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Snapping turtle's Honor
Sherry Derr-Wille
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Snapping Turtle knew Makisa would be his wife the first time he saw her. His only problem was, how could he make the daughter of a Shaman fall in love with a willing captive amongst her people?

Although promised to another, Makisa felt the pull of her heartstrings when she first saw Snapping Turtle. It didn’t matter if he was a captive, or a free man, he made her feel differently than she had ever felt before. When her promised husband is banished because of his treatment of her, she turns to Snapping Turtle for love and security.

With their marriage, and the child that is coming with the changing color of the leaves, one more obstacle stands in the way of their happiness. With the return of the buffalo, so will Makisa’s brother, Atiko, and Snapping Turtle’s brother, Hawk, return. Can their love stand the test of family loyalty?

"We must have the Spirit Woman!" Hawk declared at the counsel meeting.

As usual when his brother began ranting on something, Snapping Turtle quit listening. He wished the man from the village to their west had never come to them. If he had not come with stories of the woman from the future that gave life back to the dead, Hawk would not be so obsessed with having her.

Snapping Turtle knew why Hawk wanted the woman's power, but he did not approve. Hawk's daughter, Little Duck, was a beautiful loving child, but she was different from the other children of the village. Snapping Turtle knew Hawk wanted the evil spirits driven from her body. In reality, Snapping Turtle wanted the child to remain the same. He loved her dearly, just as she was.

"We need to find a way to bring the Spirit Woman here for Hawk," Buffalo Calf said, making Snapping Turtle realize everyone but his brother's best friend and he had left the counsel.

"You know why he wants her here as well as I do. I fear if we bring her to our village, the outcome will be that Little Duck is hurt."

"How can driving out the evil spirit hurt the child?"

"What if this woman cannot drive the spirit from Little Duck? I am not like Hawk. I love her for who she is. There is no need to seek such changes."

"You see only the surface reason. Hawk realizes how special Little Duck is. He worries about the child in Prairie Flower's belly. We need to raid the village to the west of us and bring the Spirit Woman to him."

Snapping Turtle shook his head and walked away from Buffalo Calf. The man wanted to please his friend no matter what the consequences. Why did Buffalo Calf not think back to the last time the people raided a village? Did he so easily forget how the enemy had captured Snapping Turtle's uncle, Sly Coyote, then murdered him in front of the people? Snapping Turtle had been but a small child, but he still saw his uncle die within his dreams.

"You have a pensive look on your face, Little Brother," Hawk said breaking into Snapping Turtle's thought. "Are you thinking of how we can obtain the Spirit Woman for our village?"

"I fear this is something that will tear us apart. I understand the reasons for your motives, but what if the woman cannot change Little Duck? What if she cannot keep Prairie Flower's unborn child safe from the spirits that hold Little Duck? If she does not do what you want will you kill her the way our enemy did Sly Coyote?"

"You know me better than that."

Do I? Ever since my brother has heard of the existence of this Spirit Woman, he has not been the same. Am I the only one who can see this? Have our friends gone blind to this change?

"I fear the brother I love has disappeared. Until he returns I am sorry to say I do not know you at all."

Without waiting for an answer Snapping Turtle turned from his brother. He could not stand to see the look of despair in Hawk's eyes.

Three days later, Snapping Turtle found himself caught up in the idea of a raid on the village where the Spirit Woman resided. With his best friends Spotted Pony and Wildcat both excited about going, Snapping Turtle realized he needed to go along to watch out for them.
Early in the morning, before the sun crested the eastern horizon, six men left the village. They headed west toward the encampment where they knew the Spirit Woman would be found.
By midday, they were deep in the forest. Unlike the others, Snapping Turtle still questioned the prudence of this venture. It had been a long time since anyone from their people went on a raid. At least Buffalo Calf had insisted they not go into the sleeping village heavily armed. Should the unthinkable happen and they get captured, at least their captors would not see them as a physical threat.

Unlike his companions, Snapping Turtle had a feeling of dread. He knew he should have refused to go with his friends. Unfortunately, by following his conscience he would be branded a coward.

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ISBN: 1593741533
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593741533
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 252
Paper Weight (lb): 10.8

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