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Vineyard Mambo
Sarita Leone
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Mambo. Merlot. Murder.
Who killed Milton Falls’ nastiest neighbor? And why? Anna Romeo, vineyard owner and librarian, wants to know.
Used to be doors went unlocked, neighbors visited on porches and gossip centered around who had the biggest zucchini. Now that murder’s come calling all bets are off. Arson, burglary and cryptic tea leaf messages fill Anna’s days—and nights—with love, mystery and adventure.
Can Anna unlock the key to the murder that’s got everyone on edge? And, more importantly, can she do it quickly enough for the annual Zucchini Festival to go on as planned?
Only time—and a bit of luck—will tell.

The phone was ringing as Anna turned the key in the front door lock. Thinking it might be Tony, she dropped her bag in the foyer and hurried across the floor to answer it. Her shoul-der slammed against the kitchen doorframe as she snatched the cordless from the handset.


“Oh! Thank God you’re home!” Diane, Anna’s neighbor and best friend, sounded more breathless than Anna felt—and she’d been the one to scurry in to answer the phone! “What do you think? Do you have any ideas? Can you imagine? Some-thing like this in our town! Nothing ever happens here—or at least it didn’t, not until now. Nothing bigger than that blasted Zucchini Festival, anyway. So, who do you think did it?”

The words came in a rush. Anna leaned her hip against the kitchen table, absently rubbing her injured shoulder.

“Whoa, take a breath. I have no idea what you’re talking about, but you sound like you’re about to give yourself a coronary. Fill me in, please. But really, slow down, okay?”

Anna and Diane had hit it off the instant they’d met. Diane and her husband Don lived in the house nearest Anna and Tony’s. Granted, the next house was half a mile away, but still, it was the closest. When Anna and Tony bought their seen-better-days farmhouse with its vineyard acreage, Diane had been the unofficial welcoming committee. The two women had been as close as sisters for the past five years, de-spite Anna’s calm, quiet nature being in sharp contrast to the other woman’s exuberant personality.

Anna heard a deep breath from the other end of the phone line, first pulled in slowly, and then let out in a whoosh. “Where have you been all day? How could you not already know?”

“I’ve been where I usually am, in the library. You know, my job? Remember?”

“It’s hard to believe you haven’t heard by now. Hasn’t anyone told you?”

Anna sighed, shaking her head. She walked over to the back door, unlocked it and pulled it open. A soft breeze flut-tered a curl against her cheek as she stood before the old-fashioned screen door. “I haven’t seen anyone all day long. The place was silent as a tomb. Now—what are you talking about?”

“The Pilchards,” Diane answered. Her voice caught on the name, and Anna felt her gut twist. Whatever this was, it couldn’t be good.

“Marge and Sam?”

“That’s right. They were found this morning at their house. The newscaster on the radio said they suspect foul play. I don’t know; some sort of intruder or something. Sam is in Good Samaritan Hospital. No one knows yet if he’ll pull through.”

“And Marge?”

“Marge is dead.”

A sheen of perspiration broke out on Anna’s brow at the same instant she felt her body temperature drop. Funny how shock does that, makes a person feel an immediate chill just as sweat first appears.

Anna forced herself to concentrate on what Diane was saying. She listened with growing dismay. The Pilchards were nobody’s favorite couple but this was shocking. Crime was to be expected in large cities, but in a place like this? It was terri-ble, regardless of who the victim was.

One of the reasons Anna and Tony had decided to move back to Milton Falls, where Anna had grown up, was because it seemed the sort of spot least likely to be the setting for any-thing not small-town, middle-America, apple pie-and-baseball-ish. This? This was decidedly un-Gomer Pyle-ish. Anna swallowed hard, waiting for a break in the flood from Diane’s end.

“—you believe it? Murder? Here? Good God, I can barely stand it. I’ve got the kids locked inside the house and I’m just waiting for Don to get home. I won’t feel entirely safe until he’s here, too. Although there’s an old hunting rifle…it was his father’s… Don keeps it in the back of his closet, on the shelf way up high. Do you think I should get it down?”

“Vineyard Mambo by Sarita Leone is a tongue- in- cheek murder mystery. Leone has a talent for mixing humor and murder. I found myself laughing at the way gossip spread throughout the community. I live in a small town, and everyone always knows everyone else’s business. The supporting characters added realism to the plot. Anna’s character is entertaining. Fans of suspense will not want to miss Vineyard Mambo.” 4 Stars! Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


"Vineyard Mambo was a great "palate cleanser". Ms. Leone tells the heartwarming story of family, community, and the love between a man, woman, and a cat. Anna was well known and loved in her community. She made sure her friends were safe and knew that they were important in her life. Tony was an alpha male and protector of his family. I loved the fact that he made sure that Anna was always protected and he did it in such a way that she never felt smothered. Their love for each other was genuine and the way Ms. Leone portrayed it made you feel like you were part of their community and a dear friend. The cast of secondary characters also wrapped you in and made you feel at home. I recommend this book for those days when you feel a little down and out because it will definitely surround you in a warm blanket of love and friendship." Rating: B+ - Reviewed by Shira, Simply Romance Reviews


"Well described settings serve as the stage for interesting, lifelike characters whose interaction with each other moves the story along quite nicely. Talented author Sarita Leone has crafted a fun read that will please any mystery fan.

Recommended as a worthwhile read that will satisfy the mystery fan looking for a story that offers something a little different. Definitely not a clone of other tales. Enjoy. I did." - Anne K. Edwards, Mysteryfiction.net


5 Angels and a Recommended Read from Fallen Angel Reviews! "Vineyard Mambo is a must read. Talk about a fun book. The first thing I noticed was the title of each chapter, for example Hot Waffle Kisses or how about Grilled Pizza and Cold Leads. Nonno has a secret romance going on with someone in town. The ending was a happy as well as a good one. As I was reading I could just about picture myself living in Milton Falls.

Sarita Leone is such a wonderful prolific writer. I can’t wait to read more books by this author." - Reviewed by: Cheryl, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Full of likable characters, Vineyard Mambo is like a glass of good wine. Its pace is slow and leisurely, letting the reader settle into Tony and Anna's life. Reminiscent of The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, pieces of the mystery are revealed throughout with Anna piecing it all together. While the writing and characters are good, the tension is low-key making Vineyard Mambo less of a page-turner than many mysteries on the market." - Vee, Night Owl Romance Reviews


4 Books! "Vineyard Mambo" by Sarita Leone combines the best of the cozy mystery genre with romance. Busy, multi-tasking heroine Anna does not need to take time out of her busy schedule to gossip about gardening for heaven sakes -but when its murder, she makes time. Well written, very readable, and
unpredictable: You don't want to miss out on this wonderful mystery/romance, not to mention the unique local zucchini festival. Brisk Dialogue and strong characters make this story memorable!” – Reviewed by Snapdragon, The Long And Short of It Reviews

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ISBN: 1603131407
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603131407
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 270
Paper Weight (lb): 11.4

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