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Tales From The Treasure Trove 2
Jewels Of The Quill
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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SIX DISTINCTIVE AUTHORS offer new, short, exciting Tales from the Treasure Trove—each featuring a sparkling jewel!

SIX COMPELLING COUPLES discover romance, magic, suspense, danger, second chances, forbidden love, and the supernatural.

SIX ENTERTAINING SITUATIONS feature psychic lovers, spinsters and rogues, shape-shifters, topless touring boats, mysterious jewels…and even humans as an endangered species!

GARNET LAKE by Liz Hunter (Troubled Waters Series, Book 2) romantic suspense
LeeAnn Armstrong is reeling from back-to-back blows: she’s lost her job of 12 years with a Chicago ad agency, and even worse, she’s lost her beloved grandmother. LeeAnn seeks solace in the Northern Wisconsin cabin Gramma bequeathed her on Garnet Lake, where she spent summers growing up. Former Milwaukee policeman Mike Hastings is licking his wounds at his parents’ home on Garnet Lake after the death of his wife and two children. He’s vindicated their deaths, having sent the drug kingpin responsible for their deaths to prison. Now Mike lives day-to-day with his sorrow. When he reads an article in the local paper that LeeAnn is back and looking for a handyman, he volunteers. The article includes the mystery surrounding a fabulous garnet ring that her grandfather named the lake after, claiming the sunset turned the water into garnet sparkles. Mike was LeeAnn’s first love, first lover, first heartache. Despite the grief in their past, she’s grateful to have him around now since someone seems determined to find the garnet ring and is willing to kill for it. Will love heal their emotional wounds and keep them safe?

_THE TURQUOISE CAT by Jane Toombs (North of Nonesuch Series, Book 1) paranormal romance
When an eccentric great-aunt dies, Olivia Sumner unexpectedly inherits her old mansion on Lake Superior, plus an odd turquoise curio of a creature half human, half cougar. With no idea of what this talisman means, she faces a terrible danger, one she never dreamed could exist. Is Raoul DeKalb, the enigmatic DNR officer, on her side, or is he part of the danger?

_FOR THE LOVE OF SAPPHIRE by Nancy Pirri american historical
Spinster school teacher Sapphire Jameson learns that her brother, George, has wagered away his inheritance and is begging for hers as well since the debt hasn’t been paid in full. Sapphire leaves her teaching position at a New York City school and arrives in St. Louis, ready to straighten things out. Her heart beats wildly at the idea of being indebted to her brother’s childhood friend Patrick—the very man she’d been engaged to eight years ago. She’d broken their engagement, believing neighborhood gossip about his possible involvement with another woman. Sapphire has learned from her brother that Patrick’s wife died four years ago in childbirth, leaving him sons to raise. Patrick needs a nanny for the boys. He offers the position to Sapphire to help her pay off her brother’s debt. She’s never forgiven him for his betrayal, but, with no other choice, she accepts.
Having Sapphire in his home, Patrick wants nothing more than to win her into his arms, his bed, and his heart again. His heart’s desire is to make this precious jewel his own.

_THE AMETHYST STAR by Karen Wiesner futuristic romance

4 1/2 stars! "Six of the 12 award-winning authors who comprise the Jewels of the Quill are present in this anthology and entertain with each story. Settings are in the past, present and future--and the stories are a mixture of the funny, happy and sad--but all resonate with love and hope from the common focal point of the jewel." ~Donna M. Brown for Romantic Times BOOKreviews


"Every treasure chest holds one special gem. A sparkling jewel in a crown filled with glinting reflections. "Misbehavin' In Moonstone" by author Christine DeSmet is a ruby of romantic comedy not to be missed. Another jewel in this Anthology is "Garnet Lake," a romantic suspense by author Liz Hunter. "The Turquoise Cat" by author Jane Toombs is a paranormal romance that has the fur standing up on Mask's
back. "For the Love of Sapphire" by author Nancy Pirri is another gem. "The Amethyst Star" by author Karen Wiesner adds paranormal intensity to the treasure trove of romance stories. "Heart of Obsidian" by author Michele Bradsley is for those who dream of love as first sight. TALES FROM THE TREASURE TROVE, Volume II is a romance lovers delight of short stories!" ~Reviewed by Candy Lane for Rolling Seas Reviews


"This anthology is even better than the first Treasure Trove volume, if that is possible! Six famous authors have put together six fabulous stories that readers will never forget! Here is romance in all its wild and crazy forms, be they set in the past, present, or future. (The wind whispered in my ear that a third volume is due for release early 2007. I can hardly wait!) If you miss out on this novel, then you miss out on one of the best anthologies of the entire year." ~Reviewed by Detra Fitch for Huntress Reviews


3 1/2 crowns "Overall, this was a very solid selection of stories and the varied types of plots will keep the readers' interest. Tastes vary but all should find within this tome a jewel that they will treasure. "Garnet Lake" by Liz Hunter (4.5 crowns): This is a charming story of first loves that find each other and fall in love again. Readers will thrill at the rediscovery right along with the main characters. The hero's sweet protective ways are sure to please, as does the answers to the mystery. "The Turquoise Cat" by Jane Toombs (4.5 crowns): The hero's affliction was very well portrayed and it was fascinating to read about the unclear memories that assailed him with each episode. Both characters were well drawn with the background history adding an understanding of their natures. This was a gentle romance that managed to be satisfying and endear at the same time. Ms Toombs built up a good paranormal romantic suspense. "For the Love of Sapphire" by Nancy Pirri (3 crowns): The characters were written well. Flashes of humor and pleasant reminiscing of Sapphire and Patrick did add appeal. "The Amethyst Star" by Karen Wiesner (4 crowns): There was much to be explained regarding the different beings and the severely regulated human social order to give a good basis for this story. Ms. Wiesner was certainly up to the task. Readers of futuristic and alien romance should well enjoy this tale. "Heart of Obsidian" by Michele Bardsley (2 crowns): Sophie's character as an angel helping her sibling find the true love that she had not found for herself during her life made for an interesting premise. "Misbehavin' in Moonstone" by Christine DeSmet (3 crowns): ...readers...will enjoy the more obvious style of humor. The descriptions of food...were quite tempting." ~Realms of Love


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ISBN: 1593745176
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745172
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 292
Paper Weight (lb): 12.4

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