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Shadows Forge 1
Three Time a Hero

Jena' Galifany
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Taylor “Ty” Synclair, bass player for British rock band, ShadowsForge, has enjoyed six years of musical success. The only casualty was his heart in a failed marriage four years ago. Ty is tired of the multitude of women who want to be with him because of his rock idol status. There has to be one woman, somewhere, who will love him for who he is, but is he ready to love again?
Alexis Rivers worked hard to gain her freedom from an abusive relationship. Her rented cabin should keep her safe until her flight to Oregon and a new life. Her only desire is to be alone; to live life on her own terms. The problem is her heart doesn’t agree with her decision; a decision that crumbles fast after literally running into Ty Synclair, in the middle of a blizzard.
Can two cold hearts spark a fire, when they collide on a snowy mountain road and spend three days alone together in a snowbound cabin?

Tonight’s concert had been perfect. The fans were great, absolutely, and the concert rocked. It just “happened”. Just the way it was supposed to. Every move, every note, everything, was just right. As if it were choreographed moment by moment. Now it was over, and Ty Synclair needed to get away. To get some air, some quiet, some peace. Some time to think.

ShadowsForge—British rock band on the US leg of their world tour—were finished for the weekend, something that rarely happened. A weekend off. They weren’t expected to be anywhere until Monday afternoon when they were to board the ShadowsForge jet at Los Angeles International Airport and travel north. Their immediate plans included heading down to Los Angeles or Hollywood to relax for a couple of days.

The next show wasn’t until Tuesday night. The stage and equipment were on the way north by truck and would be set up by the time they arrived Monday night. One night of rehearsal, followed by the next afternoon’s sound checks—all the usual procedures that went into the pre-show set-up. Then—house lights go down—cheers rise—applause explodes—thunderous music screams to life—and that barrier called a curtain would disappear, signaling that the two plus hours of hammering workout had commenced.

Ty Synclair couldn’t wait to get out of the sweat-soaked black waistcoat and black jeans he had worn onstage. He had to peel off the saturated material that had become a second skin, before he could enjoy a refreshing and well-earned hot shower. His chest-length curly hair was plastered to his neck and framed his face, having lost most of its fullness beneath the scorching stage lights, as if it had melted to his skin.

As he stood in the pounding spray, his hair grew with the weight of the water, creeping down his back and chest nearly to his waist. His trademark. It was straight now but that wouldn’t last long. As soon as it dried, up it would kink, losing almost half its length in the process. He could have stayed in the shower for a few hours, but he had plans.

He slid into a pair of blue jeans and his slashed yellow athletic shirt, wearing a solid black shirt beneath it. He thought about the buffet of food and selection of so called “ladies” that would inevitably be waiting in the main room of the suite. Each woman was competing; hoping that one member of the band would claim her for the night or maybe two. Ty didn’t want to claim one.

More to the point, he didn’t want one to claim him. To some of them, one night constituted a lifetime commitment that nobody in the band had any intention of honoring. Some of these women couldn’t see themselves for what they really were: a night’s entertainment. They cheapened themselves in what they offered so that was the way the band accepted them. Ty smirked at the thought, then quickly pulled on his socks and a pair of short black boots, planning to escape as soon as he could.

Ty pulled on his denim jacket, flipping out his now damp, quickly curling hair from the collar as he picked his way through the crowded suite toward the door. He tried not to look around at the two—and three—people groupings around the room. Yeah, the lads had already chosen their “entertainment” for the night. There were a few selections left over.

Ty shook his head in annoyance. He had arranged to borrow a car from one of the local stage crew and only wanted to get out for a quiet drive about the hills surrounding the valley. He was still amped from the performance, but wanted to be alone while his body calmed down from the adrenaline high he always experienced after a live show. Looking down at the floor, hoping not to catch anyone’s attention, Ty threaded his way to the door, pulling it open in anticipation of freedom.

“Hey, Ty.” A loud voice hailed him before he made his getaway. Geoff Richards, front man and the voice of ShadowsForge, called from across the room.

Kimber, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


"ShadowsForge 1: Three Times a Hero is a book about people making life-altering decisions... (It)is a book about strength, growth and relationships--just the kind of book I love... If you are looking for a love story that is both sweet and sexy, I highly recommend ShadowsForge 1: Three Times a Hero."

Theresa Rhodes, Reviewer, www.Novelspot.net


"ShadowsForge 1: Three Times the Hero was a sweet romance that explored the innermost dreams and desires of its protagonists. Alexis embodies a woman fed up with the direction that her life has taken and does what many women in the same circumstances never find the courage to do, that is, leave. I was impressed with the contrasting sides of vulnerability and strength that she showed. Ty was an absolute delight to read about; he's a rock star sick of his lifestyle and seeking a home and a woman to share it. Not only was he described in an absolutely delicious way, but he had a sensitivity that was completely at odds with his image. I look forward to reading the forthcoming stories about the other members of ShadowsForge."

Reviewed by: Serena 5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews


ShadowsForge1-Three Times a Hero is sweet old fashioned romance. Ty and Alexis are characters that are easy to identify with. They are vulnerable and flawed, alone and yet hopeful. I liked the idea of bringing two people together who are unknowingly looking for each other...If you believe in soul mates and the possibilities of coincidence then this is the book for you.

Janet, Reviewer: OnceUponARomance.net


"(ShadowsForge 1: Three Times a Hero) This was not the light-hearted romp that I expected but more of a soul deep connection between two people, both mature beyond their years. The story was well developed, with Ty and Alexis, both likeable. I recommend reading this book."

Kerin at TwoLipsReviews.com


Usually I stay away from sweet contemporary romance, but this story sucked me in right from the start… I sighed over Ty's romantic antics. Alexis's character is standard for contemporary romance, but Ty sort of forced her into unpredictable actions and emotions.
The writing was tight and strong. Perfectly paced, with a lovely sweet lilt to the prose. I'm more than interested in reading and reviewing more by Ms. Galifany.
Reviewed by Ash Arceneaux, Sensual Reads and Reviews Book Reviews


The character Ty Sinclair, akin to a god, is accustomed to being famous and is unsatisfied with just winging his personal desires. He longs for the one that makes him complete.

The woman, Alexis Rivers, desires to be loved by a man she truly loves, the prince awaiting to sweep her off her feet.

It's not just another fairy tale romance story though. It's a heartwarming tale, one you will relate to and become a part of. The characters are believable, much like ordinary people in real life, but their love is special.

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ISBN: 1593745524
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745523
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 208
Paper Weight (lb): 8.6

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