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Soul Savers
Donna McGillivray
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Imagine inheriting millions of dollars from a stranger. Then imagine a condition that requires you to help a ghost find a way to leave earth and go on to eternity. A ghost that has been hanging around for fifty years trying to right a wrong, and a father that spent his life attempting to send his son’s soul to peace. Imagine that your benefactor is not a stranger, but a crucial part of your life. Finally, imagine an irrepressible attraction to the person you have to live and work with complicating your quest. These are the challenges Raechel Martin and Alexander Forrest face in SOUL SAVERS.

Feeling eyes on him, Alex looked up and saw Dean. “Look, Buddy, we’re doing the best we can. Can’t you give us some real help?” he pleaded.

Dean drifted back upstairs, but Alex neglected to follow him. If he had, he would have found Dean floating, just between the two bedrooms he and Raechel slept in.

Alex was seeing Dean more and more often. He had the feeling Dean was betting on him to find the answer and that puzzled and concerned him. He found himself talking to the ghost like they were old friends. Seeing him again floating just to the right of him, Alex spoke aloud. “Look, Dean, we have your birth certificate, death certificate, and a copy of the papers on this house. We even found out your mother died shortly before you moved here from Minnesota. Why did you do it, Dean? Why did you walk into the lake right after Christmas? You knew you were going to die. What happened that was so bad you couldn’t deal with it?”

“Talking to Dean again, Alex?” Raechel laughed and plopped down on the chair. “Did he tell you what the big mystery is yet?”

“Hey, you’re back. Look, you may think this is all fun and games, but the sooner we solve this, the sooner we’re out of here, and I for one am tired of being holed up in this place.”

“Take it easy, Alex. I was just teasing you.”

“I know, and I’m not really tired of being in Sheffield Manor, I just got lonely today and Dean was the only one around to talk to.” Lifting his hand, he tucked a strand of hair behind his ear that had pulled free of his ponytail and faked a pout.

What he wasn’t saying was that he was finding it hard to be in Raechel’s company day in and day out without touching her, holding her, making love with her. He wanted her and he was confident that she wanted him too. That was evident in the kisses they shared and the electricity flowing between them, but a romp in bed was one thing, having to get up and live with that person day after day was something entirely different. Until he could resolve his feelings for her, he couldn’t allow the lust to take over. There had to be more than that. So, he would bide his time and keep searching and talking to Dean. There had to be a way to put Dean’s soul to rest, along with Jonathon’s, if he were around. Alex hadn’t seen Jonathon, but it was very possible he was in residence as well.

“Dean’s not such bad company, Alex. We can figure it out, and if not, we both walk away wealthy for our time spent here.”

“Don’t you even care?” Alex raised his voice in frustration.

Tears rolled down Raechel’s cheeks at Alex’s harsh words. Turning her head and wiping them away, she said, “Of course I care. Poor Dean. You see him floating there with that sad face of his. He’s been doing this for fifty years. What could he have possibly done to keep him in this kind of torment for so long? It keeps me awake nights trying to figure out what to do.” Rising from the chair she had just sat in, Raechel bolted out of the room.

Alex wanted to follow and comfort her, but he knew that if he tried to comfort her, he would be compelled to touch her face, her hair and before he knew it, they would be kissing again, and this time he thought he just might entice her to his bed. Alex was certain that she wanted him too. It would be impossible not to see that she felt the same passion he did when they kissed, and how she avoided being alone with him. Making love with Raechel was becoming an obsession with him. If he couldn’t have her body soon, he thought he might explode.

Leaning against the doorframe and debating whether he would follow Raechel or stay put, he mumbled, “Well, you’ve done it now, Alex. You made her cry. She’s gonna be pissed with you for a good long time. Well, maybe that’s for the best. We need to stay out of each other’s way for a while.”

“Soul Savers by Donna McGillivary is a delightful read. The plot is entertaining. Alex and Raechel played well off each other. My one criticism was the conversation. It seemed contrived in places. The supporting characters are well-done. Fans of romance will not want to miss this one.” 4 Stars!
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


“Neither Rae nor Alex has any idea why they would be summoned to attend the reading of a will of a man they never heard of, but the two strangers find themselves required to first spend a weekend in his home, and then, in order to receive a hefty bequest, they are to live in it for two years and during that time, attempt to lay to rest two troubled souls haunting it. Seeing the potential uses for the money, both want to do good with it, they agree and find both their residence and the company more than agreeable, for the most part. However, their quest is one that often proves frustrating. The ghosts need their help, but Alex and Rae are stumped until they find a breakthrough that will have profound implications for their own lives. This was both a fun read and a moving one. Without being sappy, it was sweet. The author's use of words paints vivid images in your mind and makes the entire situation seem like something that could happen.” Amanda Kilgore, independent reviewer


4.5 Hearts Out of 5! “I enjoyed this paranormal story by Ms. McGillivray because she successfully entwined the paranormal side of the story to a mysterious side. She had you wondering what was going on with poor Rae and Alex and at the same time lured you into turning the pages to find out more of what was happening to everyone. She had me guessing right up to the end how all these puzzle pieces were going to fit together. This was a fun read for me because I felt as if I was another character in the story. If you want a paranormal story with mysterious happenings sprinkled throughout, this is definitely a story you don’t want to pass up.” – Diana Coyle, Night Owl Romance Reviews


“Donna McGillivray does a wonderful job of drawing her readers into Soul Savers. As the past unfolds, you begin to see a large picture that to be honest is not what I expected going into the story. This was a thoroughly enjoyable read with well written yet not overbearing romantic scenes. Not to mention a cool twist that had me stopping to say “Holy Crap…” This is defiantly a story I would recommend to friends who enjoy all genre of romantic novel as it combines paranormal, mystery, and romance in a contemporary setting.”

~Reviewed by Cassie, Simply Romance Reviews

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ISBN: 1603131056
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603131056
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 252
Paper Weight (lb): 10.6

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