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Small Gifts
Christmas Anthology

Jewels Of The Quill
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SIX JEWELS OF THE QUILL AUTHORS offer exciting holiday stories-each featuring a gift, possibly small, but straight from the heart!

WHEN RUDOLPH WAS KIDNAPPED by Christine DeSmet romantic mystery
When her pet reindeer, Rudolph, is stolen from the live animal holiday display in her small town on the shores of Lake Superior,
first-grade teacher Crystal Hagan has a big problem on her hands: her students fear that Christmas will be canceled. Ironically, the prime
suspect is the old man Henri LeBarron who played Santa long ago before he became a recluse. Crystal marches to his mansion known as the "North Pole" and is shocked to meet Henri's mysterious son, Peter, who acts even more curmudgeonly and secretive than his father. To her even greater shock, he admits to kidnapping Rudolph and he won't give him back. Peter LeBarron finds his lonely existence charmed by the first-grade teacher who comes to his door with homemade chocolate pudding cake as a bribe for getting her reindeer back peaceably. This isn't the type of woman he's used to in his jet-set world. But is she the type of woman he can trust with the secrets of the "North Pole" and his own past?

-SPECIAL DELIVERY by Carrie S. Masek ghost story
An elderly woman's empty life takes an unexpected turn after she accepts a ride from a stranger on Christmas Eve.
One sad Christmas Eve, Margaret Parkhurst is tending the grave of her daughter and unborn grandchild and misses the bus back to the "home" where she now lives. She accepts a ride from a stranger, a swarthy but kind-looking man named Nicholas Myrna. On the way home, she hears the cries of an infant and insists he stop the car. Margaret ends up saving the child's life. When the home Nick drives her to turns out to be her idea of Paradise, she realizes that she's dead and Nick is St. Nicholas, the guardian saint of children. He gives her the choice of remaining in Paradise with her lost daughter and grandchild or becoming one of his helpers and saving other children.

-A KISS UNDER THE MISTLETOE by Julie Skerven romantic suspense
Five days before Christmas, Joanna Barnes finds herself breaking into Nick Maxwell's lakeside cabin to look for clues to her brother's disappearance. The last thing she expects to find is not at all what she bargained for when she meets the man of her dreams.

-WINTER ENCHANTMENT by Jane Toombs regency romance
The Earl of Malden, cynical and embittered, is not planning to celebrate Christmas at the Hall. He's vowed he has no use for friends, much less love. But when a cat falls into his bedroom through the chimney, a baby is left on his doorstep and a damsel in distress needs rescuing from a blizzard, his vow begins to come unraveled.

-DECK THE HALLS by Cassie Walder paranormal suspense
While she isn't at all in a Christmas mood, Laura Hall can't say that she's sorry to see this miserable year come to a close. In one short March evening, Laura lost her husband, her father-in-law, mother-in-law, as well as her brother-in-law and his wife. If Laura hadn't been at a trade show several states away, she might have been murdered as well. The police have no clue as to the identity of the murderer. As such, their deaths go unpunished.
Running the family business gave Laura a reason to live when all she had wanted to do was to curl up in a ball and die from the pain of losing her family. But of all the things she's lost this year, Laura misses her mind the most. Even though she buried her family in the East Cemetery in the family plot, she keeps seeing them. The departed members of the clan are haunting the factory. And they aren't particularly happy.
Enter Jack Decker, psychologist and parapsychologist, college professor, and ghost hunter. The sparks between them are immediate-both angry and romantic. Jack is looking for solid, verifiable proof of ghosts. Laura's his best chance of ever getting that. But Laura values her reputation as a level-headed businesswoman too much to be able to admit to the existence of ghosts.

In a season beset with hectic malls, endless parties, and the need to complete everything before the bell tolls on the 24th, Small Gifts: Jewels Of The Quill Christmas Anthology takes a moment and brings readers back to what is important. These versatile stories offer friendship and love for the holiday season. Readers will enjoy this precursor to Christmas, and it is sure to get readers in the mood long before the temperatures start to chill.

Reviewed by: Amanda Fallen Angels Review 4 Angels


SMALL GIFTS is a read you truly don't want to miss. As you unwrap each story, you are filled with the spirit of Christmas and the miracle of true love. Each of these six authors has put their own creative stamp on a group of stories that will quickly become a holiday favorite. Each story is unique and truly a gift to the reader. I highly recommend making SMALL GIFTS part of your holiday reading.

Reviewer Susan ECataRomance 5 stars


"Teacher Crystal Hagan is beside herself when she discovers that Rudolph is missing from her Christmas display, but she's soon on the case and discovering it isn't too late for love in DeSmet's "When Rudolph was Kidnap." In Masek's very short "Special Delivery," elderly Margaret Parkhurst meets St. Nicholas and discovers the joy that comes from helping children. Nick Maxwell is holed up in his Wisconsin cabin working on a top-secret computer program when Joanna Barens interrupts him, thinking he is behind her brother's disappearance. But before long, she's stealing "A Kiss Under the Mistletoe" in a cute snowbound tale by Skerven. A "Winter Enchantment" is exactly what the Earl of Malden needs in a delightful Regency from Toombs, which features a pregnant cat, an abandoned baby and a lovely traveler. Walder contributes "Deck the Halls," a paranormal suspense starring a Jewish widow who can't seem to get rid of the ghosts of her departed loved ones. Stranded in a blizzard, Craig Stevens must convince Christine Zondervan that he's the man for her in the inspirational "A Home for Christmas" by Wiesner. ...this is a collection with something for every reader. Don't expect sunshine, though, as most of the tales are set in the snowbound north--a perfect setting to read about on fall days." ~Karen Sweeny-Justice for Romantic Times BOOKclub


"Tis’ the season to be jolly and what better way then with SMALL GIFTS, A Jewels of the Quill Christmas Anthology. Six leading romance authors have united together to bring you a wealth of unforgettable stories. Each one is a rare jewel that is assured to put a sparkle in your eye and warmth into your heart. These six memorable tales each reveal the true potential of each one of these talented authors. The endless variety each one presents is sure to appease the most selective romance reader. Each one offers a generous proportion of the Christmas cheer that will put any reader into the holiday spirit. It is a true testament that good things do come in small packages. Treat yourself to a delightful holiday retreat. Build a warm crackling fire and wrap up in a cuddly robe with a steaming hot mug of cider. Then grab SMALL GIFTS and sit back for a relaxing unforgettable journey. The experience will be a poetic Hallmark card set into motion. Very highly recommended." ~Reviewed by Suzie Housley for http://www.myshelf.com


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ISBN: 1593743939
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593743932
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 345
Paper Weight (lb): 14.4

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