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Shadows Forge 2
Rrails On Tour

Jena' Galifany
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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‘ShadowsForge - This is a warning. This is to let you know that you’ve been a thorn in my side for far too long. I have had to put up with my lady gushing over you for the last four years now and I’ve had enough of it. It was bad enough before you came through my city but since you did, I’ve given a lot of thought to ending your career permanently. I wanted to give you a sporting chance by letting you know that your days are numbered.’

ShadowsForge II: Trials on Tour

Travel with ShadowsForge as they continue the Ethereal Edge Tour, spending two explosive weeks at venues throughout the United Kingdom. Join Ty Synclair and his band mates, Geoff Richards, Jordan Cantrell, Jon Wiles and Brian Cummings as they tour their homeland, trying to stay one step ahead of danger.

Geoff Richards huffed as he flopped on the sofa. It was obvious Nigel Patton, road manager, was in a tizzy again. That usually meant more restraint on the band and Geoff hated restraint. He watched the small man sneak up on the door at the sound of a knock.

Geoff thought Lyla really should burn that horrid outfit Nigel seemed to be sewn into. Nigel always looked like he’d slept in his suit. Even after dry cleaning, the suit remained rumpled, much like Nigel’s personality. The short, bearded road manager allowed Gary Felding, head of the ShadowsForge security team, to enter. Nigel glanced down the hall both ways before he took great care in relocking the door of the suite where ShadowsForge held their morning meeting.

Geoff sat beside Ty Synclair, who pushed back his chest-length blond mane as he stretched his arms. Ty nudged Geoff. “You think Nigel’s more paranoid than usual?”

“Y’think?” Geoff took his attention from the manager long enough to light a cigarette. He blew a cloud of blue smoke toward Nigel and Gary, who stood before the group like the headmaster after a smoke bomb was detonated in the boys’ washroom.

Gary folded his muscular arms across his chest and leaned his thick torso against the door, his full attention on Nigel.

“Okay, lads.” Nigel looked from one member to the next, across two sofas littered with musicians. “First up, we need a new wardrobe lady so if you know anyone, let me know. That doesn’t mean last night’s leftovers that will do anything just to be near you forever. We need someone who knows what they’re doing with the costumes. Meanwhile, Richards, take it easy on those trousers. There’s nobody to sew them up for you right now. Lyla has gone home.”

Jordan Cantrell shrugged, and exchanged a glance with Brian Cummings. “That didn’t sound too important.” Brian nodded his agreement as they turned their attention back to the wiry manager.

“Second, I don’t know who brought this on. It doesn’t matter but we need to do something about it now.” The look on his face showed the band whatever he was talking about had him deeply concerned.

“Okay,” Geoff began, sarcasm in his voice. He raked his fingers through his brown waves. “It’s stopped. For the record, what did we stop doing this time?” The others snickered.

“This isn’t funny. It was probably you. You seem to attract this kind of trouble,” Nigel thundered at the lead singer and left the entire band silent at his outburst.

Geoff blew smoke rings casually toward the manager. “What are you talking about, Boss?”

Nigel shot back at Geoff, “I’m talking about the guy that wants your ass.”

“Well, that’s different.” Geoff smiled. There was a sparkle of mischief in his topaz eyes. “It’s usually the babes that want my ass. And other parts, too.”

Ty realized the seriousness of the situation and the unusual level of panic in Nigel’s dark eyes. He backhanded Geoff in the chest to get his attention. “I think he’s serious, G.R.” Then to Nigel, “Who wants whose ass? All of us or only one?”

“You figure it out.” Nigel pulled a crumpled envelope from his coat pocket. He unfolded the letter and read:

This is a warning. I want to let you know that you’ve been a thorn in my side for far too long. I have had to put up with my lady gushing over you for the last four years now and I’ve had enough of it. It was bad enough before you came through my city but since you did, I’ve given a lot of thought to ending your career permanently. I wanted to give you a sporting chance by letting you know that your days are numbered.

Geoff rolled his eyes as he listened. He held up his hand, and shook his head. “Nigel, you’re getting all worked up over that? Guys have been jealous before and they will be again. No big deal. It’s not the first time we got something like that. What are you worried about?” Nigel glared at Geoff before he continued.

When my lady came home from your hotel, drugged up and well used, I decided that’s it

Geoff Richards, the ever-cocky rock star, ignores the (death threat) warning and lives his life. If it's your time to go, it's your time to go, and he's going to have a damn good time on his way out. Valerie Leonard, journalist, wants proof that he can handle commitment, that she won't be just another notch in his belt. Laced with romance, suspense and a good dose of rock n' roll, Trials on Tour will keep you reading until the last page is done. And leaves you wanting more.
Reviewed By Marissa, Reviewer, Novelspot.net


TRIALS ON TOUR is a cleverly written account of a 1980’s type of rock band with all of the over-the-top behavior, egos, and licentiousness. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be around such a famous group then this is a fun way to live the experience vicariously.
Lil - LoveRomancesand More.com


"Trials on Tour is the second chapter in the saga of ShadowsForge, an up and coming British band. This time it is the lead singer, Geoff Richards that is the main focus. Geoff is known for enjoying all the rewards of the being lead signer of a popular band. Valerie not only says no to him, but also sets up an almost impossible bet for Geoff to get a date. Valerie is not like any of the woman that Geoff usually wants to sleep with and his agreeing to the bet shocks him. I was amazed at the lengths Geoff goes through while trying to keep his part of the deal. The element of danger kept the plot interesting and intriguing. Once again all of the members of ShadowsForge appear in Trials on Tour and I was happy to see the day-to-day living that the band members have to go through to make it through this tour. By the end of Trials on Tour I was aware that all the answers were most likely going to be in the next book. Although it did appear that Geoff and Valerie would end up together. I personally will be grabbing the next book just to see if I was right or not on my theories. Trials on Tour can be read alone, but I would suggest reading the books in order.” Reviewed by Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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ISBN: 159374613X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593746131
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 104
Paper Weight (lb): 4.6

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