitive and inquiring child. From childhood and adolescence, she emerges as an elegant and poised young woman.

Dipping through the layers of time, I remember a day at random. It is a languid summer’s day. I sit on a rock in the garden, out of view, watching Sarah. She is a ringlet-haired four-year-old with bright emerald eyes and smooth sausage limbs. Carefully, she coaxes a fat green caterpillar onto a leaf. Her brow crinkles with concentration. Biting her bottom lip gently, she nudges the small creature towards its new camouflaged home.

“You’re safe now,” Sarah says. “I’m watching over you.”

This image reminds me of another. I fast-forward my memory banks to a breezy autumn day. I am strolling the inner city streets, Sarah striding a little ahead of me. She is now a striking twenty-four-year-old, with long dark hair and a tall, slender figure. Surrounded by people wearing dark clothing, she is vibrant in red, like a rare butterfly amongst grey moths. She stoops down without warning, and people spill around her, some muttering, as they are forced to detour so as not to collide with her. One young man turns back to stare at her. He has sandy hair, bright sky blue eyes and a smile that seems to envelope his entire body. I watch him watching her as she rescues a caterpillar from its suicide pedestrian path. Sarah bites her bottom lip as she carefully picks up the fat green bug. She places the bug on a small shrub that nestles under one of the giant iron and glass buildings. The man with the clear sky eyes starts to walk towards her. I look deep into his face. Convinced that he is good and true, I turn and I go.

There were times when I am not watching. Moments I miss in her young life. When she is nine, she goes skateboarding with her best friend Mary. I hear all about it later. They were laughing because Sarah had made up a joke about elephants. It didn’t make much sense. “Why did the elephant fall out of the tree? Because he was clumsy.” It seems that Mary laughed so hard that she started to hiccup and Sarah turned back to look at her. Sarah didn’t see the small concrete wall she collided with—a wall broken in one place and as jagged and sharp as a dozen swords. The concrete punched a hole in her knee and the wound went all the way to the bone. Both girls could see the white under the streaming blood. Mary began to cry, but Sarah, face white, her green eyes large with pain, somehow managed a watery smile. “It’ll be all right. You go get my dad and he’ll fix everything.”

But mostly, I am there for every event, be it small or large. Why it seems just a heartbeat later when Sarah is throwing a large bouquet of roses in the air and Mary, striking in long burgundy satin, catches it. Sarah whoops with delight, and in a single fluid motion swirls the train of her white wedding dress out of the path of the overexcited page boy. It is a moment to remember. Sarah leans against her husband, Michael, a handsome man with bright blue eyes, and he kisses her cheek. I can’t take my eyes off this young couple. Michael’s face folds into dimples as he gazes at his beautiful bride. And how Sarah glows! She has never looked more alive, happiness oozing from every pore.

Enough of memories. Now I watch Sarah and I feel helpless. Everything has a season. There is a time for laughter and there is a time for sorrow. And now is the time for unbearable sadness.

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ISBN: 1593747365
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593747367
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 340
Paper Weight (lb): 14.2

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