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Shadows Forge 3
Retaking America

Jena' Galifany
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First there was Alexis Synclair. Then came Diane Starling. Followed by Valerie Leonard. Add Crystal—whose last name the band never did learn. Mix well with the
men of ShadowsForge and the stage is set for competition, confusion and adventure.
Trouble comes in many shapes, sizes and hair color, in the third installment of the ShadowsForge series. Travel along with the band as they rearrange their women to find the perfect fit.
Join Geoff Richards, Ty Synclair, Jordan Cantrell, Jon Wiles and Brian Cummings as they return to the U.S. for additional tour dates, internal strife and unexpected surprises as they cross the Atlantic—intent on Retaking America.

Chicago, IL

Geoff Richards pushed back from the remains of the dinner he shared with Ty and Alexis Synclair in their suite. He missed the company of Valerie Leonard. She was barely out of his thoughts for more than a few minutes at a time since she decided to return to London a week ago to rest and heal.

The U.S. leg, early in the Ethereal Edge tour, was such a success that Nigel Patton, their ever-busy manager, was able to tack an additional two months worth of shows onto the end of the tour. So, off to America ShadowsForge flew, depositing Valerie in London on the way.

Although she still wouldn’t allow him liberty beyond a kiss or friendly hug, Geoff was eager to have her near him again. He had been a “good boy” since she agreed to date him, having given him a challenge to redeem himself from his reputation before she would. No overnight relationships, no bump and grind. It was only a few weeks but it had been a long “dry spell” that Geoff was not used to or happy about.

“Lady Alexis.” Geoff smiled. “Would you mind so very much if I borrowed Ty for a while? I’d like his opinion on—some band business. Would you mind?”

Alexis, her dark brown eyes sparkling, gave Ty a knowing look as she stood. “Sure. No problem. Who am I to come between old mates? I’ll go read, or knit some booties or something.” She turned toward the bedroom. Ty was on his feet in an instant, catching her before she reached the door.

“What do you mean booties?” His voice held a mixture of excitement and fear. He leaned down, wrapping one arm around her shoulders. He brushed her blue-black waist-length hair over her shoulder, while glancing from abdomen to face of his wife of eight months.

“Nothing. I wondered if you were paying attention.” She grinned. She pushed his thick mane back from his face, caressing the softness of his curls.

Ty hovered eight inches above her as he stood, looking down into her dark eyes. “You like to scare me, don’t you?”

“Were you scared?” She placed her hand on his chest. He took her hand, kissing her palm.

“You’re damn right.”

“Good.” Alexis grinned, continuing toward the bedroom door. As she walked away, Ty swatted her. “Ooh”, she cooed. “Promises, promises.”

Ty reached out to swat her again. She dashed through the door, laughing as she slammed it behind her.

Ty returned to the table, glancing once more at the closed door with a serene smile on his face.

“Can you imagine me a father?” He lifted his wine glass to his lips.

“Can you imagine me a husband?” Geoff countered, receiving the reaction he fully expected. Ty froze, the glass held an inch from his mouth. He stared at Geoff as if he had grown a third eye. When Ty didn’t respond, Geoff continued. “How long did you live without Elsbeth after you met her, when you thought you knew she was the one for you?” Ty raised his eyebrows as he lowered his glass to the table.

“Why bring her up? Kind of a bad example, don’t you think?” Ty’s first marriage ended painfully in less than a year and he didn’t want to think about it, much less discuss it, ever again.

“Because I know you didn’t live without Alexis once you two met. Lightening bolts, fireworks, gunfire and all that. With Elsbeth, you at least thought about what you were doing—not that it hasn’t worked out a lot better this time round.” He picked up his glass and toasted the lady beyond the closed door before draining the dark red liquid. He refilled the glass, taking another long swallow.

“Let me think.” Ty pushed back from the table, lifting his glass to his lips. He sipped thoughtfully before he continued. “I first saw Elsbeth at a meet and greet in—oh, hell, I can’t remember where we were. It was one of those small dives we played in the early days. I remember it was a warm evening. She was wearing a white dress, very summery and sexy. She was absolutely beautiful.” Ty closed his eyes for a moment before frowning. “I’d rather think about Alexis, you know.”

"It was interesting to read backstage life of the group and what it took to keep them going - roadies, wardrobe people and minders. It's not hard to believe that friendships can get easily strained with the ongoing pressure to perform and be something that the public wants. Although ShadowsForge 3: Retaking America is about a British rock group, it's also about real, fallible people whose lives are messy and complicated. To me, that makes the book believable and readable. I read the first ShadowsForge book and I liked it. Reading number three was like catching up with old friends. I wanted to see how Ty and Alexis were going and what had happened to the British bad boy band"
Janet at Once Upon a Romance Reviews.


5 Angels and a Recommended Read! – Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

“ShadowsForge 3: Retaking America by Jena' Galifany is the third book in the ShadowForge series. Geoff Richards, the Vocalist from the ShadowForge band, is having a difficult time missing his girl. When the group left England for the American tour, they left Valerie behind after she was injured. Geoff isn’t sure how he feels about this, but he knows that this is a test to see if he can be faithful. Geoff is well known as one of the bands bad boys. Other members are also having their day-to-day struggles. Ty has recently married. and he and his wife Alexis are still getting the hang of family life on the road. Geoff goes out one night and gets himself compromised with a member of the ShadowForge's crew members causing potential havoc for the group. In Geoff’s defense, he doesn’t remember anything happening, but he is known to be a ladies man and everyone thinks the worst of him. Things continue to spiral out of control as other members enter into the mix causing chaos and mayhem. Will Geoff find a way to mend the injuries that he may have caused? Will ShadowForge find a way to complete their tour in spite of all the curves that life places in their way?

Life on the road is a never ending cycle of traveling while working with high strung men who live life with a no-holds-barred belief that life is for living in the fullest. Join ShadowForge on their newest tour and one that will keep you on the edge of your seats with laughter, tears and suspense as the band members clash and support each other through the difficult road trip. Ms. Galifany has created a wonderful book full of men that have bright and full personalities that come alive for the readers. Geoff is the ultimate bad boy who in this instance may not be the perpetrator that everyone gives him credit for. Add to this the smart and colorful female followers of ShadowForge who are more than up to the task of dealing with these high strung men to add humor and suspense with a female touch. This is one series that you shouldn’t miss! I will be looking forward to the next edition to the ShadowForge series!”


"Ms Galifany continues to captivate us with her realistically rendered lives in a wild 80s band. The mix of disappointments and drama, are balanced with laughter, all of which, make for quite a show both on and off stage. The situations aren’t cleaned for public consumption, there are the indulgences that some expect with the pressures that come with fame. A well paced tale containing quite a surprise that will keep fans of the series from becoming complacent. Enough explanation is given for this to be read as a stand alone book, but it is so much more fun to have read the first two and be in the know of all of the details. Now, this is a band to follow." - Lil - Reviewer - LoveRomancesandMore.com


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ISBN: 1593746155
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593746155
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 218
Paper Weight (lb): 9.4

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