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Unmoving Unseen
Frederick T. Krause
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John Keller is seconds away from a horrible death, but dying is something he will not easily accept. John has a power that he was unaware of. A power few people possess. Through a combination of fear and an extreme degree of self-preservation, John wills himself out of his body. He is now a member of a small group unknown to the living world. He is a “Bail-out.” This can only happen if a person bails out in a moment they were sure death was eminent, but they wouldn’t have actually died. Their physical body remains in coma while they are left to wander naked and invisible until their body dies. One thing separates John from the rest of the Bail-outs. His body is not in coma. His body is walking and talking and – killing. John’s wife takes her children and goes on the run and the physical John hunts them. The real John sets out on a quest to acquire a body and stop the imposter before it’s too late. He will have to overcome dangerous obstacles and deceive trusted friends. Who will find his family first? Two men determined to affect opposing outcomes. One is driven by love and revenge, the other, by pure hatred and an uncontrollable desire to kill.

A drop of sweat slid off John Keller’s brow and into his eye. It stung, and he rubbed it until it stopped. He smiled at his wife, and then kissed her forehead. He always did that when he knew she was scared or worried about something. This time, like so many others, she was worried for his safety.

John the daredevil was what she knew he was, and she called him Superman. He was always looking for exciting and dangerous ways to get his blood pumping faster, harder and today was the final day of John’s latest blood pumping adventure. He’d built a vehicle he believed would break the land speed record. He stood next to his torpedo-shaped rocket with wheels, looking through the endless heat waves stretching out and dancing across the desert, blurring the horizon. His wife Kathleen and five trusted friends helped him haul the vehicle he’d named ‘Lightspeed’—and Kathleen called the ‘Bomb’— out to the Black Rock desert in Nevada. It was a hot day and the air was still; a perfect day to test the bomb.

Kathleen ordered John and his adrenaline-junkie buddies to pose next to their design while she focused her camera. She winked at John. “Everyone say ‘dead meat’!” They all did, and she snapped the picture.

John stared at his wife. He truly loved her, everything about her. Her black hair falling just past her shoulders and shining like an onyx stone in the brilliant sunlight. Her bright crystal-blue eyes and white skin, which she protected from the sun. She’d stopped trying to tan because the result was always a burn. He even loved the scar on the back of her neck, extending from her right shoulder to just under her left arm pit. When she was seventeen, some friends had talked her into jumping off a forty-foot cliff into a lake. She’d hit the water perfectly straight, like a dart being dropped—only to be cut open badly on an old sunken automobile that nobody knew was there. That squashed any desire she might have had to join Superman on one of his daredevil antics.

John was especially in love with her quick wit and humor, which kept family and friends on their toes, afraid that they might be the object of one of her harmless, but embarrassing pranks.

They’d met while John was in his last year of college. She was a freelance photographer getting pictures for a skydiving magazine. She’d zoomed in on an especially creative free faller, who turned out to be the man she would fall in love with and marry. That was eleven years and two children ago.

Shortly after they met, John started calling her Kat. For some reason it didn’t bother her when he said it, but it was like fingernails on a chalkboard coming from anyone else.

John was a very intelligent kid. He’d graduated at age seventeen and went straight to college. With degrees in electrical engineering and computer programming, John didn’t have any trouble finding work. But he didn’t care to work for others, so he started a software company of his own. They struggled for several years, living on Kat’s freelance photography until their company, which they named KELTEC, took off. The business grew quickly, and so did their family.

First born was Bryon, and at age twelve he was in some ways a carbon copy of his mother. He had her black hair and blue eyes—also her optimistic outlook and never-ending sense of humor. Next to come was Christine. Chris was nine and she too looked like her mother, though she had her father’s personality. She was inquisitive to a fault and always looking for new excitement.

5 Lips From Two Lips Review

“Unmoving, Unseen is an exciting debut novel which bodes well for the future writings of new author Frederick T. Krause. Packed with non-stop intrigue speeding at roller-coaster pace, the story will enchant readers of all interests. The characters and their backgrounds are well explored, and the dialogue is rendered with a fine ear. Settings are vivid and appealing, and the emotional states of all the characters are delineated with a deft touch.
Kudos to Mr. Krause for his fine achievement in Unmoving, Unseen.” – Frost, Two Lips Reviews


Four Hearts!

"John Keller is Kathleen’s husband and father to two children. He is an adrenaline junkie. His passion is building the fastest vehicle and breaking the world’s record for land speed. His nick name is Superman. He is kind and loving. John loves his wife and children very much.

Kathleen Keller is the wife of John Kathleen. She is scared that something might happen to John with his crazy ideas and stunts.

John takes off in his invention ”Light-speed”. That’s when things go horribly wrong. He crashes and out of fright he jumps out of his body. Another person jumps in and takes over John’s body. This man is a serial killer and is bent on continuing his work, starting with John’s family. Somehow, John must stop this mad man before all he loves is killed. But, the journey is a hard one.
And the fight between life and death is hard.

Unmoving, Unseen is a superb story about what could happen in the afterlife and in this life. Unmoving, Unseen has just enough scary parts to make you jump and wonder what if. I think Frederick T. Krause has a winner on his hands." –Reviewed by Windrain, Sensual Reads And Reviews

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ISBN: 1593743775
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593743772
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 292
Paper Weight (lb): 12.2

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