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Krista Janssen
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A young and determined Paris McKinsey is fighting to keep her huge newly inherited ranch, SILVERSWORD, intact for the benefit of her mother’s people, the native Hawaiians on the Big Island. She is up against the powerful haoles in Honolulu and desperately making changes to avoid bankruptcy.
In San Francisco, wealthy dashing entrepreneur, Alan Sakura, has been ordered by his aging Japanese grandfather to purchase SILVERSWORD at any price. Alan doesn’t know that his grandfather has close ties to the Japanese warlords in Tokyo and intends to acquire the ranch to use as a base during the secret planned invasion of the Hawaiian Islands.
Paris and Alan seem to be at cross-purposes, but their love for each other cannot be denied. Alan finds he is irresistibly attracted to the heritage of his own Hawaiian grandmother, a heritage he learns to cherish, as his love for Paris blooms in the exquisite environment of hidden valleys and secret pools on the island. Their passions explode even as they are swept into conflict by powerful opposing forces and the winds of war. Theirs is a love worth fighting for, in a world where freedom is threatened and grave danger awaits.

April 1941

Naked, like a dusky shadow, Paris stroked down through the azure liquid near the bottom of the grotto. With her eyes open, she was aware of the change in light, the tiny effervescent bubbles, the occasional sparkle of a darting fish. The water temperature was constant, warmed by some inner finger of fire from the not too distant Mauna Kea.

For these few idyllic seconds, she gave up her humanity to the water and became one with nature, surrounded by a blue-green atmosphere that drew every raw nerve from inside her and replaced it with a serenity she found nowhere else.

Here on the Big Island, in this most secret place, she was home. Her grotto had become a substitute for the mother she had never known, replacing loving arms and a mother’s wisdom, a place where she could come for succor and renewal in a silent, luminescent bath. Now she was totally alone. The healing waters would have to suffice for mother and father.

Paris touched bottom and pushed swiftly back toward the surface. When she broke free, she sputtered, inhaled deeply, then tossed her hair back from her face. Paddling to the flat rock, she pulled herself atop it and stretched out to dry in the sun. The plunge had been refreshing, but the ache in her heart still consumed her. Lying on her stomach, she lifted her damp hair, allowing the breeze to tickle the back of her neck. It had all happened so fast, everything had changed so completely. If only…if only…but her meandering thoughts led her nowhere, only to the finality of it all. Her father was dead. His death had been so sudden and so devastating, that she still couldn’t accept the reality of it. It was as if a boulder had rolled over her heart, crushing her with grief. The weight was there inside, and wouldn’t move away. Oddly, she hadn’t had a good cry yet. Her friends said she was still in shock; the tears would come later and bring relief. Maybe, but she knew nothing could ever completely fill the empty space left by the man who had been her whole world for as long as she could remember. The two had been inseparable since she was a toddler. He had hoisted her across his saddle before she could walk. Though all the years, they had ridden hundreds of miles side by side on their blooded mounts, overseeing every aspect of the sprawling Silversword Ranch. My little bud, he had called her. Then he would chuckle and say rosebud, lass, ’tis what ye are. But she knew he really meant little buddy. And that’s what she’d always been to him—his buddy as well as his daughter. He was proud of the way she took to her duties on the ranch. She could rope a calf as well as Malo, and she worked round-up right along with the hands, keeping up with the best of her paniolos, the cowboys trained by Hispanics from the American West. He had rarely mentioned her mother, but she often saw him standing before the portrait in the living room, gazing at the beautiful young dark-skinned woman who had died in childbirth. She compared her mother to the silversword plant, the rare and exotic Hawaiian species that grew only on these islands and for which the ranch was named. It would produce one spectacular silver bloom, then lose its own life at the moment of its ultimate glory.

Together, she and her father had planned her future. First, college in Boston, then law school. She had expected to return home this very summer and enter a law firm on Oahu. She wanted to be an advocate for her mother’s people if and when Hawaii became a state. The few native Hawaiians who were left needed a mentor, someone knowledgeable who could champion their cause in the white man’s world. She was qualified to do it with her dual heritage and her powerful connections. She sighed deeply. Now her dreams would have to wait.

"The secondary characters all enhance the tale: Kobe, who wants revenge against the Americans who treated him so badly when he was young; Malo, who loves the ranch and doesn’t trust Alan; Win, who is jealous of his brother, wants Sunport Enterprises and his grandfather’s love at any cost; and Malo’s Hawaiian mother, who foretells the future and is a warm and loving woman of the land. The dialogue is realistic, and the sexual tension and romance in SILVERSWORD will leave the reader breathless and hoping for the best between the leading characters as their country goes to war.

Good research and excellent writing make SILVERSWORD a fascinating read. With the beautiful backdrop of the islands, readers will experience the concern of people viewing the Japanese as possibly having an allegiance to their motherland rather than America, and Americans coming to develop the land by wresting it away from the Hawaiians. Although Hawaii was not a state in 1941, residents were aware that they would soon be annexed into the union.

As well as an interesting story of the Hawaiian Islands in 1941, SILVERSWORD is the passionate tale of two people who are meant for each other and who must learn to trust each other to discover that love conquers all. It is a wonderful read that readers won’t want to put down until a satisfied sigh as they turn the last page. Very highly recommended, a keeper, and a Perfect 10."

Marilyn Heyman, Romance Reviews Today


"SILVERSWORD is a very impressive, intense read that truly captivates the reader. I was drawn into an era where there was heated tension and mounting crisis as two remarkable characters fought to maintain and hold onto the love they felt for each other. The poignant story really tugs at the heart. This compelling read is truly magnificent. Ms Janssen pens a story that makes the reader feel the anguish, the love, the pain, everything that each of the characters reflect. This story is about war and heartache and is a beautiful crafted story that melts the heart and shows how sometimes love can conquer all."

5 Hearts by Linda from the Romance studio.

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ISBN: 1593746555
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593746551
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 398
Paper Weight (lb): 16.6

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