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Shadows In The Wind
Cheyenne Trilogy Book 2

Carolyn Lampman
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Cole Cantrell has no premonition that his life is about to change forever when he saves the life of a beautiful stranger. Still haunted by his wife’s death, he fights his growing attraction to the mysterious Stephanie, afraid that she belongs to another man.

Stephanie has no memory of who she is or how she came to be in the middle of Wyoming Territory among strangers. Her only clues to the past are frightening dreams, a gold wedding band, and a confusing note that poses more questions than it answers. The only certainty is her love for Cole Cantrell. Will it be enough when they learn the truth about her past, or will their happiness prove to be as insubstantial as Shadows in the Wind?

August, 1885
Wyoming Territory

Stephanie stared out at the bleak landscape beyond the train window, barren except for an occasional antelope and mile after mile of grass bending to the wind. No chance of escape there. She leaned her chin on her hand and closed her eyes. How had Orson managed to find her?

Suddenly her head jerked up. The train was slowing; her reprieve was about to come to an end, and she had yet to come up with a plan. There had to be some way to beat Orson at his own game, there had to be. Her desperation turned to puzzlement when she looked outside and saw there was no town. Why in the world was the train slowing down then? Then it hit her; an unscheduled stop! The perfect solution!

She grabbed her cloak, opened the compartment door and peered cautiously down the corridor. It was empty. Silently, she slipped from the private compartment and hurried to the end of the car. After fastening the heavy cloak around her shoulders and pinning her hat on more firmly, she stepped out onto the platform at the rear of the car.

A shrill whistle rent the air as the locomotive screeched to a halt next to the water tower at a tiny station. With a furtive look around, Stephanie climbed down and sprinted off toward the trees near the creek. Replenishing the engine’s huge boilers seemed to take forever as she watched nervously, expecting her escape to be discovered at any moment. Finally, the train chugged off on its journey once more.

Stephanie smiled as the train steamed down the track and around a bend out of sight. She almost wished she could be there to see Orson’s face when he discovered she had disappeared again.

She set off for the tiny station buffeted by the violent Wyoming wind, fighting to keep her feet clear of the cloak, which threatened to trip her. At last she reached the platform and mounted the steps with a grateful sigh. Blinking the dirt from her eyes, she tried the door. It was locked. She wiped the grimy glass of the window with her glove to peek inside and was shocked to see nothing but dust and cobwebs. It didn’t look as though anyone had been there for a long time.

In her hurry to escape, she hadn’t considered the possibility of the railroad using the stop only for water. With a horrible sinking sensation in her middle, she looked at the utter desolation around her. Huge black clouds billowed over distant, blue mountains to the west, and dust rose from the high, sparsely covered hills to the east. Between, tall grass undulated as far as the eye could see. The water tower, the tiny station, and a lonely road that skirted the buildings and then disappeared between the hills were the only signs of human habitation.

“Oh my heavens!” she said aloud. Her impetuous flight had landed her in the middle of nowhere, with a storm fast approaching and not another soul or any shelter visible for miles.

Forcing herself to stay calm, she considered her options. Walking along the tracks was out of the question: that was the way Orson would come when he discovered she was gone. The road had to lead somewhere though. All she needed to do was follow it. The question was, which way? And how far would she have to go before she found help?

Before she could decide, the wind snatched her hat off her head and blew it around the far side of the building. She ran after it, but as she rounded the corner of the station, her cloak tangled around her feet, and she fell to the ground.

A loud noise brought her head up and a terrified scream froze in her throat at the sight of hooves suspended in the air above her. There was a sharp pain on the side of her head, and then nothing.

Chapter 1

“Do you think we’ll get home before it rains, Pa?” Josh Cantrell eyed the huge black thunderclouds. “I forgot my slicker.”

Cole gave his son a sardonic look. “I thought you told Grandma Kate…”

"Shadows in the Wind is an intense, captivating, and a totally absorbing read. You will want to read it in a single sitting, and find to your amazement it is a two or three evening affair. Most of this book is so riveting you will discover you will hate to put it down, even for a snack. A few different areas of the book make you want to put it down, because the the emotional pull is so strong you can not absorb it without tears. Carolyn Lampman is a master story teller, and Shadows in the Wind does not disappoint readers in any way.
She demonstrates once again her prowess with tales, weaving consistency, facts, setting, drama, and action into a coherent enjoyable whole." -–Michael D Johnson, Sage Fire Reviews


5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews! "I really enjoyed Shadows in the Wind, the second book in the Cheyenne Trilogy. It is heart-tugging to say the least. The combination of Stephanie, who is on the run with no memory, and Cole, who still suffers grief over the loss of his dear wife, are a winning team in my book. Two lost souls brought together by fate. I loved the dialogue, the family unity and the way everyone opens up to help Stephanie in her time of need. This moving story threw me in from the first page. It was like a giant sponge, and I was soaking in every beautiful detail. Carolyn Lampman writes stories that pierce the heart and captivate. I love the way she tells the story, with a descriptive setting that places the reader into the center of events. Great secondary characters sprinkle even more excitement into this fantastic read that is really hard to put down." - Reviewed by: Linda L, Fallen Angel Reviews


“I was totally absorbed while reading SHADOWS IN THE WIND, Carolyn Lampman’s second book of her Cheyenne Trilogy. Lampman spins satisfaction out of nonstop action and appealing characters. Just as Stephanie did, I found in charge Cole to be powerfully attractive. I highly recommend Carolyn Lampman’s full length novel, SHADOWS IN THE WIND, to all of my friends.” - By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kathleen R

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ISBN: 1593749057
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593749057
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 362
Paper Weight (lb): 15.2

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