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Shadows Forge 4
The Long Way Home

Jena' Galifany
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Brian Cummings has come a long way from Leicestershire, England. Miles of hard road lay between then and now—hard road he’s kept hidden—until the nightmares begin again.
Diane Starling loves Brian. If she were not carrying his child, she’d still do anything to make him happy—even letting him go to someone else. Who is the woman in his nightly dreams? Why does she make him scream?
Valerie Leonard, journalist, dredges up history that should remain buried; history that could ruin Brian and hurt the people he loves most. Should Val keep his dangerous past to herself? Doesn’t Diane have the right to know the truth about the father of her child?
Brian and Diane fight to overcome the past, embrace the present, and build a future as they travel with ShadowsForge on “THE LONG WAY HOME.”

Leicestershire, England, UK

Brian Cummings glared through blood-shot eyes at his rampaging father, hoping this lecture would soon be over so he could get some sleep.

Brian tried to keep his speech clear and his muscular body from swaying as he responded. “People I work with.”

“You don’t work. Banging on skins with a stick isn’t work. I don’t like that pub and I don’t like who you hang about with.” Joseph faced his son. “I won’t pull you out of the borstal again; not after the last time. Once more and they can keep you.”

“What do you know?” Brian stood up to his father, arms crossed over his chest, feet planted firmly apart as much for stability as attitude. He looked his father in the eyes. In another year, he would be the taller Cummings.

Joseph frowned. “I know when to knock a lad on his arse for back talking.”

He curled a large hand around the sweet smelling leather pouch he’d confiscated from Brian’s jacket. He backhanded Brian with his fist. Brian rebounded from the sofa to the floor before he knew what happened. His three siblings cringed.

“Joseph.” Susan Cummings gasped, a mother’s desperation apparent on her face.

Joseph waved off Brian’s mother, as he stood over Brian, while he pulled himself to his feet.

Brian pressed the back of his hand to his mouth, as much to halt the words that would probably get him a further beating as to blot the blood from his lip. He stood, shaking his silvery blond hair from his face.

Joseph crushed the pouch and stabbed a thick finger at his son’s face. “What else are you doing?”

“Nothing. I’m a freaking model citizen.” Brian spat out the words and pushed out his chest. Being the oldest, he wanted his brothers and sister to know he wasn’t intimidated. His sculpted body and arms were a replication of his powerfully built father, though hours spent practicing on his drum kit and fistfights on the streets of Leicester added to his build. It made him appear older than his sixteen years. His hands hung at his sides, fists clenching and opening. He could feel his lip swell as his father continued yelling.

“Watch your mouth.” Joseph raised his fist, glanced at his wife and dropped it again. “You drinking? Smoking besides this? Women?”


Actually, well, yes. To all the above and more, but it would have been certain death to admit it. When a bloke appeared to be eighteen or nineteen anything was available for the taking, especially the women. If they offered, Brian took.

Joseph paced toward the fireplace as he examined the zippered pouch. He poured the contents into his large hand: a lighter, a pocketknife, a pipe and papers. He pulled out the packet of sickly-sweet scented leaves. For a moment, Brian thought his dad would throw the packet into the flames. The thought struck funny. He laughed.

Joseph turned on him, his glare ablaze.

Brian brought himself under control and smirked. “Sure, Dad. You put that in the fire and the whole family will have a better outlook on life.” He laughed again and glanced at three fear-stricken faces.

Twelve-year-old Pamela pleaded with teary eyes as she mouthed the word, “Stop.” Brian winked at his sister and turned to grin at their father.

Joseph’s ruddy complexion turned dark. His father threw the packet on the floor and ground it under the heel of his work boot, before he grabbed Brian by a handful of his jacket. Brian instinctively raised his fists. His mother gasped. Joseph frowned. He slapped Brian across the face several times. He caught his father’s hand and shoved it away. As his father dragged him to the front door, he str

"Diane loves Brian, the up and coming rock musician in her life, but it is obvious that something is haunting Brian Cummings. Investigating his past reveals the pain he has kept hidden. Not that long ago, a chance encounter brought him a forbidden romance with a married woman and a son who came of their love. Before his beloved Mia could leave her husband, an accident ended her life and anger allowed false accusations to nearly finish his. A new start in America has been rocky for him, and now, Brian has the chance to move on. But, is he ready? Diane has to know. Absorbing and complex, this takes you on a journey through one man's Hell as seen in the eyes of those who love him. Though this is termed romantic suspense, there was little of that genre applicable. However, nonetheless, this is a moving story, guaranteed to keep you riveted." - Amanda Kilgore, Independent Reviewer


"ShadowsForge 4: The Long Way Home is a reader's dream. The tug of emotions I felt while reading Brian's story are a credit to Ms. Galifany as a writer. I was moved to tears on more than one occasion and besieged by frustration as life worked against Brian, Mia and Diane. Page after page I was drawn further into the lives of the characters, wanting to know what would happen next, hoping that somehow Brian's life would finally end in happiness. Ms. Galifany has woven a tale of tragedy and love that is more genuine than any I have read in a long time. I wasn't expecting such a deeply moving story from a series devoted to a popular British rock band, but ShadowsForge 4: The Long Way Home is just such a story.If you have not read the rest of the ShadowsForge series, do not hesitate to start with The Long Way Home. Ms. Galifany has woven enough history into the story that you will quickly learn about the other members of the band and some of the interesting adventures they have had. If you are a devout ShadowsForge follower, I think you will be intrigued by the in-depth look into the past of their drummer and the secrets he's been carrying within him all this time. As for me, I'm off to find the first three volumes of the ShadowsForge series so I can hear about all those amazing adventures these bad boys of rock have had a part in." - Reviewed By Sabine Maurier, Novelspot


“ShadowsForge 4: The Long Way Home is an exciting stand-alone suspense story that is riveting to the very end. If this book is any indication, the reader should pick up the whole series.” A Reviewers Top Pick, Reviewed by Gail, Night Owl Romance

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ISBN: 1593749163
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593749163
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 300
Paper Weight (lb): 12.6

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