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Tales From The Treasure Trove 4
Jewels Of The Quill
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Eight DISTINCTIVE AUTHORS offer new, short, exciting Tales from the Treasure Trove—each featuring a sparkling jewel!

Eight COMPELLING COUPLES discover romance, suspense, forces of nature, or the supernatural.

Eight ENTERTAINING SITUATIONS feature destined lovers, wild men of the past and present, deadly gems…or even creatures of fantasy come to life!

Woman Cast in Amber (The Amber Chronicles, Book 1) by Janet Lane Walters:
The rulers of the kingdom of Rivand are under a curse because an early king refused to give his heart to the Witch of the Woods. Five hundred years later, Hugh Riva, the prince and only child of the current king is given Emme as a body slave. She was found near the Witch’s Woods and though young, has the black hair and blue eyes of the witch. She lives with Hugh and falls in love with him. As the time of the testing arrives, they venture into the woods. Hugh must choose between love and comfort. Should he choose a comfortable life, Emme will be cast in amber.

Turquoise Twilight (North of Nonesuch Series, Book 3) Jane Toombs:
Talissa Hunter takes her dream-of-a-lifetime trip to European vampire country and is disappointed not to meet any “creatures of fantasy” as her friend calls them. In a romantic encounter on the way home, she rescues what she believes is a wounded man. What a pleasant surprise when he turns up at her place in North Of Nonesuch Country! But what will happen when she discovers what he really is?

Blood of Amethyst (Woodcutters Grim Series—Classic Tales of Horror Retold, Book 2) by Karen Wiesner:
For the ten generations since the evil first came to Woodcutter’s Grim, the Guardians have sworn an oath to protect the town from the childhood horrors that lurk in the black woods. Without them, the town would be defenseless…and the terrors would escape to the world at large.
A blood-curdling answer as to why the childhood-nightmare creature Rumpelstiltskin so wanted a child of his own...
Amethyst Phillip’s father—her only family—disappears in Woodcutter Grim’s evil woods. Town Sheriff and Guardian Gabe Reece sends out a search party and eventually they find the body, completely drained of blood. A devastated Amethyst refuses to do anything but carry on all by herself in the isolated area she grew up.
But something strange is happening, and Gabe realizes it every time he drops by to check on the woman who’s held his heart for long years. She’s grown pale, cold. She’s sleeping all the time, waking only in the night, when her taste for blood overwhelms her. Then Gabe becomes aware that something in the woods is calling to her, something that’s stealing her life... Gabe will face his deadliest foe yet when the woman he loves falls prey to a nameless creature who wants her very soul.

Petals of a Topaz Jewel by Carrie S. Masek:
Beth Collins, a middle-aged widow juggling career, family responsibilities and personal needs, answers a singles’ ad, and finds herself on a date with a charming younger man who may just be the Rose Petal Slasher.

Sapphire Dreams (Sapphire Palace Series, Book 1) by Nancy Pirri:
James Freeman is Bozeman’s new Marshal and has plans to close down every brothel in town, including Kate O’Malley’s Sapphire Palace. Kate has the fight of her life on her hands—convincing James she’s running a legitimate establishment, a saloon, diner, and boarding house.

Saurian Bloodstone (The Saurian Series, Book 3) by Cassie Walder:
After being repatriated to Sauria, Mina finds herself overwhelmed by simply fitting into her race’s homeworld. Everything she’s ever wanted is offered to her. But all she wants is Lucian’s love.

The Tanzanite Return (sequel to “The Tanzanite Curse”) by C.J. Winters:
In 2016, on their thirtieth birthday, psychic identical twins Tabitha and Tanya Beaufort spot an expensive pair of tanzanite earrings. They recall the fabulous cursed tanzanite once owned by their mother, but mesmerized by the glorious gems, they buy the earrings and have them reset as pendants.
Each twin soon meets and accepts a new man into her life. Tabitha’s friend, Clive, is a detective, and Tanya’s is Nick, a newspaperman. Tabitha has a radio talk show called Hear Tabby in Kansas City, and Tanya works with her. Life looks very rosy.

"In TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume IV, eight accomplished authors join forces and mix their diverse creative talents in an anthology that's sure to have at least one memorable story for those who enjoy the romance genre in its many varied forms. The anthology begins with "Woman Cast in Amber" by Janet Lane Walters, which loops the reader into its fairytale-like world. This particular story has the feel of setting up for something greater to come in its ongoing Amber Chronicles series, and from the enticing snippet "Woman Cast in Amber" offers, it'll be a series worth keeping an eye on for future installments.

"The paranormal romance of "Turquoise Twilight", Book 3 in the North of Nonesuch Series by Jane Toombs follows next featuring Talissa Hunter embarking on a free vacation to Romania with hopes for excitement and adventure, and she gets just that when she saves handsome Englishman, Marcus Zugaric, from death in a mysterious fog. The charming and witty Talissa does make it a worthwhile read.

"As in any anthology, some stories are stronger than others, and one of the strongest in this one is that of Karen Wiesner's "Blood of Amethyst", an engaging romantic horror that's a gruesome retelling of the fairytale Rumpelstiltskin where the evilness of the creature has long terrorized the people of the small town, Woodcutter's Grim. With its well written characters and vivid descriptive details, it's a story will chill the reader's spine while it's being read and haunt their mind well after it's been finished.

"One of the shorter stories "Petals of a Topaz Jewel", a work of suspense by Carrie S. Masek, also delivers some of the strongest emotion. With its twist at the end, this is a story that when the last page is read, the reader wants to see more because Beth is a character who's that easy to like, that realistic, and that interesting.

"In Nancy Pirri's historical romance, "Sapphire Dreams", the reader is taken back in time to Bozeman, Montana in 1881. With its period dialogue, historical details, and enjoyable characters, "Sapphire Dreams" is another of the strongest stories in the anthology, and as it states in the beginning that it's Book 1 in the Sapphire Palace Series, it seems that author Pirri will treat readers to more of her work soon.

"One of the most unique tales is that of the science fiction/paranormal piece, "Saurian Bloodstone" by Cassie Walder, which is Book 3 of The Saurian Series.
As it seems to be an ongoing series, "Saurian Bloodstone" does a fine job in setting up the culture of its alien world. It ends on a particularly interesting note that's sure to have readers looking for the next installment.

"The paranormal romance "The Tanzanite Return" by C.J. Winters is a sequel to an earlier work titled, "The Tanzanite Curse". This one is an interesting story of Tabitha Beaufort, a radio talk show host, and her twin sister, Tanya.
Fortunately, not being familiar with the first piece doesn't hinder the enjoyment of this one as it provides adequate back story and is really a work that can stand on its own.

"The anthology rounds out with Book 1 of Christine DeSmet's Men of Moonstone Series, the romantic mystery, "The Moonstone Fire". "The Moonstone Fire" is also dubbed a humorous mystery, and while it does have its lighthearted moments, it also tackles issues that are very heartrending as John is a disabled veteran from Afghanistan, making it one of the more deeply emotional stories featured. "All in all, TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume IV does a wonderful job in showcasing an eclectic mix of fine authors and their works.
In having so many different styles together, it allows readers who may not otherwise pick up a certain genre, to get a little taste of it and discover a new type of storytelling they may enjoy. For fans of romance, strong heroines and brave heroes, TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume IV has much to offer."
- Reviewed by Shannon Frost for TCM Reviews


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ISBN: 1603131384
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603131384
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 412
Paper Weight (lb): 17.1

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