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Until Death Do Us Part
Incognito Series 2

Karen Wiesner
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Network operatives Kirsten Ulrick and Ash Barnett have sacrificed their personal identities to live in the shadows and uphold justice for all—no matter the cost.
Captain Shannon McKee has restored order to the Network, a covert government agency. However, corrupt former Head of Operations, Giles Jameson is MIA, intent on destroying the reporters who uncovered his corruption. Operatives Kirsten Ulrick and Ash Barnett go undercover to protect Raven Harris and her husband from their seemingly invisible enemy.
When Raven and Casey Harris lost their child to a supposed accident, they lost their marriage as well. Raven and Casey live together as guilt-ridden strangers, afraid to love and trust each other again...and just as afraid to let go of the bond they once shared. When Raven’s life is threatened because of evidence she and her partner uncovered on a dangerously corrupt man of power, and old, unhealed wounds are pierced again, Raven and Casey must renew their vows or let go forever...dead or alive.
Ash and Kirsten accept that they can’t protect the Harris’ without becoming involved in their lives, but seeing the couples’ pain reflects their own private torment. For them, there is no life and no love, only duty.

“Is my jet ready?” The distant sound of Network Oversight Head Shannon McKee’s voice—flinty, uncompromising, yet feminine—was followed by an impatient growl for the person she spoke to on the other end of the phone line.

While eavesdropping from her hiding place in McKee’s house, Kirsten Ulrick found herself even more confused about the mission she’d been called into literally at the eleventh hour. She knew only that Captain Shannon McKee, 1st in Command in the covert organization they both served, was in danger.

“How much longer?” McKee demanded after a short pause in the phone conversation. “Belay that. As soon as I’ve packed, I’ll head to the hangar myself.”

Kirsten’s commanding superior, Angelo Pluzetti, wasn’t far from her in the darkness of McKee’s kitchen, and she would follow his lead, even if it was blindly this time. As one of the highest ranking operatives in the Network, Kirsten knew this mission could lead to greater things for her. But she wasn’t thinking about any of that now. Her mind was fully on the task at hand.

From the living room, McKee’s voice softened slightly. “I’ll take all necessary precautions. Expedite preparations on your end.”

A soft beep was followed by more dialing, then another growl of frustration. Then McKee’s footsteps came suddenly closer, and Kirsten tensed in her position near the broom cabinet until she realized the rapid click of heels crossed over her head. McKee was going upstairs, probably to pack.

Seconds later, the anticipated burst of static from Kirsten’s earpiece told her it was time to move in. Instantly she rose. She strode swiftly through the room, knowing where she was going even in the darkness with the aid of her night vision goggles, and she worked even quicker to disable the house security system. Angelo had to know as well as she did that Shannon McKee had had a lifetime of special operations training before she took over the organization—it wouldn’t take her long to realize she wasn’t alone.

Almost imperceptibly came the swish of movement nearby. The lights in the living room and hall went out abruptly. Shannon had detected them.

Task completed, Kirsten flew soundlessly into her final position, holding her gun out in front of her. McKee fired, but it was clear she knew their position just as well as they knew hers because she missed intentionally. Kirsten had no doubt she’d aimed—to miss—at Angelo, who came out of hiding, his sheer size and muscular build silhouetted in Kirsten’s goggles.

“You could have knocked on the front door, Angelo,” Shannon muttered dryly.

As Kirsten waited for Angelo’s command, she conceded what she’d suspected all day. The Network had been breached at some point after she heeded Angelo’s call to come to him without question and without telling anyone, and that meant no one was safe. As Head of the Oversight Committee governing the organization, Shannon would be the first one targeted. The Network was a covert organization playing a vital role in the survival of the human race in a time when terrorist groups and criminals were running rampant. If the Network was disabled... The nation’s security hung in the balance.

Like any organization, the Network was funded by and answered to the government. The only difference between the Network and the FBI or CIA was that the Network was completely anonymous in the world. Very few knew of its existence. Because it didn’t answer to the public, it took over effectively where regular law enforcement left off. Justice could be served without interference. But keeping the organization anonymous was an everyday battle that they upheld at any cost.

Angelo, Master Strategist and Network Recruiter, lowered his gun at the same moment McKee did.

“It’s been ten hours since I’ve been in communication with the Network. The signal’s been blocked. What the hell’s going on?” McKee demanded.

"If putting down NO ORDINARY LOVE, Book 1 of the Incognito Series, seems impossible, then Book 2, UNTIL DEATH DO US PART, is sure to provoke an addiction for Karen Wiesner's storytelling! Action packed, with every twist and turn...UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is another fabulous story by Karen Wiesner...!" ~Pamela Faye for Rolling Seas Reviews


"NO! NO! NO! was exactly what I was yelling when I got to the end as I realized Karen had done it once again--left me with that you-can't-leave-me-hanging-like-this feeling.The ending of UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a beautiful segue into the next novel in the Incognito Series and it left me literally screaming for more. Once again Karen Wiesner's magic is apparent in this novel. While it is a wonderful novel full of intrigue, betrayal and mystery, it is the characters that take on a life of their own. The reader is drawn to these strong people with everyday problems. Karen Wiesner has a knack for making her characters real. UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is a dynamic title for this novel. To risk loving someone could very well mean a bullet to the brain for one of the operatives of The Network. Ashton Barnett and Kirsten Ulrick are two members of the covert and secret organization who are willing to take the Until Death Us Do Part chance. I can't wait for the next book to continue this story."
~Dawn Myers for Writers Unlimited


5 Beacons! "I didn't think Karen Wiesner's books could get any better and then I read UNTIL DEATH DO US PART. This series about a secret, seemingly inhuman organization had to have just the right amount of emotion to keep the reader interested and the author has done that and more! A perfect combination of loyalty to one's position and the inability to live without human contact, love and feeling. This second book, which was expertly segued by book one, has me panting for number three. There is never a dull moment in the Network. Karen Wiesner has me believing in this organization one hundred percent. I love how even the character names seem to fit the situation and surroundings perfectly. This entire series is highly recommended. and I haven't even read them all yet!" ~Lighthouse Literary Reviews


5 Cups! "I have just found my new favorite suspense author! It is no wonder that UNTIL DEATH DO US PART took third place in the L-Edit Slip contest. This story ably demonstrates the professionalism Ms Wiesner brings to her writing. The entire book showcases her talent brilliantly, a seamless plot that held me in its grip, realistic scenarios and dialogue, and a skill with language that took me out of merely reading a book and transported me through the world she created. I read on, despite the need for sleep, spellbound from first page to last, gasping outrage even while accepting that there could be no other 'ending' than the one presented. I only hope the next book in this series of five will include an update on Kirsten and Ash as they come to terms with being torn between duty, loyalty to the Network and their love for each other."
~Caro for Coffee Time Romance

4 1/2 stars! "Once again Karen Wiesner produces a non-stop thriller jam-packed with all the elements of mystery, suspense, romance, cliffhanger moments, and heartstopping excitement. I highly recommend this entire series, which function either in the context of the series, or as stand-alone novels. If you're seeking a suspenseful story which throws you into the heart of the matter from the first sentence, and keeps you turning the pages long after your disbelief is suspended and you've forgotten you are reading the story, not living it, then pick up a Karen Wiesner book!"

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ISBN: 1593746970
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593746977
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 336
Paper Weight (lb): 14.2

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