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Claire Hope
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Take Emily. Go far. Don’t come back. Kill you, too.

Chloe Langstrom was too late to save her sister Samantha from death at the hands a violent husband, but she’ll do everything in her power to save her sister’s child. Fleeing her life in New Orleans, Chloe hopes that Evans, Colorado will be the perfect place to start over with a baby. With a steady job and a new name, Chloe looks forward to an inconspicuous and peaceful future—until she literally runs into Logan Steele…

Honoring a promise to a friend, undercover Pinkerton agent Logan Steele hopes this latest job will be over soon so he can concentrate on more exciting cases. Little does he realize that a chance meeting with a feisty redhead, and a daring plan to infiltrate the rustlers’ gang will lead him on a far more dangerous and interesting mission than he could have imagined.

Claire Hope is the author of THIS TIME FOREVER, a Civil War Time Travel, and THE FATED LOVER’S LINE, a Historical Romance set in 1850’s England. Both Books were #1 Bestsellers at Whiskey Creek Press.

Evans, Colorado
October, 1871

Squinting, he surveyed the street in front of him. His eyes narrowed further as he looked over the townspeople out and about on this bright autumn evening, his mind quickly assessing each person as they hurried by.

He sighed, scowling. He had been in Evans for two weeks now trying to infiltrate a group of lawless men stealing cattle in the area. He hoped to become one of their members. He could feel he was very close to getting in to this gang here in Evans. He’d gotten a message through the bartender at Lou’s that the ringleader wanted to talk to him tonight.

Logan looked up the street. He hated waiting. In the past ten years of having this job he still had not developed patience. It was the one thing that his boss in Chicago, Anderson, complained about the most.

He could still hear Anderson’s admonishments. Take it easy, Logan. Take some time off and go on vacation, prospect for gold or silver—do something other than work!

Logan shook his head at the memory. He preferred to stay busy. After his years in the Infantry during the Civil War he’d learned to always be on guard to danger. Working for Pinkerton’s suited him just fine.

As he lounged against the building, he noticed from the corner of his eye a cowboy walk up to the saloon door. Instead of going in, the man hesitated. Logan’s senses leapt in response, one hand resting casually on his holster. The cowboy was shorter than Logan by about six inches but made up for his lack of height with bulk. A dirty hat sat on top of a round head with dull brown hair sticking out that was in need of a barber. His bulk was hidden under a filthy plaid shirt and equally dirty jeans that fit his large frame too tight. His boots were brown and caked with mud, his spurs soiled, too.

“You Steele?” He leaned over and spit a wad of chew onto the sidewalk.

Logan hid a grimace at the sight. “Who’s askin’?”

“Follow me.”

The cowboy stepped into the saloon. Logan waited a minute, finishing his cheroot before following. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he noticed that same man seated at a table in the back of the room with three other menacing looking men standing behind him.

Logan sauntered over to the table, sliding easily into the chair waiting for him. He knew that with his panther-like grace, jet black hair, and strong shoulders narrowing into slim hips he did not go unnoticed by the working girls lounging around. One girl with flaming red hair and a low-cut gown of green satin sashayed over in hopes of attracting his attention, only to be warned away by the cowboy sitting across from Logan.

“You Snyder?” Logan knew better than to try to make small talk with these kinds of criminals. The art of conversation was completely lost on them.

“Yep.” The man nodded, his beady little eyes quickly looking Logan over. “Hear you been askin’ around for me. I want to know why.”

“Stubby Long gave me your name.”

Stubby Long was at this very moment sitting in a jail in Denver awaiting trial for bank robbery. Logan lied with careful nonchalance.

Logan motioned to a barmaid. She nodded and started pouring whiskey. He turned back to the table.

“Said you might be in need of an extra hand.”

Brent Snyder eyed Logan as Logan stared evenly

Secrets is a journey into the old west, with a touch of modern day attitude. It is an enjoyable, well-written read with interesting characters…an excellent story, and I highly recommend it.
Deanna, Five Beacon Review for Secrets


Secrets is an intriguing historical with an interesting new spin. The characters are excellently delineated and presented in a way that makes them immediately appealing. They are deeper than is often the case, and makes this novel well worth reading. In addition, the fast-moving plot will keep the reader’s attention. Claire Hope’s new book is a fine novel that will appeal even to readers who don’t generally choose Westerns. This one is well-worth reading.

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ISBN: 1593747284
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593747282
Copyright: 2009
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 230
Paper Weight (lb): 9.8

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